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A few other things emerged strengthening the Hawaii theory in the past few days:

1) Masuda took a picture of himself holding some coffee and wearing a 'Hawaii' t-shirt.

2) A few days ago TPC's official English twitter account posted a picture of a Pikachu plushie on a beach. Someone has quite cleverly identified a well-known Hawaiian island in the background:

The island appears to be Manana or 'Rabbit Island' as it is commonly known.

Games General / Re: Pokemon Sun and Moon - Early Images Emerge
« on: February 28, 2016, 17:13 »
oh not but i don't waaant another map where i have to traverse massive amounts of ocean :(

These are my thoughts too. One thing that would really help surfing on the overworld would be if the camera zoomed out slightly on larger bodies of water. I find the worst part about surfing isn't just the encounter rate, which is kind of annoying but the fact that you rarely know where the hell you're going and you can only see for a radius of about 4 tiles. Maybe my sense of direction is just awful or something but whenever I finish a battle with a swimmer I feel completely turned around and can't remember where I'm going.

This is a really silly thing to be slightly annoyed about but it really irks me that the game is coming out in Winter. I kind of like playing games when they reflect the season IRL, it just adds to the immersion. I would have settled for a Summer 2017 release.

One thing I have noticed with the screenshots is that the buildings all seem to have a focus on light, lots of windows and skylights - so I guess this is where the sun and moon stuff is going to play a role. I wouldn't be surprised actually if they made the sun and the moon huge environmental fixtures and used them as light sources instead of artificial lights in a lot of places. Lots of people who go to Hawaii will tell you how huge the moon looks at night so I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't play off that a lot. Maybe there will be a Sun/Moon mechanic that works on the strength of the sun and the phases of the moon and powers up certain Pokemon depending on the environment.

Games General / Re: Pokemon Sun and Moon - Early Images Emerge
« on: February 27, 2016, 02:46 »
So the popular fan theory at the moment is that Sun/Moon will be set in something based on Hawaii.

I'm just gonna post this image I found on 4chan, it pretty much explains it all faster than I can:

So Hawaii looking likely. Definitely interesting, not sure how I feel about another tropical location after OR/AS but I guess we'll see.

Games General / Re: Pokemon Direct on 26th of February
« on: February 26, 2016, 20:21 »
Hyped isn't the word, I'm so SO ready for all this. I wasn't going to get the virtual console games, but now I think I will.

The concept art looks great, we're definitely in a more tropical region. Whether or not it will make a return we obviously don't know, but the strange souvineer is said to come from a region 'far from the Kalos region'. If Sun and Moon is set in Italy or Spain then this wouldn't make sense - Singapore however, would.

Given that it'll be out this year I guess that means that we won't have to wait very long for the first Pokemon/screenshots to emerge.

Games General / Pokemon Sun and Moon - Early Images Emerge
« on: February 26, 2016, 20:12 »
So the names have been made official, the press release has announced that it'll see a worldwide release in late 2016, it'll mark the start of Gen VII and we know it's going to be for the 3DS. But...while that's interesting, someone has done god's work in taking high-res screencaps of the 'Game Freak developing the new game' montage so we can all discuss it:

Concept art of some vehicles

What we can only assume is a new Pokemon centre

Concept art of some kind of water-pokemon themed building

Concept art on the pinboard, looks to be the interior of some sort of building

More overworld

New Pokemon being rendered. Looks like a bird of some kind. Some people are guessing it's a woodpecker.

The new logos in Japanese. Both these and the Korean ones seem to focus on the diamonds above the text..

Games General / Re: Pokemon Direct on 26th of February
« on: February 25, 2016, 16:48 »
I'll be at work, but I'm actually going to the toilet with my iPad at 2:58 and I'm not coming out until I've seen the whole thing. Much whooping and cheering will be heard.

I'll be in Tokyo in 2 weeks time, it's unlikely but I really hope there's some sort of promotional merch coming out. I'm going into the Mega Pokemon Centre with a budget of literally thousands of pounds, which is both terrifying and amazing. The gods of capitalism better be on my side.

Games General / Re: Pokemon Direct on 26th of February
« on: February 25, 2016, 14:58 »
OH MY GOD they sound awesome...If these are real and not a purposely-created red herring names to throw us off. I like the fact that they're going with more natural names this time and I REALLY hope they use this to expand on a theory I've had literally for over 10 years now. I'm literally FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. I want to buy both of these.

I really hope the direct isn't just 4 minutes and 30 seconds of history build-up and then just the name. PLEASE GIVE US SOME FOOTAGE OR SOMETHING.

Music / Re: Which song can you most relate to?
« on: February 04, 2016, 19:38 »
Superheaven - I've Been Bored

Symmetry in everything, but one side is always fake.
Take a look around and say that you can tell me different.

This song is literally everything I've been feeling over the past 4-5 years.

Forum Games / Re: Whaddya Listening To Version 1.3
« on: January 31, 2016, 01:58 »
Swervedriver - Duel

God I love this track so much, I've had it on repeat for months now.

Music / Re: What albums are you looking forward to?
« on: January 17, 2016, 18:15 »
Versailles new album this summer. New Icon of Coil album if it ever happens. I can't really think of anything else I'm particularly excited for that I know is supposed to be coming.

I always found the ones that flipped to kind of be meh after a while. I remember the wedge shape suddenly became really popular when people realized that you couldn't push it easily.

And then they started flipping...and everyone was doing it.

I want to see fire, more fire. Fire drones. Robots that deploy drones that deploy fire. I'm sure this can be made into a reality.

Woo! I can't wait. I'm pretty sure I tell everyone this, but my dad was on one of the older episodes.

"more battles and more science than ever before"

That sounds promising. I wonder if we'll get a drone division.

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: January 12, 2016, 22:32 »
I understood what Kerou was saying and didn't read into it as a 'You can win if you just believe' thing. I don't think anyone (apart from maybe religious nuts) uses the phrase to actually mean fighting against cancerous cells, but rather the fight to regain some semblance of a normal, functional life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

It's like when something terrible happens in your life and you eventually have to say "Oh well, onwards and upwards". Not because there's any indication or belief that things are actually going to get better, but because you need some kind of psychological momentum to get control over whatever it is that has brought you down in the first place or else you'll stagnate and spiral downwards further.

Random Randomness / Re: The dragon problem
« on: January 11, 2016, 19:39 »
I dunno about taking the wee wee but it's certainly starting to drag on

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