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Part 1

"Zeke, it's time to finish this up! Use High Jump Kick!" Yelled the strawberry-blonde haired trainer as the hooded lizard Pokemon leaped in the air and launched a powerful kick, knocking the opponent trainer's Bouffalant into a nearby tree and onto the ground, rendering him unable to battle.

The hooded lizard Pokemon, with the scarred left eye and the "pants" made out of it's own shed skin, folds it's arms and chuckles as the other trainer sighs, returning the defeated buffalo Pokemon to it's Ultra Ball. The Hoodlum Pokemon Scrafty looks back at his trainer, who is cheering with delight. She is only 4" 8', not the tallest for someone her age. She raises her hand in victory as her striped top and cardigan blow in the direction of the wind.

Many Pokemon in this world have the ability to understand English, and sometimes speak it. The Scrafty, named Zeke, is able to do that, but is usually silent and let's his actions explain his feelings.

Zeke's trainer runs up to him as her Weavile partner follows closely behind. The Weavile's name is Xero, who is a lot more talkative than Zeke but prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"Zeke, you did it!" says the trainer, named Faye. Zeke, unlike Faye who is celebrating the victory, shrugs his shoulders and grunts disdainfully, closing his usually half-shut gray eyelids. "He knows, Faye. He was there." Xero says, staring at Zeke who just stood there with the usual grouchy expression that doesn't really change.

"Ah well. It's getting late you two. I say we head to the town's Pokemon center and stay there tonight, got that?" Faye says, still trying to resist the urge to suddenly begin cheering over her win even though it has already ended. Zeke and Xero both nod and follow Faye back to the glass building with a red roof covering the top of it.

The automatic doors open in front of them, and Nurse Joy stands at the reception counter smiling. The trio walk up to her as Nurse Joy begins the talking. "I can already see by the expression on your face that you need to rest up. No worries, I can get you a room for the night."

Faye shrugs. "Guess I shouldn't bother hiding it then."

Nurse Joy, Faye and Xero laugh while Zeke groans and stands there trying not to collapse from overwhelming boredom. Faye takes out four pokeballs and tosses them in the air as the remaining members of her team leap out of them.

Derrick the Pangoro, Chantelle the Gothitelle, Rocky the Krookodile and Abigail the Meloetta appear out of the shining light the Pokeball emits. The four of them seem fine, but have no doubt all taken damage from the battle beforehand.

"These four have been hurt from our last battle. Can you take a look at them?" Faye says. "These guys will be fine though" she points to Zeke and Xero as Nurse Joy hands her a room key, pointing to the stairs which lead to their floor.

"Room 29. Have a nice day!" Nurse Joy says, smiling with a voice trilling. Faye returns Derrick, Chantelle and Rocky to their Pokeballs, but Abigail dodges the red beam from the Pokeball and hides behind Zeke, who's face is turning red as a beet. "I dont want to go back in there, it's dark and horrible!" Abigail says, clutching onto one of Zeke's legs. Zeke has, although he doesn't want to admit it, always had a thing for Abigail. He loved the way she flicked her hair, the way her voice trilled like an angel, the way she -

"Your blushing dude." The Ice Weasel Pokemon says, trying to refrain from falling on the floor laughing. Zeke shakes Abigail off and walks over to Xero with his hand clenched into a fist. Prepared to launch a Drain Punch, Faye steps in front of Zeke which makes him stop the attack.

"I know you two dont like each other sometimes, but we will all be in the same room for just one night. Try not to get into yet another fight as per usual." Says Faye as Zeke and Xero glare at each other with anger in their eyes.

Zeke still growls, ready to bite Xero's head off and shove it up his rear end, but Faye retaliates... By taking out a picture of a Jigglypuff. Zeke yells as loud as possible, almost shattering the glass. He snatches the room key out of Faye's hands and running hell for leather upstairs, occasionally tripping over the "pants" on his waist.

Faye and Xero just chuckle to themselves. "He never learns does he?" Faye says, laughing.

First part complete! Hope you like it. The plot will unfold more later.

General Pokémon Discussion / My Top 5 All Time Pokémon!
« on: December 09, 2013, 18:37 »
Well, Generation 6 was released (ages ago, actually) meaning we now have more Pocket Monsters to add to the collection. Everyone has their favorites, and here are mine. Feel free to write your own list in a reply.

So I present to you, my top 5 favorite All Time Pokemon!

5. Infernape!

I can tell this will spark an argument, but there is always one fire starter I preferred over the Blaze Kickin' Chicken, and that is this guy.

Firstly, the design. When rating a Pokemon, design usually plays quite a big role. Blaziken looked pretty good, especially the blue/black color scheme of the mega evolution. However, Infernape is a karate monkey with... Wait for it. FIRE HAIR. If it didn't have the heat to burn my face off, I would totally want that.

Next, battle capability. Always in my OU team, Infernape is fast, powerful and able to land a lot of hits before inevitably fainting. It is unlikely you will sweep due to the abismal defense stats, but using Infernape first can leave a huge dent in your opponent's team right off the bat. Due to the bad defensive stats and the fact that it faints against nearly anything, you will need a Focus Sash to survive most moves. The bad defenses can have an advantage though, as the stats lost by Close Combat hardly affect it since it would faint anyway.

Finally, the moves and abilities. Like I said, the downside of Close Combat has next to no effect, so 120 Base Power plus STAB can cause massive damage, especially since the move is super effective on five different types (Normal, Rock, Steel, Dark and Ice). On top of that, it gets another powerful move called Flare Blitz, which also has 120 BP and STAB to deal high damage, with a side effect being pretty bad recoil. Infernape also gets moves that can negate some of its weaknesses such as Thunder Punch against Water and Flying types. It also gets U-Turn to deal damage and switch before the opponent can attack, also taking care of Psychic types.

And in the sun, this monkey is devastatingly powerful.

4. Aegislash!

With the addition of Fairy types which have already proven their dominance with three advantages and an immunity to what was formerly the most powerful type, a Steel or Poison type on your team is essential. I personally prefer the Steel type mainly due to having more advantages, an immunity and usually insane defenses. However, with Aegislash those high defenses can change depending on how you use it.

The Pokemon is always sent out into battle in it's Shield form, the form with stupidly high defense and special defense stats but abismal others. Using any attack move will change it into the Blade form, which has insane Attack and Special Attack but terrible defenses. After that, using King's Shield protects it for one turn and changes it back into the Shield form. During the turn it is protected, a Pokemon that makes contact has its Attack sliced down by two stages.

Having the Weakness Policy item increases Attack and Special Attack by two stages when the Pokemon is hit with a Super Effective move. Since the shield form can survive nearly any Super Effective attack, the Weakness Policy will activate and you rt an immediate bringer of the apocalypse. Using Swords Dance (how fitting) will boost the attack AGAIN, and then you can Shadow Sneak or Iron Head anything in sight.

3. Gengar!

Specifically the Mega Evolution, but both versions of Gengar are incredible. The normal Gengar is awesome, both in battle and in design. I LOVE Ghost types, and Gengar is definitely my favorite. It's chubby and cute, but deadly on the battlefield, with massive Special Attack and Speed.

The Mega Evolution though just KICKS ASS. Firstly, the design is a beast risen from the depths of hell, still partially under. It's like Giratina's spawn. The stats also get an amazing boost and it gains the ability Shadow Tag, which traps the opponent in battle so their only choice is to fight the beast. Sure, it does lose Levitate which gives it an extra weakness, but it was definitely worth it.

Gengar becomes even MORE useful this generation, with an overpowered STAB Sludge Bomb taking down Fairy types at will.

2. Weavile!

Weavile is proof of how kickass a weasel can be, with a fancy headdress and claws sharp enough to rip through solid steel (despite being weak to it). Weavile is simply incredible. The design is two of my favorite colors, Red and Blue. It has that headdress and scarf thing, along with a gem embedded in its own face. The last one sounds sort of painful, but awesome nonetheless.

In battle, you dont see a lot of Weavile floating around OU. However, it can destroy nearly anything in the lower tiers with Ice Punch, Night Slash and more to make sure nothing stands in it's path of destruction. The Attack and Speed stats are pretty incredible, making it a deadly physical sweeper capable of pure carnage.

I think part of the reason I love this Pokemon is because I got a shiny Sneasel on Black. I spent 36BP on a Razor Claw to evolve it, and it was worth it. That pink and gold color scheme is just... FABULOUS.

1. Scraggy and Scrafty!

Now, if you know me AT ALL, or if you've just seen my name, you should have already guesses that this duo would be first. I can't decide between the two of them which one I like more. Scraggy is cute and Scrafty is a full on badass.

Both of them look awesome. They're badass gangster lizards with sagging pants made out of their own shed skin. They both have pretty good shinies, especially Scrafty's, with the neon green hood and pants along with a glowing golden skin.

In battle, both can be used to be total powerhouses. Scrafty can run a Bulk Up or Dragon Dance set depending on how you want to use it, whether you want added speed or defense. Scraggy is an amazing starter for a Catch and Evolve tourney (C&E. Usually found on Pokemon Showdown), with Dragon Dance, Crunch, Ice Punch and Drain Punch to deal out some serious ass kickings. Scrafty, despite being in the UU tier, is deadly whichever tier you use it in.

Scrafty also gets pretty awesome defense and special defense stats, meaning it should easily survive a hit, use Dragon Dance and then use that added speed and attack to become a total sweeping machine, slowly getting stronger with the added attack from the Moxie ability.

What are your top 5 favorites? Reply with the list down below!

TV Series / Ash's Water type curse
« on: November 28, 2013, 21:53 »
Ash has had many a water type during his time as a trainer. However, almost none of those water types have actually evolved under his possession.

For example, Totodile, Oshawott, Palpitoad, Buizel and Corpish never evolved. Palpitoad was already evolved from a Tympole before Ash caught it.

Only one of Ash's Water types have evolved, and that is Krabby, evolving into Kingler. There seems to be a theme with Fire types, as most of those that Ash caught were abandoned beforehand. It would appear that a certain theme is taking place with Water types too.

Ash has got a Froakie in the new X and Y anime, so perhaps this time the curse could be broken?

Gaming / Xbox Live Gamertags?
« on: November 27, 2013, 17:05 »
Do any of you have Xbox live? If so, you can share your Gamer tag and perhaps the games you are usually playing.

My gamertag is Firest0rm990. I usually play:

• Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
And uh... That is about it. Huge fan of the CoD series xP

General Pokémon Discussion / My Top 5 Electric Type Pokemon!
« on: November 18, 2013, 18:34 »
Wow! Another top 5 so soon after your last one? Have you finally gotten off your lazy ass and done something, Scrafty?

Yes. But it probably won't last.

Anyway, Electric won against Ground 7 votes to 4. Time for my top five Electric types.
Now let us begin.

5: Heliolisk!

Now, let me explain to you why this little thing is a TANK on a rain team.

Leftovers restore a 1/16th of Heliolisk's health each turn. Dry Skin restores 1/8th of Heliolisk's health in rain. Parabolic Charge has STAB and hits all Pokemon on the opposing side and restores health (handy for horde battles). It learns Protect which let's it restore HP when it has been drained. It only has two weaknesses, Ground and Fighting. Finally, it can learn Surf which gets boosted power in rain.

Using a rain team? You need one of these.

4: Eelektross!

Technically speaking with Eelektross's type, it does have one weakness which is ground. However, with the ability Levitate the weakness is negated, unless Gravity comes into effect.

And just... LOOK at it. It looks like it is about to eat your SOUL. On top of that, it has a sweet movepool, creepy yet awesome design and I LOVED it when it appeared in the anime under the ownership of Emmet the Subway Boss.

I also love sending it out into a double battle with a ground type (usually Garchomp). The ground type uses Earthquake to hit the opponents while Eelektross is like "PSSH I got dat Levitate I'm good son!"

3: Electivire!

Ah, who doesn't love Electivire, a walking plug socket with two fatal electric wires protruding from it's back, ready to grab an opponent and give them the electric shock of their life? Electivire has a sweet movepool including a ton of punching moves, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and even Psychic, not to mention amazing anime appearances under the ownership of Paul. You had to love that Electivire's rivalry with Ash's Infernape. Their final battle in the Sinnoh league was undoubtedly one of the best in my opinion.

2: Luxray!

I present to you a tiger / dog / lion / thingy that fires electric discharges from it's own tail, seeking opponents with X - Ray eyes and has claws deadlier than the devil's scythe. Incredible design, insane movepool and the evolution line hits fifty out of ten on the cuteness scale. Luxray was also another Pokemon with some amazing anime appearances, along with Luxio who was trying to shove a Wailmer back into the water.

Oh yes, Luxray scared and daylights out of Ash's Pikachu and made it cower and hide in a bush. Ha, ha ha haha.

1: Rotom!

Ah, the good old Rotom family. The normal form is cute, the fridge form keeps things cold, the washing machine cleans stuff, the lawnmower cuts down grass, the fan provides cool temperatures in summer and the oven makes toasted sandwiches. You have a Rotom for every occasion.

It seems almost every electric type has had a turn in the anime. This one spent the day hacking appliances and playing pranks on everything in sight.


Aaaaaaand THATS A RAP.

What will you vote for next week? Ground or Flying?

Other Animé Things / Pokemon AMV ideas
« on: November 17, 2013, 20:45 »
For those who dont know, AMV stands for Anime Music Video, and in this case I'm using Pokemon as the chosen anime. These AMVs usually base around one character and are basically a tribute to them using clips from the anime in accordance with the chosen song.

A few examples are here: Just the general anime. - Break Infernape - Dance With the Devil Gengar and Mismagius - Forever

These AMVs are usually made with Windows Movie Maker, also.

Here are some of my ideas:

Blaziken - Fear (by Burning Yesterday). It just fits.
Infernape - Ignition (by TobyMac). It also just fits.
Arcanine - Eye of the Tiger (by Survivor). Need you ask?
Gengar - This is Halloween (by Marylin Manson). Again, no question.
Sableye and Spiritomb - Can't Touch This (by MC hammer). Because no weaknesses.
Scrafty and Scraggy - Animal I Have Become (by Three Days Grace) Because he goes from cute to freaking gangsta.

Do you have any AMV ideas? Share them below!

General Pokémon Discussion / My Top 5 Grass Type Pokemon!
« on: November 17, 2013, 13:28 »
Oh my god yes it is true I am RETURNING and REVIVING the theme of the top five of each type that I stopped a while ago...BUT HEY IMMA BACK.

Last time, which was ages ago, the votes were tied between Grass and Electric. Being the selfish ass I usually am, I'm going to go with what is preferred by me: Grass!

So without further ado, let's begin.

5: Chesnaught!

If you ask me, I think Chesnaught was absolutely what generation six needed. This monster is VENGEANCE against anybody who called Quilladin fat. The signature move Spiky Shield protects Chesnaught and damages opponents that make contact that turn, very helpful. Also, the ability Bulletproof protects Chesnaught from Ball and Bomb moves, meaning the super effective Acid Spray, Sludge Bomb and Ice Ball dont lay a scratch on it.

And has anyone else noticed that Chesnaught looks like Buzz Lightyear?
To infinityyyyy... And the pond. Or something like that.

4: Serperior!

It may be becoming a bit more obvious now that I LOVE the grass type starters, and you will see quite a few on this list. I present to you here, the god(dess?) Of the forest. Serperior has an amazing design, two pretty sweet abilities, a nice movepool and... The name is a mix of Serpent and Superior. If you were to only hear that name but not see the Pokemon itself, what would you imagine? A deadly, poisonous anaconda? A sneaky, sly snake shimmying through the grass?

And having the ability Contrary, along with Leaf Storm basically means that it keeps getting more powerful as it goes along. Nice.

3: Trevenant!

Another Pokemon from generation six here. It is basically a tree that has been possessed. It evolves from a tree stump with the soul of lost children in the forest. (Does that mean that when we breed one, a child dies?). It looks incredible with a shiny that looks like winter is coming,  not to mention pretty decent stats along with a nice movepool. As soon as I get X and Y, I'm catching one of these bamfs.

2: Torterra!

Despite not exactly being the fastest Pokemon on the battlefield, Torterra can be used as an effective offensive tank due it's high attack stat along with the moves Leech Seed and Synthesis. The design also makes me love it even more. It is like Atlas carrying the world on it's back... Okay, its carrying a forest. Close enough. Either way, it is capable of causing great destruction on the battlefield. Its too bad Ash's Torterra didn't actually learn some good moves.

1: Sceptile!

Now, you may have seen in my top five fire types that I am a big fan of Infernape. Well, Sceptile is a bit like a Grass version of it, dishing out ass kickings with great speed. Sceptile has a pretty crazy movepool, a swell design and hard - hitting stats. The speed and power is helpful for defeating common Water / Ground types like Quagsire or Gasrrodon. Grass is also super effective on Rock and Ground, two of the most common types.

In conclusion, Sceptile is a boss.

Aaaaaaand that wraps things up this time. Dont forget to share your own list down below and vote for the type you want next week...

Electric or Ground?

Random Randomness / So I'm having crazy WiFi problems...
« on: November 16, 2013, 09:36 »
Hi. Since about three days ago, my WiFi doesn't seem to work.I'm using a Nexus 7 tablet and seemingly have 4 bars of connection strength, meaning it should work perfectly. Instead it will not work for about half an hour, then work for Five minutes, then repeat, despite saying it has 4 bars of signal.

The internet worked perfectly before. Is anyone else having this problem? (Note: I'm using Sky Broadband)

Forum Games / Rate the Signature Above You!
« on: November 15, 2013, 16:16 »
So I already did an avatar version of these which seemed pretty popular. Time for the signature version!

I know, there was another one of these a while back but it kind of died out. I found it a bit useless to resurrect so I've made my own.

HAI. This is a new thing I'm starting up on this thread. Each day I will feature a Pokemon I deem to be amazing in many aspects. Firstly we have, since everyone loves this guy and I just want to get it out of the way...


Yes, Blaziken. Now, I will be totally honest I did NOT like this guy when I first joined the site. Admittedly I hated it. But now I've grown to like it, and giving it a Mega Evolution just made me love it even more. It's my second favorite fire starter, only coming after Infernape (just because my Infernape wrecked all in Diamond and the metagame. I chose the fire monkey in Diamond and never looked back). Blaziken itself however is full on KICKASS. It has an amazing design as does it's Mega Evolution, it has a godlike move pool and having Speed Boost just brings it over the top. Increasing speed by one stage at the end of every turn? You have yourself a sweeping machine right there.

Blaze Kick, Blaziken's signature move, is also pretty awesome, with decent power and a great animation to it. However getting moves such as Flare Blitz and High Jump Kick give it unlimited power in the battlefield. It was the first Fire / Fighting starter and it always will be. Great design, great mega, great movepool, great ability, what's not to like?

Your Art / Fanfiction - The Story of Zeke
« on: November 12, 2013, 22:34 »
(Note: You may have seen something similar to this on the Pokemon Academy RP. That RP however doesn't seem to be getting any activity lately, and the plans I had were just too hard to keep bottled up until someone else posted, though some aspects will be different. This story is written in first person by the way. Anyways, enjoy.)

I hurry along the sand - covered desert ground as fast as I can, putting pressure on the wounded arm caused by that damn Bisharp. Gah, I can feel the blood pouring into the palm of my hand. Why does that trainer want to catch me? More importantly, why does he feel it's necessary to cut my arm in the process?

I'm a wild pokemon. Always have been, always will be. Some think being a wild Pokemon isn't that great, but it's a helluva lot better than being cooped up in a Pokeball all day, only coming out of it to get punched in the face.

I should probably explain who I am. My name is Zeke, a Scrafty living in the desert near Castelia city. I know wild Pokemon dont usually have nicknames, but Zeke sounded a lot better than anything else. I dont want my life in the wild to end now. The trainer is coming after me. I can hear there sounds of his trainers charging through the sand.

God dammit, this wound is slowing me down! That stupid Bisharp and his stupid spikes and his stupid Metal Claw and -

Suddenly I trip over a Joltik hiding in the sand and fall flat on my face. WHAT THE DISTORTION WORLD IS AN ELECTRIC TYPE DOING OUT HERE? I get back on my feet but the sound of a trainer's footsteps draw closer.

"Delia, go!" I hear from close behind me. I look over my shoulder to see a Leavanny pounce out of it's Pokeball. God damn, I hate those things! I just hope it doesn't -

A String Shot hits me in the leg, tripping me up. The pain in my arm becomes worse, hitting a fifty out of ten on the pain - o - meter. I feel like it got cut with a knife! Oh wait, IT FREAKING DID!

No time to think now, as I lie on the ground unable to get up. I look behind me to see the trainer rampaging towards me... Looks like this is the end.

As with every Pokemon game we have the starters of the types Fire, Grass and Water (sometimes gaining another type later in the evolution line). But which one from each type is your favorite?

Here are my opinions.

Fire - Infernape / Emboar

Yes, I prefer something that ISN'T Blaziken. FREAKING UNNATURAL, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Well, I know this is going to spark up a debate but to be honest, even with a Mega Evolution and Speed Boost, I have only used it in battle because it was either a random battle or I made a team of all the fire starters or something, not because I actually LIKE it.

Okay, so Blaziken was the first to receive the coveted Fire / Fighting type but that doesn't make it the best in my opinion. Before generation five when Blaziken gained Speed Boost, it's stats made it pretty useless to be honest. Sure, it had decent attack but having bad Defense and Special Defense kind of brought it down. However Infernape was effective before it got a Dream World ability (Iron Fist ISNT as good as Blaze, but it still does the job to negate a few weaknesses with Thunder Punch). Infernape is fast and powerful, and having high speed and attack stats allows it to take nearly anything down in a hurry. Of course, being a frail glass cannon it will need a Focus Sash to survive any sort of damage and then will most likely kill itself with Flare Blitz, but it is effective in OU and can destroy a lot before going down.

Emboar however... I love it. I dont really know why. Truthfully, it isn't very good in battle at all unless given a Choice Scarf to boost it's abismal speed (which even then can't top a lot of pokemon it will fight), but the stats are pretty good. Okay, like Infernape the defense stats are PATHETIC, but it has insane HP and Attack stats. It also gets a crazy movepool including Scald, Solar Beam, Superpower, Heat Crash (which with Emboar's weight deals PAIN) and so much more. I chose Tepig in Black and White and damn, I'm glad I did. Ganonpork the Emboar. Scarfed and armed with Flare Blitz, Stone Edge, Earthquake and Superpower. It will wreck anything that moves.

Water - Greninja

Generation 6 introduced what immediately became my favorite Water Starter, and for good reason. Protean gives STAB to any attacking move used, giving it a nice bonus to sweeping a team. It's pretty fast, pretty powerful, gets a nice movepool, amazing ability and of course, that AMAZING SCARF.

Oh yes, it has "Ninja" built right into it's name. EPIC  :ph34r:

Grass - Sceptile / Torterra

Yes, ANOTHER split decision. Both of these pokemon are amazing in their own ways. Sceptile is like a Fire version of Infernape. Fast, powerful and lands a few powerful hits before going down.

Torterra however is almost the opposite. It's speed is bad and it can't particularly take anything down in a hurry, but it has massive HP, Defense and decent Special Defense along with Leech Seed and Synthesis. Oh yes, it also has a 4X Ice weakness. Ouch.

Torterra's Attack is pretty crazy, making it a nice offensive tank.

What's your opinion? (I can already tell I'm going to see "BLAZIKEN BLAZIKEN BLAZE CHICKEN BLAZIKEN" repeatedly here)

Music / Justin Beiber - Good or Bad?
« on: November 12, 2013, 20:10 »
Justin Beiber - 19 or something, bushy hair and a ton of fans, almost all of which are female. With his huge fan base but also the fact that nearly everyone I know thinks he sounds like a goose being strangled, what's your opinion?

Truthfully, I think he sounds like Jynx using Sing after drinking too much alcohol, but what's your opinion? Good or bad?

TV Series / Battles you'd like to see
« on: November 12, 2013, 17:41 »
In the anime there have been a lot of grudge matches between pokemon. For example, Infernape vs Electivire (which was freaking amazing •-•) or Scraggy vs... Well, anything.  Ash's Scraggy battled anything that moved.

But which 1V1 pokemon grudge matches would YOU like to see? Here are some of my suggestions...

Charizard VS Delphox (The old versus the new)
Scrafty VS Pangoro (Dark / Fighting battle)
Tauros VS Bouffalant
Muk VS Garbodor
Liepard and Meowstic VS Mightyena and Houndoom (Cats VS Dogs)
Mega Blaziken VS Mega Charizard

Suggest your battle ideas below!

Team Building / Pokemon Showdown Names?
« on: November 09, 2013, 16:21 »
If any of you use Pokemon Showdown, you will know it is an online simulator where you can create your own customised Pokemon team and fight in the usual tiers. If you are registered for this site, you can share your PS name on here and request battles with others in the tier of your choice.

My name on the site is, as you can guess, A Wild Scraggy. I am up for a battle quite regularly, and I usually fight Random Battles, Pokebank OU or OU Monotype.

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