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Since some interest was shown for starting this over again, here we go! The original topic is here

Like before, expect violence in this role play.

If you were in the previous version, you may use the same character as before, but please repost your form in this topic, it helps me keep track of everything.

It had been about ten years since Kanto was taken over. An entire generation was growing up who had never even heard of pokemon trainers. Talking about pokemon training, pokemon battles, and anything related to the ownership of pokemon was illegal. Even simply mentioning pokemon was risky. The gym leaders and even the elite four and the champion were nothing more than figureheads, no longer possessing any sort of power. The new government, formerly an evil organization, seemingly no different from any of the other evil organizations throughout the world, ruled with an iron fist.

They didn’t seem so bad at first, in fact they were once welcomed into Kanto. Cinnabar Island was home to a volcano, which was known to be active, but thought to be safe enough to build a city on. That is, until the day the inevitable happened. Most were able to make it out okay, but there were casualties, the leader of the Cinnabar Gym being one of them. Cities all around Kanto did everything they could to help, taking refugees in until new houses could be built. However, some 'Good Samaritan' from another nation swooped in to help. They built a rather large refugee camp in Pewter, supposedly off of donations from their home nation. But once everything was starting to settle down, they didn’t leave. Instead, they become the new police force of Pewter. More and more frequently, disasters started occurring, with Kanto’s ‘friends’ always there to save the day. They became more of a presence throughout Kanto, saving cities from disasters and then buying the cities out. Soon, they were all throughout Kanto. They used their new influence to establish new laws; they declared pokemon too dangerous for citizens to have and banned training, legally taking pokemon away from their trainers. Soon, they had full control of the nation.

Now with two nations under their control, Kanto and Sinnoh, Team Galactic had gotten farther than any similar organization had before.

You are old enough to remember the times before this happened, and you want those times back. You, and a group of others with the same goal, plan to take them down. You’re not sure how to go about doing that, but you’re sure you’ll all come up with something.

Like before, everyone will have a partner pokemon, preferably from Kanto, but nothing is saying it has to be from there. There are no pokeballs, so the pokemon will have to be loyal to you. It should also be easy to hide, since keeping them is illegal.

--- Code: ---[u][b]Character:[/b][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] your name and/or nickname
[b]Age:[/b] 17 or above
[b]Gender:[/b] whatever you want
[b]Appearance:[/b] what you look like and what you are wearing and carrying with you at the beginning
[b]Personality:[/b] what are you like? feel free to leave room for development
[b]History:[/b] this can be as long as you want. try to include how you and your pokemon have fared since the takeover
[b]Other:[/b] (optional) anything else you want to add

[u][b]Pokemon: [/b][/u]

[b]Nickname:[/b] if your pokemon has one
[b]Species:[/b] try to keep it within reason. The smaller and easier to hide, the better
[b]Gender:[/b] if applicable
[b]Starting level:[/b] try to keep this within reason. lv. 30 or lower is preferable.
your pokemon will grow during the rp
[b]Current moveset:[/b] please update as necessary
[b]Personality:[/b] NEW if you did a form for the last rp, please add this.
what is your pokemon like
[b]Other Details:(optional) any other details we might need to know

[b]Starter Post:[/b] we are meeting on the Vermilion entrance of Diglett Tunnel.
Tell us how you got there and what you do once there.
My character will already be there
--- End code ---

Age should be 17 or above. Too much less and it gets iffy how much they can remember from 10 years ago. If your move set changes during the rp, please update your current moveset in your form.

Accepted Characters

Anise Black - Dusk(Gastly)  (dragoncat)
Cole Alexander - Thread(Buizel) (SirBlaziken)
Elle Vargas - Raze((sh)Charmeleon) (DisturbedHaxorus)
Cameron Hite - Sickens (Ekans) (E.K.A.N.S.)

Well, here's my character again. I'm tweaking her a little, but she's more or less the same.


Name: Anise Black
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is about average height, has dark brown (could easily be mistaken for black), shoulder length hair, which she sometimes ties back. She has dark brown eyes. Her wardrobe consists of two dull coloured tee-shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She keeps whatever she isn’t wearing in a backpack that she keeps whatever supplies she thinks they’ll need in, usually hastily thrown in, making it quite disorganized.

Personality: She has a cheerful nature, though that has toned down significantly since the takeover, but it still manages to show through with her optimism. She feels a strong connection with Ghost types, because of how much time she spent with them. Lavender Town was a small town that wasn’t home to many families, so there weren’t many other children there, and those that were there were not close to her age, so she grew up a pretty solitary person. She doesn’t really like having too many people around, and she’s a little awkward, but when she is comfortable she is pretty easy going.

History: She spent a lot of time playing in Pokemon tower. She loved pokemon, but when she was young she wasn't allowed to leave the town, so the tower was the only place she could meet them. She was friends with all the pokemon in the tower, especially with a Ghastly she named Dusk and a Cubone she named Skully, who she called her best friends.

When Team Galactic bought the tower, they quickly captured almost all of the pokemon who lived in it, including Skully, but Dusk managed to escape. Thankfully, Ghost types are easier to hide than most other types, so keeping her a secret wasn’t hard. She and Dusk had stayed together ever since.

She is determined to find a way to free all of the tower’s pokemon and find Cubone, and hopefully, find a way to end Galactic’s reign of terror.


Nickname: Dusk
Species: Gastly
Gender: Female
Starting level: 23
Current moveset: Lick, Mean Look, Night Shade, Confuse Ray
Personality: Dusk is pretty much what you would expect of a Gastly, she is mischievous and playful, and enjoys pranks, which she often get in trouble for. She is very loyal to Anise and will usually listen to her. Usually. She hates the wind, she's afraid strong winds will blow her apart.

Starter Post:

Anise poked at the dying embers of a small fire she had made inside of Diglett’s Tunnel, near the Vermilion entrance, the meeting place she and the others decided on. It seemed the most accessible place to meet, since many towns and cities were close to one of the entrances, with most close to this one, and anyone closer to the Pewter entrance could simply make their way through the tunnel.

She was the first there; she poorly predicted how long it would take to get from Lavender Town to here, so she left too early. She sighed as she continued poking the embers with a stick. The stick caught fire and she threw it on top of the embers, and then grabbed the last few pieces of wood she had gathered and placed them in the renewed flame, bringing the fire back to its initial size. She was a little worried about GPF (Galactic Police Force) noticing her little camp fire, which would cause all sorts of problems, but she was situated safely in an alcove, deep enough into the tunnel to keep her completely hidden from anyone outside, and there was a light wind blowing into the tunnel, taking the smoke with it. She was more worried about the fact that she had no more firewood and the sun hadn’t set yet.
“Dusk,” she spoke to the Ghastly who was hovering a few feet away from her, farther into their hiding place to protect herself from the wind, “could you go collect some more firewood?”

Dusk gave her a look to say that Anise must be crazy if she thinks she is going out into the wind. “Oh, come on, there isn’t even that much wind,” she scoffed. Dusk simply glared at her in protest. The ‘conversation’ quickly became a staring contest between the two, until Dusk gave up and left to fulfill her request. “Thank you,” Anise responded, sounding rather satisfied with herself. She still sort of wondered how the Ghastly could pick things even though she was mostly just gas, but apparently it worked.

She hoped one of her friends would show up tonight, but she couldn’t be sure. Most, if not all of them lived in different towns and cities, so it would take some of them a few days to get here if they traveled by foot. She just hoped most of them would arrive around the same time, so they wouldn’t have to try to hide too many people and pokemon in the small alcove she hid in. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about Dusk, who knew to hide herself as soon as she heard someone coming.

sans the skeleton:
(( yo, quick question thingy. i have a johto native who'd been on a journey prior to the whole takeover thing and entered kanto willingly once galactic had taken over under the guise of acting... except i'm not sure if she'd fit in, as per se? would she be a good character for the RP? maybe i should tone down... hmm, colour me interested though, i'll post an app in place of this post soon. If she's a bit too experienced I'll just nab another character with a murkrow or pidgey, prolly. ))

She sounds interesting, I think she'd be okay, as long as her pokemon isn't too leveled, I had some problems with that last time.

Mind saving me a spot? I know what mon I want to use I just need to think of a character concept.


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