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idk what im doing


okay yes um hello i'm a person, my name is comet (not real name). i've pretty much played pokemon since b/w 2 since white 2 was my first game (given to me by one of my mom's friends whose son wasnt into the games anymore). so i'm kinda a noob compared to most others, haha.

i actually came across this place whilst searching for nicknames for mons i catch in fangames like reborn & insurgence, since most of the time i've been naming them after things that tyranitartube has named his in his playthroughs of both games.

anyway, hmu on discord if you wanna talk about anything and everything since i most likely will not be very active on here.

To be fair, nobody is active on the forum these days. It would definitely be nice to see a new member on Discord. I chat there from time to time with the same username I use on the forum.


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