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Allow me to clear up any confusion the title may make by mentioning a nice little play called Rosencratz and Guildenstern Are Dead. This is what I would give as an example of a meta-story I refer to in the title (using "meta-story" to make up for not coming up with a better term). Mainly focusing on what would be a kind of ensemble otherwise, the minor characters that usually relate to a plot very little.

Is it possible? To make a story out of a bunch of irrelevance when attention should be elsewhere? Maybe tread the line of Seinfeld, a role play about nothing. Honestly the idea has only been swimming around in my mind, I have no guarantee it could work. But fun is still part of the question... Yea? Nay?

Say Hello! / How long has it been?
« on: January 07, 2014, 01:56 »
Can't remember exactly. But holy chimichangas, Batman. It's definitely been some while.
To anyone who may remember me, hi.

Character Guides / Ridley Morrison [3]
« on: February 19, 2011, 18:17 »
Name: Ridley Morrison

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Ridley is a glaringly lean boy, and has been ever since he could remember; his lack of any "real" muscles compliments and justifies this. He stands about 5'7". His hair is straight, flat, and black, draping down to his ears all around except over his face, where it's made sideways near his forehead. His eyes are blue like an ocean while his skin has an orange hue to being white at the same time. He wears a black, sleeveless shirt that goes with red boardshorts that are long enough to cover his knees. Ridley has a personal preference to wear his signature brown sandals all the time.

Personality: Ridley is a good companion to have, as he's friendly and can tolerate anything that he has to deal with. However along with these traits comes with him being occasionally dumb and easily-fooled. At points in the way he talks he might shorten words and use "reckon" to explain what he thinks. In contrast of that, he could use sea jokes to lighten the mood of any tension arising. In a small glimmer of narcissistic tendencies, Ridley will almost continually say that he looks better without a shirt, despite not having any muscles to show.

History: Ridley was born in Oldale Town, after a long relation between his parents. His mother was a bit of a maverick, and his father was a full-fledged sailor. After hearing many stories from his father on how fun he had travelling through and enjoying water, he felt that he should follow in those footsteps, lest he not be motivated to do anything with his life. When he was around 10 (a year after his father retired from duty) he and his father decided to catch some Pokémon to help around the house. The idea struck Ridley that he should go travel on his own to meet more wild Pokémon, but he was too unsure to ask. Four years after thinking, he decided to, and his parents both accepted to idea contently.

Friends: N/A.

Enemies: N/A.


Wailmer - (Water Veil/Bashful)
[Splash, Water Gun, Rollout]
Wailmer had been caught out on Route 103, not too far from Oldale Town. Having no other Pokémon of his own, Ridley had to use one of his father's. He caught it without too much trouble as the Water-Type was too shy and happy-go-lucky to really challenge him. He's not that skilled with battling, but he can hold up a decent skirmish.

PokéNav (beta)
Good Rod
Pokéball (x5)

Character Guides / Daniel Stensin [2]
« on: August 29, 2010, 19:44 »
Name: Daniel Stensin

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Description: Daniel is considerably normal in height for his age, standing at 4'10", even though it's slightly above average. His hair is scruffy and a dark shade of brown and his eyes are colored an emerald-looking green. He wears a tee-shirt that's a solid blue color, with the collar and openings of the sleaves rimmed in white. His jeans are completely black, while he wears a brown leather belt around it to hold his Pokéballs. Daniel is always seen carrying around a white string bag.

Personality: Daniel could be able to make friends with anyone due to his friendly and charming mannerisms. Lest some people are evil or have bad intentions, he'd want to have good relations with everybody. He's good at thinking up how to solve different types of puzzles in several situations. Despite this, he's an amateur at devising strategies in battle. Daniel doesn't really choose to favor one type of Pokémon over another, but he does have a soft spot for Bug-Types.

History: Daniel was born and raised in Celadon City, and his father was the only parent of his to take care of him, as his mother passed months after birthing him. Because of this he was introduced to the concept of slot machines at an early age, mostly at 7. He played once every week for two years, up until gambling laws were becoming more strict, where people only 10 and up could participate. Luckily enough he never wanted to go back to playing slots anymore. Around the time he became 10, Daniel aspired to get a Pokémon to start on a quest around Kanto, maybe even more. However, he had to wait until a birthday afterwards to do so, because his father's finance was low. After turning 11 he was able to afford to travel to Pallet Town, but wasn't set on doing anything specific.

Friends: Santiago, Marcus McNeal, Joshua Rose, Faith Lynari
Enemies: N/A


- Buoyon (Squirtle)
Brave, Torrent
[Tackle, Bubble, Headbutt, Withdraw]
Buoyon was the starter Pokémon that Daniel took from Professor Oak after venturing from Celadon City to Pallet Town. He's very quick to do his actions, and fears very little.

- Infera (Vulpix)
Hasty, Flash Fire
[Ember, Tail Whip, Roar]
While returning back to his hometown, Daniel encountered Infera. He decided to make the Vulpix his first catch. Most of the time, she thinks out how to execute her moves.

- Synthess (Bellsprout)
Relaxed, Chlorophyll
[Growth, Vine Whip]
Daniel caught Synthess after he had ran off into Cerulean City to escape their battle in progress. He is always calm, and dances uniquely on his whim out of boredom.

- Betall (Heracross)
[Swords Dance, Horn Attack, Double Team, Ariel Ace, Brick Break, Megahorn]
Betall was one of the two wild Heracross Daniel & co. found battling it out with two Snorunts. Just like the others, he managed to be captured. He doesn't really seem to take a very stern interest in battling, but if he's threatened in danger he'll bring out power.

  • Kanto Pokédex
  • - Pokéball (x1)
  • - Potion (x5)
  • - Coin Case (250 coins)

Character Guides / Branton Villa
« on: July 28, 2010, 18:50 »
Name: Branton Villa

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: Standing near about six feet, Branton can be seen as lanky for his age. His skin can be seen as only a smidge tanned, his eyes are black, and his dark brown hair points down while being rough and spiky. Over his hair he wears a solid white woolen cap. Branton’s attire is mostly associated with being warm. He wears a navy sweater with a black stripe going across the center, and silver sweatpants. The sneakers he wears are completely white, and he is always seen wearing goggles with orange tinted lenses.

Personality: Branton is down-to-earth when it comes to wanting things needed to be done accurately. He can be friendly to those that are nice enough and that can be trustworthy to him, but if their not, he’ll either ignore or be disappointed with the people that aren’t. He believes the only way to befriend or connect with somebody is to have a sense of familiarity or similarity, and further each feeling. Most of the things that inspire Branton come from works of art, such as writing or symbolic pictures.

History: Before Branton had left to go on a journey across Kanto, he had been living at home with his parents, whom are breeders, and three siblings. Their home was also a housing for some of the eggs that they could keep, hatch, and live with. He had been going to school before his journey, even past the age of 10. A few months after he turned 15, he started the actual journey, and took one of the hatched Pokémon with him. However, he needed an official starter to actually be allowed to go.

Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A


On hand:

- (Charmeleon, Lv.17)
Serious, Blaze
[Flamethrower, Cut, Dragon Rage, Growl, Metal Claw]
Branton obtained Charmeleon as a Charmander, and thus he is considered Branton’s official starter Pokémon. They’re partnership started less than a year than they met, but Charmeleon has grown strong since then and has learn a few new techniques that suit it. He’s not really one to joke around a lot, and usually takes even the tiniest piece of news seriously.

- Digg (Gligar, Lv.11)
Timid, Hyper Cutter
[X-Scissor, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Protect]
Digg was the hatched Pokémon that Branton decided to take with him on his journey. Branton only made him learn Protect so he could learn how to defend himself better. He usually acts clumsy but sometimes messes up things. Stronger and/or fiercer enemies scare him.

- (Abra, Lv.13)
Mild, Inner Focus
[Teleport, Hidden Power (Grass)]
Abra was caught when Branton was exploring the grassy areas north of Vermillion in search of something to catch. A;though he has a very limited move pool, he will seem very bored with enemies that can’t catch up with him. Mistakes made by them entertain him.

Previously owned:

- (Charmander)
Charmander evolved into Charmeleon sometime during Branton’s journey.

  • Pokéball (x3)
  • Potion (x3)
  • Kanto Pokédex

Character Guides / Tyler Redbergh (2)
« on: October 05, 2008, 16:20 »
Name: Tyler Redbergh
Age: 12 (Birthday: 3/06/1996)
Gender: Male
Description: Tyler is about 5'1", wearing a green T-shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers, while also wearing glasses. He has brown hair with some gold strands here and there, eyes as red as flames, and is a normal white person. He carries around a headband, but only wears it when doing much training. At times, Tyler also wears black gloves when dealing with a tough Pokemon.
Personality: Tyler is a happy-go-lucky boy that is always wanting to try new things. Ever since he started his journey, he's been keeping a keen eye on things around him and Treecko in case they were targeted for anything. He has very little knowledge on Pokemon, so he uses the Pokedex on most items and Pokemon he's never encountered. When Tyler's slightly confused or doesn't understand something, he'd consult Treecko for information. He's a good competitor, and will always compliment his Pokemon and his opponent after a fair battle.
History: Tyler moved from Hoenn to Sinnoh when he was 7, so he never really got to know what Hoenn was like. He worked with his dad over at Valley Windworks 2 years prior to now, so he never started a Pokemon journey on time. However, he managed to find a Pokeball once, and decided to keep it, thinking it was time for a worthy sojourn. He was going to pick one of the three Sinnoh starters, but as he walked from Jubilife City to Sandgem Town, he encountered a fight between a Treecko and a horde of Zangoose. After, he used the Pokeball and captured Treecko. Tyler eventually got to Sandgem, only getting the Pokedex and five Pokeballs, and to this day is going on his journey with Treecko by his side.
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A

On hand

Adamant Nature

Lv 7
No item
[Pound, Leer, Absorb, Double Kick, Crunch]
Treeko wasn't actually the Pokemon Tyler was intended to start with. He was a lone Pokemon that was in a battle with a horde of Zangoose that Tyler witnessed. Showing his true strength, he defeated the horde in a triumphant battle. So, from this, Tyler captured Treecko.
Treecko is a bit of a wise guy, always mouthing back to Tyler and ignoring him at times. He even tries to attack Tyler when he's annoyed! But under this jagged, sly act is a benevolant and encouraging spirit. He sometimes mimics Tyler's actions, and compliments good battling skills.

- Pokeball x5

Since I have PLC access, I'll make a new story with him soon.

Character Guides / Kenneth Juihhg
« on: May 23, 2008, 15:55 »
Name: Kenneth Juihhg
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: At 5"7', Kenneth wears a whit tuxedo, with a complimentary tie, dress shoes, and Pokeball belt (in a white container). He has a hair color of semi-dull purple, with an eyecolor of brown. He is considerably thin, in average.
Personality: Kenneth is a kind psychic who helps out people all times. He is an expert cook, as Pokemon favor him for that trait. His psychic powers are mediocre, only having to levitate objects around. He wishes to improve that greatly. As a battler, he finds the right strategy to succeed. He can befriend people, but he never really had a "true" ally. He trains his Pokemon to be stronger so they can survive the toughest trainers.
History: When Kenneth was 11, he sought out to capture his first Pokemon with a Pokeball his father gave him. He encountered a lost Riolu (now Auraliu) that was being hunted by Team Galactic. Kenneth could not stand this, so he protected thr Riolu with all cost. The Riolu then joined Kenneth, and he decided to call him Auraliu. When he turned 12, Auraliu evolved into a Lucario, learning his signature move, Aura Sphere. 2 months later he encountered a swarm of Yanma which attacked him. By this time, Auraliu learned Dark Pulse, so Kenneth defeated the swarm. Soon he discovered the hideout of the Yanma, plus had been informed of the lead Yanmega from passing trainers. It was then did Kenneth find a declined shiny Yanma (now Buzzaro) and made friends with it. The swarm and lead Yanmega soon attacked them, and Kenneth saved the shiny Yanma, which now he called Buzzaro, and he defeated the Yanmega. He soon captured Buzzaro, and to this day he is still training them. He also started working at an aromatherapy shop when he turned 14.
Friends: Faryl Marchand
Enemies: None as of yet.

Male Lucario named Auraliu
Inner Focus
Lvl 52
Choice Band
[Aura Sphere, Force Palm, Dark Pulse, Feint, Me First, Dragon Pulse, Extremespeed, Drain Punch, Iron Tail, Water Pulse, Detect, Hyper Beam, Earthquake]
Auraliu once was a Riolu that had a strong arsenal of willpower at it's disposal. During a turn of events involving Team Galactic, Kenneth saved his life. In return, Auraliu decided to join Kenneth on his journeys through the regions. He doesn't like to be kept inside a Pokeball, as it can "communicate" with nature. Auraliu is the Pokemon that helped improve Kenneth's psychic powers, teaching him to form aura into a sphere. Kenneth has never thought about leaving Auraliu on his own again.

Male Shiny Yanma named Buzzaro
Compound Eyes
Lvl 40
Big Root
[Ancientpower, Pursuit, Swift, Hypnosis, Giga Drain, Air Cutter, Steel Wing, Silver Wind, U-Turn, Defog, Supersonic, Quick Attack]
Buzzaro is Kenneth's first capture and shiny. He is special unlike most Yanma, knowing a move his specie can't: Air Cutter. Before Kenneth captured him, he was part of a horde of Yanma that declined him because he was different from all the rest. The lead Yanmega even tried to kill him, but Kenneth saved him in the nick of time. In comparrison, Buzzaro refuses to evolve. He has become a vital member, helping Kenneth get to unreachable places.

Male Bulbasaur
Lvl ??
No item
[Vine Whip]
Kenneth wanted a Bulbasaur to use for an aromatherapy potion. When he heard about Professor Oak having one as a starter in Kanto, he went there by helicopter. Luckily, he wasn't taken by the two other trainers who arrived the same time he did. He got the AOK from Buzzaro that his bulb had the right fluids. So he decided to keep him, and bring him back. Currently, he has an unknown level.

  • Big Root
  • Choice Band
  • EXP Share
  • Oran Berry {x5}

Character Guides / Ace J. Kithrop
« on: May 10, 2008, 03:51 »
Name: Ace J. Kithrop
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: He is about 6'4", and has an eye color of beige. His hair style is deep brown, and he is slenderly thin. He carries around a lucky Star of David necklace, but he is not Jewish and he never wears it. He keeps his Pokeballs in a seperate bag hidden, and his towel is always kept in a red case for cleanliness.
Personality: He is quite the clever one, always keeping a casual smile on his face. When he's in battle, he's a tough opponent. He makes allies when he feels like it, but he never gives them his trust right away. Since his travels from Hoenn to Sinnoh, he's become full of knowledge, and for that he's a master at battle strategies and the latest trends and fads. Of course he's not always full of ecstasy. When he loses an important event, he becomes depressed until he's seen a hell of a battle. He's quite romantic, but he's never really used that trait that much because of all the comotion happening 24/7.
History: When he was 8, he recieved his first Pokemon, rather than at 10. He didn't know what happened, so he set off on his journey, willing to discover new species and citizens while being the Pokemon Trainer he is. When he experienced Pokemon contests, he was amazed at all the coordiantor's skill and beauty, that he decided to become a Pokemon Coordinator, too. In his travels in Sinnoh, he was excited to find out that this region also held both Gym Battles and Pokemon Contests. He's become very worldwide-known now, having gone from an ecstatic little 8-year-old to a mature tall 18-year-old. Of course he did encounter some Pokemon Poachers and evil orginizations, and he became furious to their existence. So he trained his Pokemon hard not only to survive daily life, but to also corrupt the sinister groups of villians. When he failed to destroy an evilry, he saw Ho-oh flying in the sky, giving him a new hope as to improve. He never really remembers his relatives now, but he does remember one thing: Never give in.
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A

Male Blaziken named Inferno
(Flamethrower, Focus Punch, Slash, Mirror Move)
He met Inferno as his starter when he was a Torchic, and they have grown to a close bond, each other helping out. He makes good friends with other wild Pokemon, and is an expert when it comes to Contests. He is the main powerhouse of Ace's team.

Male Venusaur named Taiga
(Leech Seed, Frenzy Plant, Sleep Powder, Solarbeam)
Taiga was an injured Bulbasaur that was owned to a careless trainer who relesed him. Ace worked his way to heal Taiga back to health, and in returned, he joined Ace. Since he is Grass/Poison-Type, he makes great friends with the Pokemon in the forest.

Metagross named Obsidion
(Psychic, Rest, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch)
Obsidion is the main Gym Battler for Ace, as he found him as a Beldum training against a group of Houndoom. After seeing his technique, Obsidion became a vital segment of Ace's team. He usually has the same look on his face, but when he meets a fellow Steel or Psychic-Type, he becomes friendly.

Male Salamence named Terror
(Dragon Fang, Leer, Steel Wing, Aireal Ace)
When Terror was a Bagon, he wasn't that frightening. In fact, he was the one getting scared, not his opponents. When Ace saw him being terrorized by a Skarmory, he fought back. Terror then became another member of Ace's growing family. He makes quick friends, too.

Female Walrein named Glacier
(Ice Beam, Surf, Hail, Body Slam)
When Glacier was a Spheal, she was the most casual Spheal Ace ever found. When he does a casual gesture, she does, too. So Ace decided that she was his perfect understudy that he caught her. It was a good choice, too. She became Ace's trump card in Contests for the Appeal Round.

Male Shiny Luxray named Overload
(Thunder, Nasty Plot, Rain Dance, Theif)
Ace was astounded by the presence of his first shiny encounter, but Overload, as a Shinx, was scared of humans because he thought they would harm him. But after a faithful event that had Ace saving Overload's life, he bacame a major competetor in Gym Battles and in Battle Rounds of Contests. He is now willing to fight instead of cower in fear.

I hope this is good enough. It's the best I could do.

EDIT: Oh, I hope this gets accepted soon....

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