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People of the united PKMN.NET

We have, after many deliberations, decided to relaunch a feature that has been part of the site for some time, but had been removed with v9's release. It is back now, new and slightly better.

There's a large help thing included with the feature. You can suggest your own images, and vote the captions of others.

But really, instead of talking about it, just go there now!

Caption Contest!

Oh, and we've heard that rule 20 left a mark there. I haven't found it yet, but if you spot it, let us know. It might make sense in a few weeks.

Fish yay, I love this thing!

Sappy, stop making false clues!  :P


Ahh, thank you guys. I love this feature...

*goes to try it out

I'll try this out, too!

looks fun. :3


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