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Shovel Knight!
« on: April 10, 2013, 13:15 »
Has anyone else heard of this game? If not, you're missing out and you need to pay attention RIGHT NOW. First off, this game is a Kickstarter that ends in 3 days. For $15, you can get a copy on PC, 3DS or even Wii U. It has already reached it's goal, but more money will unlock the final reward, which is 4-player battle mode!

This game is a call back to 8-bit classics, namely Mega Man. It plays like Mega Man, but with a shovel as a weapon, which is a lot more awesome than it sounds. I feel I can't do the game adequate justice in words, so why not check out some gameplay? (warning, if you care about bad language, don't click the following links):

Game Grumps:
Two Best Friends Play:


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