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Your Art / Pokesonas
« on: October 08, 2015, 16:23 »
Wow it has been basically an eternity since I last uploaded any form of my art here.

But now is the time.

For those who don't know a Pokesona works basically the same as a fursona or anything like that. Finding a Pokemon that represents you and giving it your own personal look as if it reflects the real you.

Now it's been what, two years since I last uploaded art here? Something like that.

But hey, here's Royal.

((yea royal is the nickname I go by online so

ANYWAYS basically it's a shiny Meowstic/Sylveon hybrid I designed myself. If any of y'all have your own Pokesonas you can add them below!


Trades / Help out a Hunter!
« on: October 06, 2015, 23:01 »
Wow this subforum is super dead isn't it

Well it's the only correct place to post this so

Some may know me as a shiny hunter. Currently counting at almost five boxes full, totalling close to a hundred and fifty. A wonderful collection if I do say so myself. But alas, my adventure to obtain the ones I truly wish for is not yet complete.

I have obtained my current shinies in various ways. Trades, wonder trades, being a real ass on the GTS, winning giveaways, the list goes on. But these Pokemon have managed to escape my grasp every time.

Looking for: (all shinies)

  • Emolga
  • Conkeldurr
  • Mew
  • Cinccino
  • Cryogonal
  • Braviary
  • Noibat/Noivern
  • Nidoking
  • Raikou
  • Camerupt
  • Drifblim
  • Honchcrow
  • Uxie
  • Azelf

Of course I have stuff to offer as well. Note that I can't guarantee legitimacy on most of them as they aren't mine.

All shinies of course
  • Mewtwo
  • Gengar
  • Stunfisk
  • Ho-oh
  • Gyarados
  • Hypno
  • Luxray
  • Arceus
  • Pachirisu
  • Delcatty
  • Pidgeot
  • Raichu
  • Rotom
  • Porygon

So yea, FC is 2552-3350-4302. I'm on XY so no ORAS exclusive stuff would be appreciated. IGN is Stefano, so woo, yall know the drill.

Gaming / "This game was my CHILDHOOD"
« on: May 01, 2015, 08:55 »
What games have ever made you say that? The games that blew your mind so much that you still love them to this day as they hold such a special place in your heart. Your reasons may be different, it could have just been a way to pass the time or maybe it had a story so heart wrenching it reduced you to tears. Either way, it's a game you'll always remember for the beauty of what it was.

And before I rattle off my own, I'd like to give the obvious warning, SPOILERS ALERT.

1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

If there were a game to perfectly describe my childhood in video games, it's this one. This game tore my heart to pieces, the plot was that painful yet so beautifully gripping that you had to see how it ended.

And the ending bought me to tears. Seeing my character, the hero, disappear into the nothingness and pass from one world to another, five minutes after SAVING THE WORLD BY SACRIFICING HIMSELF, and then witnessing my partner fall down and CRY. It hurt, and even when Dialga revived me I was still crying tears of HAPPINESS. This game is relentless and I fell in love with it.

But then plot twist, DYING and then resurrecting isn't even the ENDING. In fact that's only half of the entire plot.

After that is a chain of events that eventually lead up to your poor innocent Azurill friend falling asleep. The worry comes from the fact that he'll be sleeping forever if you don't do something.

Turns out Darkrai was behind everything and you're forced to go INSIDE of Azurill's dream for a way to wake him up. After witnessing an illusion of Cresselia that meets you and makes you believe you're supposed to die and STAY dead this time, you have to go to the Dark Crater to fight Darkrai and his minions head on in an all out battle to the death with the fate of the world in your hands.

This game was the perfect combination of cute, badass and heart wrenching, and remains my favorite DS game to date.

And I'm not even going to start on how much of a disappointment Gates to Infinity was compared to this gaming masterpiece.

2. Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story

The reason I loved this was just.

Honestly, being able to control a being of brute force from the inside is something you don't see every day. And even in times where Bowser was in danger to the point of surely inevitable demise, you take charge in the Rump Command to revive him and somehow make him absolutely ginormous in a few incredible battles against a castle, a propellor tower a TRAIN, you name it.

But honestly, what made me love this game was the final clash.

Bowser against his own dark incarnation. After everything seems lost, Fawful has what he wants, the Dark Star fortifying his power and Dark Bowser there as the stronger, doomsday counterpart to your own character.

The final battle is a clash between both of the brute forces and both of the controllers. Bowser and Dark Bowser fight, with the dark form using attacks that seem to be supercharged versions of your own, even attacking you with your own shadow minions with the highest attack stat in the game. After that, Dark Bowser collapses. But Fawful revives him EVERY TIME.

Punch your enemy in the belly and he spits Fawful out. Inhale the little bugger into your body and switch to taking control of Mario and Luigi to defeat him. Take out his glasses and then his appendages to watch him collapse into the ground, and try not to die in the process from his insane bombardment of death you have to intercept with hammers and your own face. One slip up can easily lead to losing the battle outright.

And after ALL THAT, THE SHEER FEELING OF SATISFACTION when you teach Dark Bowser some manners with your FISTS is unparalleled. This fight was HARD, like any final fight should be. And it remains my favorite boss fight ever.

3. Elite Beat Agents

I don't have as much to say about this, other than it was honestly just an amazing arcade game combined with rhythm and beautiful music that kept me hooked for years. It didn't exactly have a huge plot like the other games, but the two final songs are INSANELY hard on the higher difficulties. One beat messed up would usually lead to a "Mission Failed" screen. And you can feel the adrenaline inside of you ready to build up and explode out of every orifice.

This game was fun as hell. It's a shame the sequel was cancelled due to poor sales of the first one. This game deserved more love.

Say Hello! / Wowie, its been a while hasn't it.
« on: December 23, 2014, 21:49 »
I joined this site quite a while ago, but I never properly introduced myself and haven't been on in a while.

Anyways, my name is Steve. Some people call me by my middle name, Jordan. I'll respond to either.

My position in groups of friends is just usually "that guy", being the dork who isn't really interesting he's just kinda there. Bit of a terrible anti social, much prefers being alone than being around people I don't like.

Eh, to be frank, I'm bad at making friends. My mind is usually just 50% knowledge about Doritos and 50% stupid puns about various body parts.

I'm rather persistent, so to speak. I do usually fight for what I believe in, and I'm no afraid to give my opinion. Even if its at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Usually, I'm just a dork, sitting in his room playing Pokémon or Modern Warfare 3, regretting every life choice then forgetting about it entirely the next day. Hobbies include digital art, video games and practising extreme couch potato skills.

If I ever draw myself and upload it, keep in mind I look much dorkier in real life. You have been warned.

Your Art / Just a sleepy Jirachi
« on: October 10, 2014, 17:06 »

Part of the PokeHalloween drawing challenge, I wanted to upload it since I'm pretty proud.

Please note I don't use Paint Tool SAI like all you fancy digital artists, I'm too poor for that.

Waddup everyone. Shiny is back. I know it's been ages since I did anything major with this site. I looked back on some of my old posts, and I found that this idea of Pokemon of the Day had sort of died out without warning.

Well, I'm going to bring it back. I may not get an update squeezed in every single day due to well, life.

I've decided to start fresh, with a new thread. This is due to the fact that it's too late to revive the old one, along with the fact that much of the stuff there is currently outdated with the entrance of Generation 6.

Anyway, the first Pokemon is here. I've explained it before in the last POTD thread, but I'm running through it again because it's a very different Pokemon this time around.


It can smash concrete blocks with its kicking attacks. The one with the biggest crest is the group leader.

I may be Shiny Mega Gengar, but Scrafty will remain my favorite Pokemon forever. Unfortunately, Scrafty is by far the Pokemon most affected by everything generation 6 has to offer. Last generation, Scrafty was in the UU tier, and it was one of the deadliest Pokemon of that tier. Heck, it was a badass in OU as well, with one Dragon Dance making it close to unstoppable.

With generation 6, all of that has changed. We now have Fairies, Gale Wings and Flying Press. Fairies have dominated Scrafty more than it dominates Dragon types. Gale Wings can pretty much put a stop to any Scrafty on the spot unless it has a few defense boosts under its belt, and Flying Press... That's a multiplier of 8 or 12 times the damage right there. No chance of survival unfortunately.

Thankfully, Scrafty still has counters to each and every one of these weaknesses.

  • Dragon Dance and Bulk Up are both stat boosting moves that Scrafty can make good use of.
  • DD and BU both have perfect physical moves to go with them.
  • Fairies can be defeated with Poison Jab, Talonflame's Gale Wings can be slowed down with Bulk Up's defense boosts and Hawlucha's Flying Press can be stopped before it's even started with a good Ice Punch.
  • An insane movepool allows you to make good use of Scrafty, with good coverage over types that the rest of your team is weak to.
  • Massive natural defensive stats mean it will most likely take more than one hit to go down.
  • Three great abilities mean Scrafty can be useful in a lot of ways. It is also unpredictable.

  • Fairies.
  • Being weak to Talonflame's Gale Wings is a massive punch in the face if you don't have your defense boosted.
  • Even with the high defensive stats, a base HP stat of 65 makes them mean nothing.
  • Scrafty's stats excluding defensive ones aren't particularly great.

Shed Skin: Scrafty has a 33% chance of being healed of it's status condition at the end of each turn. This can be extremely helpful due to the fact that almost any status condition can stop Scrafty in it's tracks if you don't have a Lum Berry on hand. But if the odds aren't in your favour, Scrafty could be ended before Shed Skin works.
Moxie: Scrafty's preferred ability, boosting it's attack by one stage each time it knocks out an enemy. This is the ability preferred by sweepers, making Scrafty progressively more powerful.
Intimidate: Lowers the opponent's Attack by one stage upon entering the battlefield. While it may not be as usable as the other two abilities, it always gives you an evil, sinister feeling to stop any Physical sweeper on it's tracks before the turn even starts.


Dragon Dance sweeping:

- Dragon Dance
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off
- Ice Punch/Iron Head

Item: Life Orb/Lum Berry
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP

The Scrafty set that is difficult to stop once it gets going. This is definitely the set you want to go for, if something else in your party can take out Talonflame due to no Defense boosts being able to stop a Brave Bird to the face.

You can't really argue with getting an Attack and Speed boost in just one turn. That one turn makes Scrafty absolutely fatal if your opponent can't stop it. Knock Off has more power if used against a Pokemon holding an item (basically, everything). Drain Punch stops Scrafty from being defeated too quickly. Iron Head or Ice Punch, whichever one you go for, it will give Scrafty a higher chance of sweeping, or at least leaving a massive dent in the opponent's team. Ice Punch can defeat Flying types and common Dragons, and Iron Head is a powerful Fairy counter. If you're going for Ice Punch, take this word of advice. If you see a Fairy, run.

A Life Orb means Scrafty takes damage each time it deals it. However, that health can be easily restored with a well-timed Drain Punch. With that in mind, that's essentially a free 1.3X power boost. A Lum Berry acts like an immediate, but one-time-only Shed Skin. Paralysis? Burn? Toxic? Lum Berry can put a stop to that.

Bulk Up sweeping

- Bulk Up
- Knock Off
- Drain Punch
- Iron Head/Ice Punch

Item: Life Orb
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 4 Defense

Now this is the set I prefer using. It's slightly more reckless, because without a Speed boost, pretty much anything outspeeds it and can deal a lot of damage. This is why Bulk Up was made, meaning a Physical attacker can't do much to it. The set is pretty much similar to the Dragon Dance one, just with a different stat-boosting move.

Like I said, it's reckless, but it doesn't mean it's easy to stop. Shed Skin means status conditions can be halted quickly if you're lucky. This means you don't need a Lum Berry, so you can use a Life Orb for a good power boost. It has a lot of power under its belt, and yet it can still be a pain to stop if your opponent doesn't have the right Pokemon, with Defense boosts, quick status condition elimination and boosted HP.

Next time: Charizard!

Older Main Games / Pokemon Diamond Sololocke
« on: April 28, 2014, 14:33 »
Hello, and welcome to a Sololocke. Because I couldnt think of a better name. This is a new challenge I thought of, but dont give me full credit because I'm sure someone thought of this before me. But I'm doing it anyway.


- I may only use ONE Pokemon, and that is my starter. So I need to choose wisely.
- I may use my starter as much as I want, if it faints, I lose the battle, but unlike a Nuzlocke, the challenge doesnt just end there.
- Any caught Pokemon must be put in the PC as soon as possible.
- As usual, PP and HP restoring items are permitted.
- Shinies can be caught, but like a normal Pokemon, boxed as soon as possible, no matter how much I may want to use it.
- Revives can be used, but obviously not during a battle.


So the game begins with Professor Rowan introducing me to a world I've already lived in for my entire life. I simply mash the A button to skip the unneeded explanation. I've played this game for years, but he still wants to introduce me like I just came out of the womb and magically skipped ten years of my life.

Finally, his stupid introduction ends. I see a news report on the Red Gyarados, which has remained undiscovered. You know, despite the fact that 90% of every Pokemon player has one. Remember this is still back in the generation where finding a shiny had a chance of 1/8192. So I gave up trying to find it this time before I had even started.

After more boring introductions and prantic A button mashing, I end up at my friend's (promptly named "Fart", I might add) house. I reach for the door handle and my dear friend Fart apparently gets something in his eye because he's blind and can't see where he's fricking going.


Okay, we've got our first Pokemon battle! I chose Chimchar, considering we're still in the generation where Infernape is actually useful. Sorry Fire Monkey haters.

Our first Pokemon battle ever, my journey starts here, this will be the best battle ever, the one that begins everything!

Turn 1
- Chimchar used Leer!
- Starly used Growl!

Well that was pointless.

And the "best battle ever" is ended by me simply spamming Scratch a few times. The ten year old girl who looks as if she's in her teens runs back, talks to herself like she's crazy, then runs away as if me and Fart mean trouble. I know Fart has flatulence issues, but thats no reason to run away from me.

So I run, oh wait, WALK back home because apparently I can't run if I dont have specific types of SHOES. I end up back in my house, upstairs being my room, downstairs being the kitchen. Mom sleeps in the kitchen.

More boring dialogue. LO AND BEHOLD, I receive a pair of running shoes which come with INSTRUCTIONS.

Yeah, that would be helpful if I were six months old.


Alright, apparently I have to go to the lab of a man that should've retired years ago.

[More A button mashing because I dont CAAAAAAAARE]

Alright, so I get to keep my Chimchar. How convenient because I wouldn't be able to get back home if I didn't have it.

You know, there's a thought. If there's long grass with wild Pokemon hiding in it connecting every town together, how do people travel if they dont have a Pokemon? Its not like cars exist in this universe anyway.

I get a chance to rename my Chimchar. I really feel like giving it a stupid name, but I decide to give it someone good considering its my only Pokemon I'll ever have, and it'll hate me if I call him Asswipe.

Havoc the Chimchar, welcome to the team.

I check the summary. Quirky nature. Kill me please.

We've got a few more battles going, which just involve me spamming Scratch as usual. I can't wait to get a half decent move.

Alright, a few minutes and one level later, I have my first Pokemon battle. Not like it'll be any good considering, one again, I'll be using nothing but Scratch. Let's see what Pokemon this guy has got.

"Our eyes met, so battle we must!"

Our eyes didn't meet, you were just staring in a straight line for hours waiting for someone to pass by. I was facing the other direction before your dumb ass interfered.

Alright, he has a Starly. Not bad.

Quick Attack gets a critical hit, one more attack and Chimchar goes down.

My heart starts pumping.

Will my journey end before its even started?

Nope, the ever-so-clever trainer spams Growl for the rest of the battle so its poor Pokemon can just die slower.

Battle ends, Bird is dead, Havoc levels up and learns Ember. We finally have a good move, what a miracle!

Anyways, I'll update this thing whenever, I'll show my Pokemon's current status, everything like that, and whatever.

Sololocke Pokemon status:

Havoc the Chimchar (Male)
Level 7
HP - 5/23
Nature - Quirky, somewhat of a clown.
Moves - Scratch (25/35), Leer (30/30), Ember (25/25)

Your Art / Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Gengar emblem!
« on: April 14, 2014, 21:52 »
So in Call of Duty Black Ops 2, there is a feature where you can create your own emblem using different shapes. While most of the time you get ones that would probably get me banned if I mentioned them, you occasionally get amazing works of art.

This here, is a Gengar emblem I made myself. It is 100% triangles, circles, rectangles and little golf flags. Apologies for the terrible camera quality, it's a lot brighter than it should be.

Team Building / Rate my OU team? (Updated)
« on: April 13, 2014, 17:27 »
Hey everyone. It's Shiny again, making another one of these threads. After my last one, I've taken the comments into consideration and changed my team around a bit. It still isn't perfect, but I think it is much better than the last.

Much like my last team, it is pretty much based around pure sweeping to end a battle quickly. Every other tactic I have used has been shot down in a flash.

Anyway, here we go.

Outlaw (Scrafty) (M) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Moxie
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Bulk Up
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off
- Ice Punch

Outlaw the Scrafty is pretty much my signature Pokemon on Pokemon Showdown, fitting with my name on it, Outlaw Scrafty. It is pretty much unchanged since my last "Rate my team" thread, however I have swapped Dragon Dance for Bulk Up (Seeming as the boosted Speed is still outsped by a lot of other Pokemon in OU), and Crunch has been replaced with Knock Off. I use Knock Off because it does extra damage to Pokemon holding an item (That is, everything in OU), and it knocks it off. Mega Evolved Pokemon take even more damage, because even if they survive the first attack, they will still take the extra damage from holding an item because a Mega Stone can't be knocked off if I attack again. It also has a Lum Berry due to the fact that it always seems to get stopped by any status condition.

Despite Fairies, Gale Wings and Flying Press, Outlaw is still my favorite member on the team. It may not be the most powerful anymore, but it's one of my favorites, and I will keep using it.

Pain (Azumarill) (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Huge Power
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Aqua Jet
- Belly Drum
- Brick Break
- Play Rough

Pain the Azumarill does exactly what he says on the tin: Causes pain. And a lot of it. After just one Belly Drum, it is prepared to Aqua Jet anything in sight. The Sitrus Berry means it has a higher chance of being over 50% health so that it can use Belly Drum in the first place. The advantage of this set is that it only takes one turn to reach maximum power. It may not survive that first turn, but if it does, not much can stop it in it's tracks. It's pretty much the only Fairy type I like because of that.

Infinity (Aegislash) (M) @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Stance Change
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- King's Shield
- Iron Head
- Shadow Sneak

Now Aegislash is a Pokemon I'm surprised I don't see more often. This physical set is by far my favorite to use. After just two turns, it can reach 4 times the usual attack, which in blade form, is already pretty insane. Much like Pain, it has a priority move to end a Pokemon before it has a chance to do anything. Iron Head is also there to put a stop to Fairy types, because Fairies always seem to be the type that is the most trouble to the rest of the team. The Weakness Policy is really the only item for this haunted sword, because in Shield form, there is almost no chance of it fainting from one attack, even if it is super effective. This means it gets that free attack boost to prepare it to sweep an entire team in just a few mere turns.

Houdini (Alakazam) (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Energy Ball
- Focus Blast
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball

Unlike some of the other members of the team, Alakazam needs no stat increases to be powerful. Magic Guard combined with Life Orb means it gets a free 1.3X power boost without taking damage. Magic Guard also means Arena Traps, Toxic Poison and Burns don't lay a scratch on it. Energy Ball is something many don't see coming, because Grass isn't seen as a good offensive type, but I use it to take care of Water/Ground types. Focus Blast is unreliable, but has 5 strengths under it's belt. Psychic is there for obvious reasons, and Shadow Ball is there to take care of other Psychic types.

Del (Gengar) (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Dazzling Gleam
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Thunderbolt

Gengar is another Pokemon that needs no set up to be deadly. While it's frail defenses make it a glass cannon, most likely unable to sweep an entire team, it can leave a massive dent in the opponent's party before fainting. Dazzling Gleam takes care of Dark types and common Dragons, Shadow Ball is a decent STAB move with a few good strengths, including Psychic which has an advantage over it. Sludge Bomb is another STAB move which is now more usable thanks to Fairies on the battlefield, and Thunderbolt is necessary against Water types like Greninja that are extremely common in OU.

Scar (Charizard-Mega-Y) (M) @ Charizardite Y
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Air Slash
- Fire Blast
- Solar Beam
- Dragon Pulse

Finally, we have Scar the Mega Charizard-Y. Even though the X form looks better, along with being part Dragon, Mega Charizard-Y is a lot better in competitive play. Despite the massive Stealth Rock weakness, bringing it out first can negate that. Air Slash has STAB, along with a flinching chance and reliable accuracy. It can also take care of Mega Venusaur. Fire Blast has doubled power under the sun, making up an incredible 275 base power when you include STAB. Solar Beam is a powerful Grass move with 100% accuracy. It also requires no turn to charge up due to sunlight caused by Drought. Dragon Pulse is also there once again to defeat Dragons, including the other Mega Charizard form.

Wow, that took a while to type. Constructive criticism about the team is always read and appreciated.

Okay. So my friend from America (the same from the "I need help with a friend of mine" topic), who I talk to over Skype, has just, OUT OF THE BLUE...


"Because you're one of the only people that's ever made me happy.I've only been nice to me,and I'm..I'm not used to that from guys.Most every single one of them hates me...I just...I can't help it.You're just so kind and sweet and every day I can't stop thinking about when I'll get to talk to you again....but now you'll probably hate me..I just know that you've been through alot if bad crap with relationships so.."







In the year of 3014, the Doomsday infection was born. It spread rapidly, and any Pokemon unlucky enough to be infected would be taken over by a mind controlling curse. A curse that made then attack anything that breathes.

Much like zombies, one of the infected can bite its prey to add one more to the Doomsday herd. The only way to not become infected by a Doomsday Pokemon attack...

Is to die. There is no other way around it.

Fast forward to the year 3024, ten years later. You along with the rest of the group are the only healthy Pokemon left in the world. You have to work together to survive each day, ruthlessly fighting off hordes of Doomsday Pokemon at a time.

But there is hope. Thousands of miles away, the last remaining scientist in a well secluded lab has finally discovered the cure. But time is running out, as the Doomsday Pokemon cover a barren wasteland that was formerly a Pokemon world of peace and harmony.

You and your team's job is to get to that lab. And fast. Without that cure, you and the rest of the final survivors will eventually perish.

And when that happens, the Doomsday Pokemon will have nothing left to eat and perish too.

Until the Pokemon universe is dead. No life. No Pokemon. No happiness. Nothing.

Current Location: The Safe house, Lumiose City.

Desired destination: Lab

Distance from destination: 2750 miles.

Date & Time: July 2nd 3024. 0600 hours.


Character template

Species: (No legendaries)
Accessories (Optional):
Moves (At least 1 attacking move recommended, but not required):
Bio (what's your character's personality?):
Backstory (What's your character's past? Optional):
Starter post (what is your character's impressions on this mission? What about their reaction when they find out what they have to do?)

Here's my character reference:

Name: Del

Age: 23

Species: Shiny Mega Gengar

Gender: Male

Accessories: Black band on right arm and an eyepatch.

Moves: Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Gigs Drain, Toxic

Bio: As the leader of the group fighting for survival, its Del's duty to keep the teammates in line without any slip-ups. With his high intelligence along with his powers of mind reading, its impossible to put anything past him. Del is also an experienced fighter, powerful enough to make a single Shadow Ball wipe out half of Castelia. However, he does have his weaknesses. And his secrets.

Backstory: After being genetically modified at birth (due to having a scientific microchip inserted into his brain via the left eye. Now you know why he has the eyepatch), Del has had the intelligence of a supercomputer. The yellow gem on his forehead allows Del to read minds, and even communicate through telepathy. His powerful attacks come from 10 years of training with the Takagami dojo, before the Doomsday Pokemon destroyed it and only Del got out alive.

Starter post:

The white Mega Gengar Pokemon looked out of the window reflectively, setting his eyes upon the emptiness that was once happiness. He sighed to himself. Ten years of endless Doomsday hordes, fighting for his life. He wasn't a fan of murder, but it was kill or be killed here.

"I can't believe this had to happen" he groaned to himself. The pictures flow through his head again, memories of his friends, family and the others he loved dearly. They fell prey to the Doomsday Pokemon too.

A tear drops from his eye. "Not now, Del. Youre a tough guy, you can't let the team see you crying..." He thinks to himself as he wipes the tear off his face. He here's a buzzing noise and sees his phone nearby, boasting the words "Incoming call" in large letters.

He presses the "Answer" key. "Y'ello?"

"Del, dont even try to act calm. Youre one of the last survivors, of course you're feeling worried."

"Hey, I dont need you ruining my reputation here. Anyway, changing the subject, who are you? I thought we were the last ones!"

"Wrong. I am Abraham the Xatu, the last remaining Kanto scientist. And I've discovered something you will want to hear."

"Well, hurry up. What is it?"

"I've discovered a cure."

"A cure!? For what?"

"What do you think I mean? I mean the Doomsday Virus. The combination of Xeroamphetamine with the Chlorohelian Sulphate has-"

"Cut the science mumbo-Arceus damn-jumbo will ya? We need that cure, where is it?"

"Here, in my Kanto lab. But I'm afraid as you are in Kalos, you have a long way to travel."

"Wow, I couldve never guessed! Right, I'll tell the team."

Del hangs up and turns around, facing the other survivors. "Team, we have some news. And I guarantee youre gonna like it."


• NO power-playing. This means making your character overpowered/invincible. Every being has a weakness.
• NO controlling characters that aren't your own.
• I have the responsibility to kick out (or throw to the Doomsday herd) anyone who is being too disrespectful, rude or anything of the sort.
• I have the final say. I will decide if your application is submitted.
• Stick to the plot.
• Limit out-of-character speech. (( ))

List of characters
• Del the Shiny Mega Gengar (Shiny Mega Gengar)
• Keira the Vulpix (ShinyBlaziken2000)
• Ryu the Lucario (ShinyBlaziken2000)
• Reiru the Mega Charizard X (OpalRhea)
• Kalea the Blaziken (OpalRhea)
• Innis the Azumarill (OpalRhea)
• Sunny the Helioptile (Chloe_)
• Slash the Houndoom (echo)
• Dash the Dodrio (Moon Chaser)
• Crash the Arcanine (what the heck come after 6????)
• Dana the Ninetales (Danatales)
• Jaime the Garchomp (Danatales)
• Knuckle the Hitmonlee (Hitmonchu)
If you want to join, send your application below!

Reserved spots

There is a meme where you can enter your favorite Pokemon from each of the 18 types. You can draw the pictures yourself, or just collect them from the internet.

I present to you, my own:

And a template, in case any of you want to do the same.

Your Art / So I'm trying to get into spriting...
« on: December 31, 2013, 17:03 »
As many have seen, I run a Pokemon drawings topic (that is currently paused. Thanks a lot, broken black pen) and I'm trying to move onto other types of art. As I have discovered, I can't draw anything except deformed blobs on a tablet.

That's why I'm trying to move to spriting too as an added form of art. Of course, I have next to no idea of how to do it. There are many experienced spriters on this forum, and I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me some help and advice. Perhaps on stuff like recommended programs/websites to use, or introductions to different types of sprites such as infernos, mixes etc.

Any advice would be extremely helpful, thanks!

Random Randomness / I need help with a friend of mine...
« on: December 23, 2013, 13:37 »
A close friend of mine has been going through a lot of pain recently, both emotionally and physically. I want to help, but I dont know how I can.

Firstly, I am one of the only friends she has got. She says she wants to be alone. Through life, she has had very few friends, and almost all of them have left her or were only using her. Because of this, she learned to not trust anyone. She began spreading rumors about herself (for example, a rumor that she was the cause of death of a young child years ago). She did that to keep everyone away from her, and it worked. No one wanted to go near her. And no one would accept her. I was the first to realize that that wasn't who she really was. She is sweet, innocent and kind. But everyone else thought she was sadistic, violent and aggressive.

I was the first to accept her for who she is after finding out the rumor wasn't true. She said she wanted to be alone, so she told me to tell no one else that the rumor was a lie. I agreed, because it was what she wanted. So I have told no one else to this day. But now its reaching crisis levels.

Secondly, she has suffered from depression since an extremely young age. She has been bullied and used for years. That is why she wanted to be alone in the first place. I was one of the few people she trusted. She has had thoughts of suicide throughout her life, but I made sure I was always there for her. With just one person to trust though, despite my efforts I still worry about her future.

Lastly, she's caught an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) that affects the Lungs and Throat. She can't speak properly, move properly or eat properly. Even her own family are making fun of her for it, not helping in any way. I would help if I could, but sadly I have no medical experience and when I took her to the doctor, he said no treatment is available at the moment "for medical reasons".

At school, this illness is making her already-terrible school life even worse. She is being called names, annoyed and even physically hurt because of it. She is also suffering from extreme second degree sunburn, with pain extending to the point where even wearing clothes stings like hellfire. She is covered in blisters, and yesterday she was sent to A&E because she was shoved into the railings, making blisters pop and bruises to cover her body. The doctor recommended she stays off school until medical treatment becomes available, but the family won't let her.

Please help. I've done all I can to help her case, but her thoughts of suicide and anger still flow through her.

She needs help, quickly.

As the rules of the site state, double posting is not permitted on threads unless they meet certain conditions, such as being on the "Your Art" board and containing sufficient new artwork. However, I'm wondering if the rules for a Nuzlocke challenge update change as well.

I'm mainly asking this because I plan to start my own Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke challenge, and now the winter holidays have started I actually have the time and motivation to update it frequently. However, if the rules for a Nuzlocke do not change, I will have to wait until a reply (which can take anything from five minutes to a month, possibly even longer).

Some Pokemon forums have rules changed for Nuzlocke challenges. For example, the Marriland forums allow double posting on Nuzlocke updates, as long as it isn't too shortly after the last one (at least six hours in between) and it isn't done too often. Of course, if you fill up a whole page of 10+ updates with no replies, action will often be taken.

I've checked a few of the Nuzlocke threads, and I think the reason a lot of them went to waste is because without a reply, the current double posting rules stop them from posting an update, which bumps the thread and let's more people notice it.

Of course, if the last update was a good few months old or anything longer, double posting would certainly be questionable, if not banned. Otherwise, you would get an age-old Nuzlocke no one remembers (or cares about) that is just asking for attention that it most likely won't get.

Thanks for reading.

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