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Was roaming the sewers and dun dun dun dun
SHINY ZUBAT i called fabulous

so happeh :U my first proper shiny i have caught/not counting rng or pokeradar, my first was a graveler which exploded, ANYWAYS

Encounter any shinies?

Lucky you  :P

None for me yet, just out of interest does anyone know if the chaining for shinies glittery grass thing still happen or is that long gone D/P/Pt stuff?

Think that was very d/p/pt

it is possible to get a shiny with a  1 in 1024 chance now when doing the masuda method and using a special item called the shiny charm only available once you complete the national dex 0.0

snapdr4g0nz jirachi fan:
i got shiny jirachi!!! i LOVE jirachi so was so happy when my friend gave it to me =) only legit shinies i have are gible celebi bulbasaur and i suppose i also have shiny victini but my friend gave me that too.

I was walking around in the moutains the other day when BAM !!! a shiny Sneasle (hope I spelt it right) popped up but damn it this one was so hard to catch I used up all my pokeballs from the Pokeball, Greatball, Ultraball and even my Duskball which I had about 20 of and yet it would not even get captured even with it's health down .... why are they so hard to catch


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