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sans the skeleton:
Yeah, uh, title. Oof, so much enthusiasm. I have no idea how to go about this without sounding like a MASSIVE IDIOT OH DEAR NOOOO but it's going to happen anyway so who cares.

--- Quote from: someone reading this thread ---i do

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sorry :(

Anyway I have some.. general ideas, I suppose, of 'subjects'. I'm going to discuss plots later in this post so.. hold on.

Wall of text incoming, just be prepared.

1. Homestuck... or at least Homestuck based.
Dude, I just love this fandom. How can you not? Chainsaw wielding vampire RAINBOW DRINKER queens, people getting their arms taken off forcibly from their body because they paralyzed this guy and then that same one armed person blinding someone in revenge and then getting beat up by a dead robot girl thing? AWESOME. Totally. uH, aND THE QUIRKS, tHeY aRe ArE aWeSoMe ToO. HONK! glu8- okay i'll stop.

As for the 'plot' of the homestuck series... wow, it's hard if you haven't read it. TIME SHENANIGANS. Four kids that only know eachother through the internets get sucked into their game because meteors are destroying their earth, because some selfish other planet (Skaia) needs to be rebuilt. Sounds.. boring, right? NOPE. Because they meet these weird alien things called TROLLS and some of them are RIGHT OUT ANGRY FARTS like Karkat, and then there are some :3<< *ac meows and promptly explodes into flames* really cute characters too.

Their objective is to build their way to glory awesomeness, I suppose??? And then save this Skaia planet and die or something of the sort. Of course, the RP that would spawn from this probably would be a 'custom' AU or something, like some other session or something, since I don't think anyone would be particularly interested in canons? Eh. I might be wrong. I'd personally be interested in making a parallel session... or perhaps one during the Ancestor's time, or something. It would have to be pretty toned down since this isn't one of those mature sites, of course (which means whoever plays Karkat gonna have a hard job eh. Terms of language, mind. Trolls in general as they're quite violent!)

Or... we could do one in general involving a video game, perhaps something to do with internet friends. Wow, internet-ception much? Okay. I suppose this is all up to.. the topic posters, hahaaaaa. Maybe they get sucked into the game and have to escape it somehow.

So on to the next one because I still have no idea of what I'm doing.

2. World of Warcraft is this really awesome game and while it already has it's own bustling RP community already, sometimes people want to branch out and try... generally different forms in the same universe, I suppose?

There's a few things to wonder about with this one. First, RP on this forum would be freer than it is on the RP servers. Which means that yeah, if it's following lore it would probably go. There'd need to be a story line and I think I already have one, but it's too much bother to write it out of nobody has any interest in this one because this one really does need you to know the series a bit.

Then there's LORE. It's a huge topic on the WoW rp servers itself. It's the story behind it, shapes your characters and what they do, etc. Which (unfortunately) means that the son of Arthas is not a valid character choice, for example, or a half night elf half octopus monster. (Disregard nagas, that's something else entirely).

I'd wager therefore, that this RP itself with be literate and those wishing to participate need to know the lore to some degree, if they wish to include it. Perhaps.. too advanced. Maybe it alienates like 99% of the board and I'm just sat here casually typing away to people who won't read this.


Anyway this list could go on forever, but I have a third option.

3. Teen Titans RP.
Hey look, a sane option. Based after Teen Titans, perhaps, and characters could be like honorary titans or they're all a new team or something. I had one idea for a plot based off what I think was a fanfiction - all of the villains get free from the flash freezing, more pop up, to the point where the titans have to split up and hunt them all down instead of happily being stationed in one place. Obviously that period of time may be bad for RP unless people take on secondary characters for villains and they get paired up to different people, but then.. yeah. Maybe the RP will be set after it's down to the last few villains so that it could be one of those RPs that have multiple threads due to length. I loved those.

Or, if that one doesn't work, then there's the generic 'high school with people that have powers'. I mean I always love those sorts of RPs too, but a nice new plot would have to be worked on.


Yeah so comment away if you desire, are any of these ideas good? Terrible?

EDIT: Poll's running, discuss as you wish.

I'm not too interested in the first two, but the third one definitely sounds like the kind of thing I'd join.

1&2 sound okay, but I don't really know enough about them.

3, on the other hand, I something I know plenty about, and of course I'd love an RP like that! But would people take an existing TT member, or be a new recruit, or what? I think maybe having all members from all times would be a possibility (although completely out of continuity, but what the hey...)

Private Delano Donut:
ive been in a bunch of homestuck-esque roleplays and i think itd be fun so thats up to you: i really like the idea of the in-a-game thing. maybe i'm a huge dork, but a zombie thing would be really fun. maybe a survival kind of game, like minecraft with some actual, idk, other living mechanics added into the mix.

but the third one with a little bit of plot thickening would be really cool yeah?? i havent watchen teen titans in forever but i know that i absolutely love it and i would very happily read up and watch episodes just to be EDUCATED on the subject yknow so join.
besides that i have a lot of characters with ""superpowers"" that would be gr8 to use

Hmmm..... I know a bit on #3, but nothing to 1 and 2.


#1 seems like something I'd like, survival and stuff, so, why not?


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