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Debate / How Can Religion be Used Best to Incite Social Change?
« on: October 18, 2017, 17:02 »
I don't think it's in any way a secret that social change needs to happen.  The reason I've put a religious spin on this is because of a TED talk from Kwame Anthony Appiah called Is Religion Good or Bad? (This is a Trick Question).  Appiah claims that 'no important form of social change can be brought about except through organised religion'.  So, what do you think?  How would you use religion to incite social change?

Before I start, I am aware that this is a divisive topic.  I may insert my own opinions and research into the mix later on, but there are a few things I'd like to request first.  I don't care if your argument reads more like an assertion than an argument, but I'd appreciate it if it was something people could reasonably pick into.  If you think 'religion poisons everything' (Christopher Hitchens), you need to explain why.  Christopher Hitchens wrote a book on it - you can write a paragraph.  The same goes for religious people.

This could be a really, really interesting debate but only if we don't dismiss people's views right off the bat.  If someone seems to have a controversial view (that isn't obviously provocative), probe it!  Find out more!  Then argue it a bit more! 

Forum Games / beautiful baby names
« on: October 13, 2017, 16:50 »
i thought it would be fun to come up with ridiculous 'baby names' through subversion etc of usual baby names

my first example is naming your child ted.  when people ask if it's short for edward, it's not.  it's not short for theodore, either - stop assuming.  it's short for technology engineering and design.

thank you for coming to my ted talk.

this goes out to everyone who just wants to play around without any of the pesky battle pressure

pick pokémon based on which abilities match you best (i tend to also include a couple for my brother because he's had a massive influence on my personality)
mine is as follows:
competitive - gothitelle
guts - machamp
klutz - lopunny
moxie - krookodile
own tempo - purugly

then, one for my brother:  justified - arcanine

in this way, you nab yourself a pretty personalised team, which is pretty cute

this one speaks for itself: pick pokémon based on your favourite colour(s):
mine are pink and yellow, so i go for:

this gives you a sik aesthetic for your team

if you like technology, you might go for magnezone and bronzong.  medicine, you could go for blissey.  just pokémon, nothing else?  sorry, bud, you're stuck with electrode.
i'm into archaeology, so i go for:
-porygon z

personality traits
pick 6 personality traits (or 3 key, whatever floats your boat), and pick pokémon based on those.  i go for: talkative, lethargic, irritable, emotional, two-faced and smart:

and there u have four ways to build teams without the crushing pressure of having to worry about them.  particularly good for ocs and fic.

TV and Movies / Voltron: Legendary Defender
« on: March 12, 2017, 15:26 »
Voltron!  Five Guys!  No Fries!  Aliens!  Robots!  A Princess!

This is the big pee kay emm enn dot net Voltron topic, here for all your Voltron needs!!  So far I'm on episode three (season one) and I relate to Pidge and Hunk on an emotional level.  Also Keith is such an edgelord and I hope Allura yells at him properly soon

Remember to tag your spoilers pls friends

Role Play / [J][LP] The Once and Future (Slow)King [Pz][P][Ad]
« on: December 24, 2016, 20:35 »

The Once and Future (Slow)KingOver a thousand years ago, King Arthur, accompanied by his Arcanine and his Slowking, reigned over Pokémelot.  The greatest King ever to reign, it was not long before he fell into conflict with neighbouring kingdoms.  Amid battle, one of Arthur’s prized knights, Mordred reveals his deep-seated resentment for Arthur – by stabbing him.  Under his wife Guinevere’s reign, Pokémelot flourished – but not so under his son.  Pokémelot slowly fell to pieces, and very soon it was nothing more than a myth.

Now, rumours that the key to Pokémelot has been discovered are rife amongst both professional and amateur Pokémon Archaeologists.  They have been flocking to Oldale Town in droves since the press first released the find – but whilst the Professionals and Amateurs squabble amongst themselves, a group of people who wish only to find Excalibur and harness its great power – the Elgin Group – are nearing their terrible goal.


I’m not going to bother with general rules – I think everyone knows not to godmod, limelight etc., and I trust most of you to be respectful and polite.

Specific Rules
I have the right to refuse to accept you based on the standard of your application.
 Please give the wiki page on Arthurian Legend a cursory glance before making your first post.
Creation Sheet
Name: (All fair game)
 Age: (Amateurs 16+, Elgin Group 16+, Professionals 22+)
 Gender: (Any – please specify pronouns here if necessary)
 Amateur, Professional, Elgin Group:
 Appearance: (Doesn’t have to be long, but no images please)
 Personality: (Longer than appearance, please.)
 History: (A cursory glimpse is fine, take it easy on the tragic backstory.)
 Hometown: (All fair game)
 Pokémon: (Maximum of two, no Growlithe or Slowpoke evolutionary lines, no final stage evolutions unless your character is older than 35, NO legendaries.)

essentially just those things that happen to you, or your friends, or friends of a friend that you think could give someone a laugh or a smile or a warmed heart on a bad day

i will start

i have this friend who's egyptian, and when shes in england she's the most intelligent, studious english literature/politics/theatre studies/wine nut you'll ever meet: she's hermione granger.  that's not an exaggeration - if you met her, you would be like 'this is hermione - wow' because a) she's got the hair, b) she's head girl and c) she's literally the brightest girl in the world probably.  she gets like hundreds of pounds a year through winning story, poetry and essay contests and the head actually increased the size of her bursary so she could afford to stay at school.  she also loves puns and is bffs with my girlfriend-who-is-not-quite-a-girlfriend-but-sort-of-is.  it's complicated.

so, anyway: that is her academic life.  when she's in egypt, though, she helps out on the family farm.  she told us this story in class today about the time she went back around 10 years ago.  when they got there, everything was normal and in order - no unprecedented livestock deaths, everything was as expected.  a week later, though, she headed outside and there was a forklift by the farm, which was very confused about so she headed closer to it to get a better look.

plot twist: it was not just a forklift.  someone was stealing the cow.  at about seven years old, there was literally nothing she could do about this, so she just watched as the cow was lifted and placed gently on the back of the truck. 

Your Art / We Stumble Together: A Superhero's Memoirs
« on: September 14, 2016, 22:48 »
hello please read the first chapter of my book about a lesbian superhero n her roommate written for the sole purpose of getting me to enjoy writing again because i'm stuck in a rut

posted on wattpad because im a neek

What is this thread?
I have made this thread with the intention of allowing people to discuss any school/uni/work-based work they might be doing at the moment.  This does not need always to be filled with complaints - it can be updates or you might just want to talk about work that you're finding particularly exciting.  On the other hand, it can be used to ask for explanations or resources to help with a particular piece of work.

What is this thread not?
A place in which you can get other people to do work for you - which is my first and foremost concern in making this.  It is also not a place to brag about achievements (being proud of a good grade is fine; implying that your grades make you better than anyone else is not) - and if someone's happy about a C and you're unhappy with a B, do not rub it in.  I will only express that particular sentiment once.  A sense of one-upmanship on how much work you have is also the sort of thing that will rub other people the wrong way.


I'm doing some English work for McEwan's Atonement right now.  It's been my absolute favourite book since I was eleven, so I'm pumped that I get to analyse it this closely.

I'm not going to lie - it's harrowing, and some of it is really hard to wrap my head around, but it's also beautifully written.  This particular homework is about 'evidence for the self-conscious narrative'.  My teacher said it would only take around forty five minutes, but I'm probably only just halfway through and I've been working for an hour.  That's okay, though, because my ADHD meds are a wonder and it's so nice to actually be able to concentrate on anything. 

Also finding it really hard to properly, truly dislike Briony in spite of everything.  I think I relate to her a little too much.

Gaming / Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice
« on: September 08, 2016, 20:55 »
for the first time in forever i get to see my lawyer children again so im making a topic to celebrate

please remember to put all spoilers under tags!

Spoiler: show
i've just finished the first case and i have so much love for rayfa padma khu'rain i cannot describe it.  the start of case 2 looks intriguing also and im expecting apollo and trucy will be finding out that theyre siblings soon???

Your Art / The OC Love Topic
« on: August 31, 2016, 19:29 »
i figured that since a lot of people here have ocs and it's really hard to get appreciation for ocs in most places, i'd make a topic devoted to it!!

u can describe ur ocs here, or post a picture u've drawn, or a character sheet!! and other people will give u love!!

+it should go w/o saying but site rules apply
+put ur big massive character sheets under spoiler tags
+don't use other people's art w/o permission
+for every oc u post, give someone else's oc some love. describe exactly what u love about their oc. try to give love to an oc who hasn't got much love.  this is probably the most important fundamental thing about this thread.

Random Randomness / Your Pets
« on: August 30, 2016, 17:04 »
ok so leaving aside the fact that the first ever post i made on this site was about pets

post regular updates on your pets here, tell us about them, post photos, let the entire pkmn dot net population fawn

today's update on shadow:  hes been asleep on the stairs all day but he spent the morning meowing at me because there was a wasp in the house

Your Art / finding beta readers
« on: April 05, 2016, 13:51 »
i'm not requesting you guys to beta read don't worry

essentially i'm not new to the fanfiction game but i'm new to the beta-reading game as i've decided to enter the fullmetal alchemist big bang challenge and i just have no idea where to find a good beta reader.  the challenge blog has released a small list but for the most part their fanfiction seems a little..... removed from the genres i usually write for and i wondered if there were any #veterans who could tell me the signs of good/bad beta readers etc

Your Art / give me a character and a pokemon and i'll give it a go
« on: February 27, 2016, 18:42 »
ok so here are some samples (winry rockbell w a magnemite, franziska von karma w an aerodactyl)

and here's some stuff to be aware of:
i dont own a scanner so things wont be excellent quality
i'm inexperienced so things wont be excellent quality

stuff i will do:
draw any character including ocs (but note that if i look up the character and they're inappropriate and/or immoral i have every right to refuse)
give your request a good go
be nice about your character tastes
try to develop my style and get a little better every time

stuff i won't do:
draw anything overly complicated
draw anything i'm not comfortable with
draw u masterpieces
colour work unless i get a scanner

ok thank u no worries if u don't wanna request please concrit

Random Randomness / he deserves a birthday thread
« on: February 18, 2016, 13:55 »
happy birthday blaze

u've grown up a lot since u were 14 n thats my honest feeling

idk what else to say but im sure everyone else will get it down just as well as i could

happy birthday blaze

Random Randomness / Weight Loss/Muscle Gain/Gym Regimes
« on: February 17, 2016, 13:48 »
so yeah share ur workout plans here mostly so i can scrub them off u and look healthier and more attractive than i do right now

i haven't actually started yet but the plan is jus to do a butt-ton of cardio ie run one day swim one day until i've lost a bit of weight with thursday and sunday as rest days (yoga/pilates on thursdays probably although the yoga is relaxation and not bikram)

so yeah share ur schedules here

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