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General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Where is everyone?
« on: December 23, 2022, 11:27 »
I mean that is kinda true, but like then again, no one is active on that server and I've trying to find one person active there for so long. :(
for anyone reading this, it took 30 minutes for someone to reply (it happened basically right after his post, in fact), and then he had a 3 hour conversation. the server isn't dead or anything, people just have stuff to do lol.

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Where is everyone?
« on: March 20, 2022, 20:06 »
I still come on this site to find nicknames for my pokemon, but I've found that not only is the Name Rater seemingly disappeared, but activity at a whole seems to be at a standstill. I hope one day we can get something like him back, since it was always a neat idea to critique others nicknames. But with 401 pending nicks and seemingly no ratings in sight its safe to say that we won't be rated anytime soon. But hey ya never know maybe things'll pick up...

CL4P-TP (spaz)

forums just kinda old and slow paced, no one really uses them anymore, especially on sites with as small an active userbase as here.

you've already stumbled into the Discord though, which is where most of us are!

FireRed speedrun makes use of Squirtle
HeartGold speedrun uses Cyndaquil (until they RNG manip for Raikou) so use that (and probably take something extra just incase
Ruby speedrun uses Mudkip
Diamond speedrun uses Chimchar
Black speedrun uses Tepig
X speedrun uses a large number of Pokémon, mostly notably seems to be Farfetch'd and Hawlucha (feel free to read more here)

but at the end of the day story mode Pokémon is afk easy so just pick whatever starter you want and just mash A until you win you don't realistically even need a team, if I can beat Blue as a 4 year old using just Squirtle you can probably do the same now

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: December 10, 2019, 23:21 »
What I find annoying is that the front page hasn’t been updated since ORAS came out. Literally two Generations have occurred with the latest just starting and we still have a Gen VI game being called “the latest games.” Everything on this site is dead. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother to see if anything new has happened because of how inactive everything is.
feel free to write and submit the content urself if it bothers you so much :)

Music / Re: Songs with nonsense lyrics
« on: May 28, 2019, 15:27 »
A fair amount of Jon Mess' harsh vocals in the band Dance Gavin Dance could be called "nonsense" lyrics, but not quite all of them. He talks about it in an interview here (I'll put it in a spoiler if you're too lazy to click through) but he basically says that he doesn't always write things with "meaning", he just writes the things he thinks fits with the music.

Spoiler: show
There's a misguided opinion that your lyrics are random, when it seems to me everything is calculated so there's more resonance sonically. For example, there's a line off the last record—“cold blocks pop, concocts an instant freeze”—that's quite poignant. How do you respond to people interpreting them as random?
People say they’re random or meaningless because they pick out the most nonsensical lyrics to them. There’s definitely lyrics that are meaningful, ones that go with the song, ones that just play with aliteration and different verbal devices the way words flow together. A lot of the time the lyrics reflect on the way I think the guitars or instrumentals sound, like a lot of time Will’s guitar is really quirky and I base the sound of the lyrics on that song. I approach the subject in a number of ways, so when people say “oh it’s random!” they’re just picking out specific things. Going between things that make sense and can be interpreted is interesting to me, I don’t think lyrics always need to make sense to be interesting. People get caught up in narrative, “there needs to be a story!” and I guess it bothers people that aren’t used to weirder art.

When you’re surrounded by different bands whose main approach is like “I need to write exactly how I’m feeling in these lyrics for the most people,” it confuses a lot of people when you veer off that path.
Yeah, writing like that can get boring, or you just run out of feelings to write about. Just the craft of putting interesting words together is fun to do. I think I maintain that I want to have fun being in the band rather than being super serious all the time. That's another thing: I think people think of post-hardcore as a dark, brooding, epic emotional experience. So when we have moments of irony or satire it throws people off.

This is your seventh record. How do you keep dipping into that creative well and find things that still excite you after all this time?
I don’t really find it that difficult, I mean I have a Word document where I just have hundreds of pages of writing and stuff so I always find it fun to play around with words and stuff. I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve used a lot of different phrases, and trying to come up with new things like “am I simplifying too much? Complicating too much?” I get into that mode. I was thinking about the next album because I don’t really know where we’d go next. Depends where Will starts off writing. But taking breaks is always important, I work in spurts with painting and writing and playing guitar. Staying balanced. A lot of people get burnt out that’s just you and your mind, so being aware is important, like noticing the ebb and flow of your creative energy. I’ve been pretty consistant with not falling off and not being able to get anything done.

Has that always been the case when you started writing, or did you have to work up to that level?
I’ve always been the kid in art class that made a lot of stuff. I thought for a lot of people making stuff is based around fear, like I help teach classes at Sacramento State in art, and that’s one of the things I always recommend people to read this book Art and Fear. I felt like so many people were like “I’m so scared to do this and I’m afraid will people will think” and creating is so much about just making it, and if it sucks just move on. I have hundreds of paintings and there’s tons of them that are terrible. But to get better you just have to keep moving.

Probably the biggest example of his "nonsense" lyrics is the last line(s) of the opening verse from the song "Heat Seeking Ghost Of Sex" from "Downtown Battle Mountain II", which are "Don't be tardy for my leaky Barbie TV party pee in the park" which is pretty ??? but I dunno I like it anyway because it's just so strange but it sounds like it fits in the song which was always his point. DBM2 is probably a lot more out there as an album (at least in terms of Mess' lyrics) than the rest of DGD's stuff though considering the circumstances around the album.

Gaming / Re: What does this mean?
« on: April 20, 2019, 23:28 »
first things first; pc part picker can be used to put all the parts you want into a "build" to see if they're compatible, and there are also a variety of build guides there you can look at or just outright use if you don't feel like/don't feel confident about picking out your own parts.

overclocking is where you take a part and make it operate beyond the "stock" setting to produce more performance, usually at the cost of higher heat output i think? for the most part it's pretty safe to overclock as long as you don't ultra mega crank it.

i'm fairly certain, although it's not easy to clarify since i'm not much of a hardware person, that this is just saying it will support any DDR4 RAM up to 3466, and/or(?) it will allow you to overclock RAM to(/past?) that frequency.

since I'm not really sure, and I can't figure it out from a simple google search, i'd recommend checking it in pc part picker, and that ~should~ let you know about any incompatibilities the hardware pieces you choose have. if you still feel fairly uncertain, look at some of the build guides on pc part picker and maybe pick one of them, or check out logical increments, which is a wonderful website that tells you a fairly good (maybe best for the price?) build that you can just grab all the parts for without having to think too much about it.


You can delete an account here, which I would imagine frees up the email for you to reuse.

Don't really understand why you would want a backup account though, there's not really much value in having more than 1 account here I don't think.

uh i dunno if you'll be doing well against raids with a team that weak but you could try tier 1s i guess

you could maybe smash out some gyms since you can just throw yourself against them again and again until you win because of how they work

good luck

for gyms and raids you just take 6 pokémon and mash the screen as fast as you can until you beat the other pokémon, and then if it's a gym you can put 1 in to defend and earn coins every day, or if it's a raid you can attempt to catch it

the battling is pretty shallow and you get the best success by just mashing the special attack button so it uses it as soon as it's up

gym defending pokémon get weaker every time you beat them, when they get to 0cp they are knocked out of the gym (i feel like the most i've ever had to fight the same pokémon in a gym is 4 or 5 times before it was knocked out), when there's nothing left in the gym you can take it for your team and put a defender in yourself. then you get (up to) 50 coins when it is knocked out itself.

you can't attack a gym owned by the same team as yourself, but if there are less than 6 pokémon in it, you can put a defender of your own in since it's your team anyway. if it's owned by your team and there are 6 in there, tough luck nothing you can do until it's taken by another team.

you probably can't solo anything above level 2 with regards to raids (maybe lvl 3 if you have a really strong, super effective team) so don't waste a raid pass on anything over that since you only get 1 free one a day

Debate / Re: What do you find most annoying about Donald Trump?
« on: October 07, 2018, 02:33 »
1260 AM radio, 12-3 PM Monday - Friday. VERY informative show. You can double check all you want and the stuff that's covered is always happening.

EDIT: oh yeah approval ratings for trump are above 50% and are only going to get higher lolololololololololololololololol
ah my bad you're either trolling or just rly dumb

sry bro i'll make sure to ignore u in the future

Debate / Re: What do you find most annoying about Donald Trump?
« on: October 06, 2018, 20:24 »
The fact that the democrats are trying their hardest to make him look bad.
the democrats aren't having to try very hard to do that LOL

Debate / Re: What do you find most annoying about Donald Trump?
« on: September 19, 2018, 13:30 »
i dunno probably his reluctance to condemn the increasing presence of nazis within the United States of America

that's pretty bad i guess

Random Randomness / Re: its that time of year again....
« on: July 14, 2018, 21:36 »
wowee happy birthday pkmn dot net user clairefable !!!!!! have a coolio day today !!!!!!

Gaming / Re: Super Mario Bros 2 or 3
« on: July 11, 2018, 15:49 »
It's not overrated, it's legitimately one of the best games in the genre. It was very common for games of that generation to not feature saving, especially platformers which are actually only about an hour or two long. If you could save, you'd breeze through the game at a pace that makes the game almost not worth buying due to (what we would consider by today's standards) a lack of content.

The shoe power up thing is barely a legitimate bad point so I don't really have a response to that lol.

Gaming / Re: Super Mario Bros 2 or 3
« on: July 11, 2018, 12:11 »
3 is universally considered one of the best Mario games, 2 is ~okay~ but it's pretty divisive since it was actually just a reskin of another game from Japan, so doesn't really play or feel like a normal Mario game. Not bad, but not great either.

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