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The name master:
My team for Silver is:


What do you think?

get rid of Noctowl, it is the worst basic bird in the series so far.  Use a Crobat instead.  Wigglytuff is... okay I guess.  You can use it if you want to but there are way better normal types out there.  Lanturn is mediocre at best in-game, Umbreon is a really nice wall.  Exeggutor is also really good, as a wall, I wouldn't recommend it when you already have Umbreon, and Typhlosion is amazing.

I recommend rethinking your team building process

The name master:
I was thinking, what about Haunter instead of Exeggutor?

Lanturn is good because that's one less pokemon that's weak to electric and can surf!

I wanted to try Noctowl!

I was going to have espeon, but I wanted Exeggutor, so....

Wigglytuff, don't ask!

Typhlosion, because I don't need totodile when I got Lanturn and I can't remember why I said no to Chikorita....

Don't do Noctowl, it's garbage in-game, Haunter is a good replacement for Exeggutor.  I won't stop you using Lanturn or Wigglytuff.  If you're going to use Haunter, swap Umbreon with Espeon, Dark and Ghost are almost the exact same in this gen.

The name master:
What should I get that can learn fly instead of Noctowl?

Don't say Pidgey, got that in another game!

Only things I can legit get without trading or cheating!


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