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Gaming / modded retro consoles, anyone?
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:37 »
honestly i straight up dont know which forum this would go under so if mods/admins rehome this im not gonna be mad about it
not that y'all need my permission or anything

anyway uhh. modded consoles, yes. they've become real popular recently. did anyone get one? do any of y'all work on your own? specifically talking about nintendo consoles but anyone's welcome to weigh in with their modded retro consoles tbf

i don't have one (yet) but since i lost my old SP, im thinking of getting a second one. my old one was a bright color i wont get into, but the new one i'm planning to get will be black. planning on replacing the black buttons with light blue ones and then one day upgrading the screen from an ags-001 to an ags-101. the main difference is that the 001 is front lit, which means a bit less quality but mainly it'll be harder to see in like... the sun, or whatever. the 101 is backlit and easier to see. (think of a ds top screen!). and then because im so basic, holographic sticker on the back for decoration, tbh.

edit: for personal reasons i now have improved my aesthetic

Older Main Games / rby Progress Thread
« on: February 26, 2017, 21:41 »
Post the progress of your Red/Blue/yellow teams here, if you want to. Since it's come out on the virtual console, I can imagine some of y'all might be doing some reruns like me. I'm personally aiming to grab all of the legends for transfer reasons, but also raise a nice team I can transfer over!

As for me... I went with pokemon that I either don't stick with /or/ pokemon that I just like.

Ignis, Level 30 Charmeleon - Took a while to get up to par at the beginning. Well, at least for the first two gyms. Grinded up to level 25 /before/ Misty, but that was simply because I wouldn't be using them until Erica. I picked Charmander because of transfer reasons, but I didn't get to use the lil' guy a lot, anyway.

Druid, Level 30 Vileplume - Started off weak, but fills the role for a grass type nicely in the early-game absence of anything else. Only evolved it once I got to Celadon, though. I never really use Oddish because there's no need to usually but there wasn't a huge choice of grass types in RBy by Misty... so there we go. May replace if I find a better Grass type.

Triangle (Name WIP), Level 30 Dugtrio - Originally caught a level 21 Diglett, but then I found a level 29 Dugtrio during grinding and caught this instead. Promptly beat up Gym 3 with no problem. Dig remains OP. I'm probably gonna keep this guy. He's not got the best move set, but dig & scratch seem to be all he needs right now. wat. Anyway, I never ever use this guy usually so I caught him this time.

Fish, Level 30 Gyarados - Fish is a monster. May swap him out for a starmie if the option becomes available later. I usually grab a Gyarados and ditch it by level 40 but... I'll probably try to keep Fish for longer than that. Main problem is Fish's tiny movepool, but like Triangle, Fish works well with what they have.

Vice, Level 28 Nidoking - Powerhouse. I'm starting to see a theme of awful movepools. Anyway, at least I know Nido's a quick fix. Probably gonna be the strength slave later if I don't stick it on anyone else. I actually use him pretty often in playthroughs buuut... Sheer Force is great and so he's going over.

Moon, Level 27 Clefable - Good for defensive, bad for p much anything else. Other than the occasional sleep (OP in gen 1) and help for catching. Replacing with the Celadon Eevee, which'll become a jolteon, since I've got a thunderbolt tm and thunderstone already. May become a reserve pokemon if I start struggling in the E4, but with the team I'm going to have, well... I don't think so. Anyhoo, I usually use Vaporeon or Espeon/Umbreon when I get an Eevee, or just don't use it at all, so bam. Jolteon time.

Music / suggesting music
« on: October 06, 2016, 00:49 »
ok so here you recommend a band or soundtrack or song or something. it doesn't have to be something you're listening to right now.

I'm into linkin park's 'from the inside' right now, but I've liked linkin park since I was like 9 so nothing new lmao

Your Art / Do you want to be in a Pokemon fanfiction?
« on: August 29, 2016, 17:44 »
hey guys and gals and nonbinary pals, im thinking about writing a Pokemon fanfiction soon. Essentially it's going to be a Pokemon coordinator fic rather than the usual trainer only sort of deal, but since I love world building there's going to be some of that too. parts might be influenced by the Demi lovato or Kim kardashian games tho. I'm a sucker for them

You can submit as many characters as you want, and you could either insert yourself if you were a trainer or simply just one of your OCs.

It's been roughly 5 years since the events of HGSS (8 since generation 1), and the Pokémon contest scene has exploded into the public eye in Johto. Stars have risen and fallen, and Kiku really wants to be a part of the former. This is a coming of age fic similar in tone to the pokemon anime, albeit longer.

What you get:
- your character may get to appear in the fanfiction; and probably more than once, too! relevance varies of course - they may be an 'extra' in one chapter, one of the main characters in the next, etc.
- full credit for your character, obviously, because I'm not a monster.
- early access to the 'informational blog' & notified in advance before a chapter is published
- crossover potential, if your character is already in a fic of their own or you're planning on it.

what I get:
- the permission to use your character(s)
- (some) artistic freedom to fill in the blanks, should it come up.
- a bigger character cast! (Note that I've already made a number of characters and such)

What I'm looking for:
- coordinators, particularly those specialising in one of the five contest types (beauty, cool, cute, tough, smart/clever). you're not confined to one contest type - just that those who prefer one may become a mentor type, if you desire.

- celebrities. I mean I'll be having many of the canon characters so may or drew might show up for example, but I'm also looking for OC celebrities. maybe your character is a model, a champion, or an actor. maybe their band played at a wedding of royalty. maybe you invented a unique way to use a Pokemon (eg using a certain Pokemon as a food cooking and delivery service, or something). in regards to the main story, stylists, make up artists, fashion designers and the like are nice to have. being a manager of an uprising star or perhaps submitting that uprising star... that kind of stuff. oh, and judges, since there's going to be a lot more contests happening.

- press / paparazzi. I've set up one news outlet and they'll be popping up pretty early, but I don't want them to monopolise, either. they're an online news outlet. TV shows, newspapers, magazines, small time vlogs? I'm all game.

- more to come, still need to edit in the rest gomen ,_,

I was going to add a big profile here, explain everything, but I found some online. Credit to the creator - choose whatever one (or both) to your liking and then remove anything you think is irrelevant. I can't take submissions through PM, as my inbox is pretty full ,_,

and hey maybe ill finish this one

critiques welcome, albeit the fic isn't out yet

Team Building / Possible HG replay team. Need advice.
« on: July 24, 2016, 22:10 »
Alright, so, I just really enjoy the HGSS games. A lot. They're easily my favourites in general considering they recreated my favorite game of all time, with gen 6 being tied for second. I've beaten heartgold already, but I gutted out the pokemon to transfer to newer games. I plan to gut out Soul Silver once I finish it and begin the heart gold replay. I also enjoy experimenting with pokemon I haven't used before, but I have an awful habit of using tried and tested ones.

Cutting my usual post color because formatting gets messy and I like playing with it because it looks pretty. Ok? Ok.

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SPA)
  • Waterfall / Surf
  • Earthquake
  • Ice Fang
  • Crunch

Comment: Okay, I've used Feraligatr before. Long ago. I have faint memories of how much of a chill guy he was, though. Since my soulsilver playthrough had typhlosion and I'va already used meganium enough times, it's time for Feraligate to get a spin. Originally, I was going for surf over waterfall - and I might still do that, considering it's ingame - but Feraligatr is really very physical and I don't like wasting that sheer potential. May consider a HM slave or just trading over a lapras egg from HGSS in order to hold the surf HM.

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SPA)
  • Rock Smash
  • Thunder Punch
  • Low Kick
  • Stone Edge / Ice Punch

Comment: I've played with Machop, but for some reason I've either never evolved him or I've simply never completed the playthrough. The limited experience I've had machop is generally great, though. Physical attacker two. I'll need a female machop and a male electabuzz to pass down the thunder punch. Low kick's a filler.

Unfortunately, I'll need a move tutor (from the battle place) for ice punch, so I'll probably settle for stone edge until then. Also, yes, rock smash over dynamic punch because it's ingame and I don't like witching pokemon out needlessly. That's the main reason I want to get feraligatr surf.

  • Sludge Bomb
  • Ancient Power
  • Power Whip / Some Grass Move
  • Focus Blast

Comment: Never used this one. Special attacker. Tangela's cute, so I fancied trying this out. Two of the moves are TMs though. Eugh. I wonder if I should move the TMs from Soul Silver that I haven't used before I do this. That might mean breeding.

  • I'll
  • Think
  • Of
  • Something
Comment: I can probably whip something suitable up, but I don't care about this one too much. Probably going to stick fly on it, at any rate. May replace with togekiss, but... eh. I think Crobat's typing is better for coverage.

  • I'll
  • Think
  • Of
  • Something
Comment: I'm going to use Hypno and you can't stop me. Good typing, bulky. Pretty slow, though. It's attacking stats aren't too great, but they're both similar, so I can make it a mixed attacker and not feel too guilty should the need arise.

  • Fire Fang
  • Ice Fang
  • Thunder Fang
  • Bite/Crunch
Comment:  I've never used snubbull. I used to be scared of it in the original games. I have no idea why, considering Parasect. Scariest pokemon in game to be honest. But these days, they're just... cute. May need breeding if it's not got the moves I want.

Alternatively, houndoom. However, that needs breeding and needs obtaining. Heart Gold is basically gutted, so I don't know if I've even got one ready!!!

As you can see, I'm pretty overwhelmingly physical attack for once. I might switch out snubbull/houndoom for Hooh purely based on the fact that Hooh can get away with being special attack and fire. I need to improve a bit, though. Items aren't required for ingame, but if there's anything that doesnt get eaten up that I can use, shoot me with it. Needs to be obtainable ingame, though.

Random Randomness / What are your favourite activities?
« on: July 17, 2016, 18:34 »
I like writing and roleplaying, personally. I also like researching into stuff I'll never use and knowing useless stuff, as well as worldbuilding, though those kinda fall under writing.

Obviously I also enjoy playing Pokemon and MMORPGS, but that's not really the point of the thread, since you'd know that already due to being on an online pokemon forum.

your only limits are thus

1. you cannot wish for infinite wishes, and if you wish for more wishes you have to use them all in the same post.
2. you can post multiple times. just pretend the genie person came back because they liked you a lot
3. dont break the forum rules and stuff
4. dont wish for the death of anyone on this forum. that includes mods and admins. please don't do it.
6. if you bring someone back from the dead, they come back from the last time they were alive/healthy and become immortal in every sense until you no longer want them alive. or you die, since you cant want much of anything if you're dead.
8. the more creative you get the more i like you

ill post my wishes later

Random Randomness / what makes you feel rage
« on: May 13, 2016, 23:32 »
animal abusers and people being mean about aradia

you next

Trades / trading hoopa or jirachi for certain pokemon
« on: May 13, 2016, 13:55 »
ok so i found out i can actually trade these guys - i just cant put 'em on the gts or wonder trade.

so im looking for any of these pokemon, please let me knwo if any relevant IVs and EVs and whatever else might be handy

shiny electrike
shiny shinx
shiny espurr (female)
shiny furfrou
shiny houndoom
shiny litleo
shiny lapras (normal lapras ok if all IVs 31 & ideal nature)
shiny noibat (stats need to be perf tho sorry)
shiny poochyena (Needs one of the elemental fangs as egg move, preferably ice and thunder but fire is good too)

probably more, too. hit me up before offering.

canine pokemon with good shiny forms are the best. not interested in shiny pokes that look the exact same as their non-shiny selves (looking at you, garchomp)

PKMN.NET / pokemon live connection
« on: May 11, 2016, 14:59 »
yo are there any plans for this forum or people modding it still?

if no, i'd like to volunteer to aid w/ any outstanding applications and help with characters and such.

Older Main Games / HGSS progression thread
« on: May 07, 2016, 16:11 »
so in this thread you just tell us where you're at in the game, what you're currently doing, and what you plan to do next. you also tell us your team!

i'll use myself as an example

i'm about to challenge the E4, but im perfecting my team first. may take a while as i'll probably be breeding my typhlosion to get extrasensory and a better nature on the offspring (the former of which is an egg move from stantler).

currently im also grinding the pokemon i will be using for the E4 in that one patch of grass above the waterfall outside of the safari zone. and the typhlosion too, because i can. i can also net pretty heavy amounts of EXP, and my gyarados can catch up at the victory road as there'll be lots of pokemon with type weaknesses. nidorino needs a little more grinding to get poison jab, and then i can evolve him.

My current team:

Scizor (Aella), level 38. Aiming for 40. She has technican and a pretty good moveset, but i may swap out 'cut' for a better move. She's perfect otherwise - great stats, great moves, great nature. Physical attacker.

Nidorino (Corin) lv 37, aimed 43 (yikes). He's pretty great, but he'll get better once he nabs himself a better moveset and a higher level. his stats arent too great as he's still a nidorino, but they're satisfactory. Physical attacker.

typhlosion (hiro) lv 37 aimed 40. Good stats, great speed but lowers special attack... for some reason I gave him flamethrower. I hope it's an egg move. augh. special attacker, but may be mixed if the need arises as his attack isnt so bad either. going to be bred for the purposes of extrasensory and a better nature, like i mentioned behind.

honchcrow (lon yu) - level 40. grinding finished for now. hes great - and yeah, he's another physical attacker. that's my 3 pokemon limit for physical. his special attack isnt awful, but his physical attacking stat is a lot better. he's got awful defence and special defence, though, so he's a bit of a glass cannon. if i'm careful he can be surprisingly bulky though - especially as he has some good HP on him.

Dumisa (Raikou) - Level 40. no grinding needed - they're great. took down lugia in two moves (i'll be catching lugia post E4). i'll probably grind for 45 if i run into issues later, but they've been really great, so it's unlikely. special attacker with a good nature, albeit it lowers defence to get a greater special attack. may be a little potion hungry later but they've already outclassed my ampharos in every way.

forgot the nickname (Shiny gyarados) - lv 34, probably to be replaced for lapras. I caved and got this one because i couldnt get lapras fast enough. i'm aiming to get lapras and breeding until i have the lapras i want, mind, so i've left shiny gyarados in the PC for now and...

Tyne (regular gyarados) lv 22 - hm slave who took over shiny gyarados's slot just so i could get up the waterfall. to be replaced with lapras later, though lapras isnt going to be a HM slave.

anyway, thats my side over - i wont be challenging the E4 for a while or even going to kanto until I feel ready. I won't be zerging through it just yet (though i may do test runs with all of my money deposited at moms just for extra exp and testing purposes)

now its your turns i guess

don't post if it's not relevant to the game and teams etc, please

i need ideas for occupations that i could pokemon-ify (eg the pokemon actos in the BW manga or an electrician who uses magnemite or something, idk) for my fanfiction, just for world building and variety's sake. i figured this'll make a good topic to talk about them, though.

im talking about things that could actually work - like how team rocket use pokemon to commit crime, officer jenny uses growlithe, etc. you could technically poke-ify pretty much anything.

i have 0 idea of where to post this but i thought this'd do, sorry mods & admins

Gaming / world of warcraft
« on: April 26, 2016, 20:37 »
for the alliance, nerds

anyway im maining a paladin and druid wbu

also lets talk about world of warcraft thats what i made this lovely thread for. ofc

Debate / gambling in pokemon?
« on: April 26, 2016, 20:22 »
so like
in short: game corners and the like gradually got phased out of pokemon due to gambling things and laws in europe and other places. they thought the kids would become hardcore gamblers because of the games for some reason??? (like whos kid plays the slots on a video game and then immediately goes to a casino to spend their entire college fund??? no kid i know of??)

like cmon give us your opinions, do you think they were right in doing that or not? do you think nintendos hands were tied? would you have made that decision if you were at top?

Games General / favorite pokemon game from each gen?
« on: April 26, 2016, 20:19 »
you can have whatever reason youw ant, like maybe the exclusives were better or something

just make sure it was released during a gen, so i think the first mystery dungeons were gen 3 i think.... usually consoles etc are how you'll see.

1. yellow? purely just because of pikachu being your starter and that you got them following you. idk, original games or not it was kind of... boring. and colourless. no real place to customise, nostalgia aside.
2. gold!!! its the game i started playing on. i'd say crystal because of the new features but i dont remember much after my godmother destroyed the cartridge rip my life
3. emerald lmao, close tie with the original mystery dungeon... i think i got the original one on the GBA? i know there was one on another thing as well, but ag my memory fails me.
4. HGSS. everything about it is perfect despite my indecisiveness. nostalgia might have hit me like a bomb tho who knows. platinum or time/darkness tied for second.
5. ughhhh hard. bw1 for shiny charm, bw2 for gameplay, uh... i don actually remember a lot lol
6. XY or ORAS... prolly XY due to the outfits and gym designs. ORAS kinda flunked a bit on that one.

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