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Re: Role Play Rush.
« on: February 21, 2016, 10:06 »
I was looking through the boards and found a topic called Role Play Rush.
I really like the idea and I want to see if we can bring it back. The first post of the original topic explains the concept of Role Play Rush in detail:

Basically, this is a game we can play alongside our current RPs, it's a bit of a project but I thought this was a good idea.

The idea is this: One person will give a scenario for an RP. It can be simple, describe the situation or idea in 25 words or less and after that the RP is open. As many people can join each RP as they want and everyone's forms are really simplified. There will be 15 posts on each RP and the last person to post in that RP gets to make a new idea.

Does that make sense to you?

It will look something like this:
Person 1: My idea is _____________________
Here are additional fields that need to be added to the form: I'm putting out a standard form that will be used across all the RPs on this thread
Here is my form:
Here is the first post:
Person 2:
Here is my form:
Here is my post:
Other people may join for the whole RP and it carries on for 15 posts (1 page)
The 15th post should look like this:
Person 2:
[final post on old RP]
The new idea is this _________________
Additional form fields:
My Form:
First Post:
Your RP idea can be garishly simple or rather complicated. As long as you can describe it in 25 words then it's valid.

Normal RP rules apply so no:
Material for an age rating over PG13
Power playing

If these rules aren't obeyed, you will be asked not to post on the thread again.

All forms are assumed accepted unless I say otherwise.

Here is the standard form:
Code: [Select]
Personality: (try to do this in about 10 words.)
Appearance: (try to do this in about 10 words.)

This is something we can do while the last couple of forms for the orb RP come in and while it's running too. This topic can generate new RP's if the ideas are good. Shouts go out to Wolstenholme for coming up with this

The idea is this: Police are following someone who is driving a car that has recently been reported stolen. Little do they know, she is a criminal who is in possession of stolen artifacts.

Additional form fields: Occupation

My Form:

Name: Alex Doherty
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Clever, enjoys outsmarting those who get in her way, breaking the law gives her a sense of freedom.
Appearance: 5'8", long brown hair, blue eyes, wears a black catsuit, ski cap, gloves.
Occupation: Thief

First post:

Alex was tempted to stick her head out the window and shout You'll never catch me alive! at the cops who were on her tail. But her adventurous spirit was disturbed by the possibility that the police were already on to her. Had they so quickly figured out that she had stolen the charm from the museum? Alex thought that she had skillfully carried out the theft. She had waited in the bathroom stall with a gas mask on, ready to use a bottle of disinfectant spray filled with a gas powerful enough to knock someone out instantly. And when the curator waltzed in, satisfied with the most recent item he had added to his collection, she sprayed him. He would wake up thinking he had just dozed off. Alex took the man's keys and open a display case that contained the museum's most recent item. It was a heavy necklace made up of large, spherical, reflective orange beads that had a red spiral-cloud pattern. Alex replaced the item with a cheaper-looking replica and placed the real thing in the trunk. All of it was hardly a pleasant experience. After all her planning and careful action, Alex couldn't believe that she could possibly be found out so quickly. She didn't know what the cops actually wanted from her, but her instinct was to speed away.

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Re: Role Play Rush.
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2016, 14:22 »
Shouts go out to Wolstenholme for coming up with this

That would be I 😎

Here is my first post:
Name: Mike Johnstone
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Personality: Mike is quite timid and has a guilty conscience. He isn't good under pressure.
Appearance: He's balding (at 27 the poor bab), but doesn't hide it. He looks mid to late thirties and reinforces this by always wearing a shirt and pressed trousers.
Occupation: office working idk

Here is my first post:
Mike was on his way home from work. He drummed his forefinger against the steering wheel while he waited for the green light. It flicked to orange. Mike was at the front of the queue, so he revved his engine.
Mike set off early, dreaming of the Shepard's pie that was waiting for home at home, and that's when he saw the other car. He slammed on the breaks but the other car was on a collision course with the front of his. He braced himself for the impact.

((I didn't know how else to get another character in, I am a terrible writer I am so sorry))
Credit to Inferna for the teacup Chatot


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Re: Role Play Rush.
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2016, 04:44 »
((I didn't know how else to get another character in))
Oh, that's a problem. I should have chosen a better topic. I do hope more people join though so this isn't just a two-way thing. Oh yeah, and occupation basically means which side you're on, so are you the thief, a cop, or an ordinary person who gets caught up in it all. I’m definitely not on the good side in this one. Sorry for not clarifying.


Alex had been driving at such a high speed that only at the last second did she notice another car in her way. She jerked the steering wheel to the side, but at such a speed the car swerved out of control and tumbled across the road. The car landed on its top and scraped against the concrete before finally coming to a halt. Alex didn’t give the pain and shock any time to sink in and paralyze her. She had to get out of the car or else the police would catch up to her. She opened the door and let herself fall out of the car. Alex, still dizzy, staggered to the trunk and removed the charm, tucking it furtively into her suit. She looked absolutely ridiculous, like someone out of a spy movie. She should have changed out of the black catsuit, but the thing was perfect for a theft and hard enough to take off. Alex did look like a suspicious character right now, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the cops were after her, but she didn’t care at the moment. She dragged herself to the car into which she had almost crashed, in which there sat a man probably in his mid 30’s, completely shocked out of his mind. Alex first touched the car’s window and let her hand slide down it, before she suddenly started beating it frantically for it to open. The police was not too far away now, and perhaps Alex could scare this timid-looking guy into acting on impulse and letting her in.


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Beyond the Grave [Ad][Pa][Pw][J]
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2016, 21:55 »
Well it seems we've put our characters in check. Since there's a lack of interest I'll be locking the topic. I hope more RP's come around soon

Thought this was a new RP, didn't you? :)