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TV and Movies / Re: Doctor Who
« on: June 09, 2007, 18:09 »
The girl in the fireplace was fantastic, I loved Renne's (sp?)'s character. I can't compare between script writer's, as I haven't really been paying attention to that, I just judge some episodes as fantastic, whereas others "could have been better."

Bastiodon eat Elekid flying close alongside Kelsey Eldridge.


TV and Movies / Re: Doctor Who
« on: June 08, 2007, 10:52 »
Dalek Sec was just weak in the first part of that two part special, but I found myself noting how well it was pulled off in the second part. Now he's one of the coolest daleks.

I like how the Doctor has become much darker; his punishments for the Family of Blood were And I thought that they really did well in the second part of that one.

Also, where was the "fire and ice and rage," monologue used first? I can't remember, but I wondered if it was when Rose ate absorbed the Time Vortex, but can't damn remember...

Regardless, I was really worried that the kid, Timothy (woo, my name) was going to be the "other Timelord" that the face of Boe mentioned. I was getting pretty nervous, though I wonder who the other one is...?

And I look forward to Jack's return. It also sets up the best Torchwood Season Two, because they'll be going on various adventures looking for the Doctor, and he will technically be the enemy (seeing as they "kidnapped" their leader.)

It's all cool. Doctor Who is just...brilliant.

Fake Whatever / Re: Create Imaginative Fake Cheats!
« on: May 29, 2007, 23:02 »
How to evolve Slowpoke:

Get a team of Slowpoke, and make sure the lead one is holding a Water Stone. Find a body of water, and use the Super Rod. Nothing should come up. THen use the Good Rod. Again, nothing should appear. Lastly, use the Old Rod; expect the same result. Now, at the top of your Key Items list, it will show you "Slowpoke Tail." Use this, and you will cast Slowpoke's tail into the water. You will begin a wild battle. THe Pokemon will be a wild Shellder. Make your Slowpoke use Sweet Scent, and this will entice the Shellder to use Bite. At this, defeat the Pokemon, and it will show you a split screen of the two evolviing, before merging, showing you Slowbro.

There is currently a rumour that Slowpoke evolves by level. Don't listen to it. If needs be, go and hide under the truck near the SS Anne, and ask Mew for help. I'm sure it'll oblige. ;)

Character Guides / Alex Camber
« on: May 25, 2007, 20:33 »
Character name

Alex Camber

Age and Gender

21, Female


Alex is fair skinned, with blonde spiky hair. She often wears t-shirts, but has been known to occasionally wear something a little more formal. She is most often seen wearing three quarter length trousers, and sometimes shorts, but rarely anything else. To see her in a dress or skirt would be a moment to be cherished, for an encounter as rare as this should not be so readily discarded. Alex prefers loud colours such as yellow and pink, and detests black. She is often seen with a neck scarf tied around her neck, and rarely wears jewelerry. 

Picture: Yeah right, I'm not THAT good. <_<


Alex is outgoing and bubbly, but not in the ridiculous way which would cause others to tire of her. She has a wicked sense of humour that can occasionally cause her to look cold, but she would rarely offend anyone intentionally, unless she decided that they deserved it.

She has a sentimental side that she is comfortable revealing, but only with close friends. Others describe her as defensive, but she believes she is just stubborn when it comes to things she cares about.


Alex was the daughter of a couple who were in their late forties by the time they had their first child, and after her Mother died of an unknown illness, her Father died of a broken heart. This was when she was just seventeen, and rather than spend her time in the misery and memory-seeped city of Snowpoint, she left to travel with her companion, Zeke, a comparitively arrogant Pikachu.

What happened while she travelled the regions is largely unknown, but it is thought that events took place there that now drive her towards home; Snowpoint City.

Friends and enemies


Nickname: Zeke

Attacks: Thunder, Grass Knot, Volt Tackle, Agility, Discharge.

The house 'pet,' Zeke was more like Alex's little brother. Overconfident in its skills, Zeke is arrogant, both on the battlefield and off, and always assumes the role of the aggressor. It is quite provocative, but remains Alex's favourite Pokemon.

Nickname: Zephyr

Attacks: Wing Attack, Tackle, Peck, Quick Attack

Quite undertrained, as Alex usually uses Zeke in battle, Zephyr is quite a weak Pokemon. When it does get the chance to battle, it uses its speed to get the upperhand, but doesn't often hit hard enough to score the KO.

Nickname: Meteos

Attacks: Sunny Dan, Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Ice Beam

Meteos is more often used as a suppor Pokemon during battles, setting up weather effects for Zeke to utilise, either allowing Thunder to gain more accuracy, or for the sun to blind the opponent, granting the inexperienced Zephyr a chance to attack.

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