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White Nuzlocke Run
« on: June 19, 2016, 01:29 »
I decided to do a nuzlocke run of White! I'm currently training for Nimbasa's gym at the time I posted this.

What is a nuzlocke?

It's a playthrough of a pokemon game. However, there are special rules

-You can only catch only one pokemon per route if you have not previously caught it. You may choose to recatch this pokemon but it would be your 1 per route
  -If you faint the first pokemon on a route that you haven't caught, you can't catch another pokemon until the next route.

-You must nickname any pokemon that you catch.

-If a pokemon faints for any reason, it is presumed dead and must be released (or stored in a PC box as I did to keep track of my deaths).

-If your starter dies, it's game over. No redos. No revives. That's it.

My team as of now (levels to come later):
Tidus (Dewott)
Hooke (Solosis)
Dante (Pansear)
Snappy (Sandile)

The Fallen:
Scout (Patrat) (Level 2 - Level 7) - Died to a crit from Cheren

Zuri (Blitzle) (Level ? - Level ?) - Died to a crit from a route 3 trainer

L.C. (Timburr) (Level 13 - ?) - Died to a crit from Lenora

P.S. I hate Crits.
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Re: White Nuzlocke Run
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2016, 21:34 »
how much have you done since you posted this

ive created a monster
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