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Updates / Re: PKMN.NET Official Meet 2015
« on: May 11, 2015, 19:13 »
Guttingly, I actually have to work that day now :( though I am at the Science Museum, so if you guys are in Hyde Park I could potentially venture over on my lunch break for a little bit, and if anyone's sticking around in the early evening I can catch up with you then!

Games General / Re: Nationals announced!
« on: February 07, 2015, 11:18 »
Thanks for the support, guys! I'm very nervous but very excited.

I wish I could, but it's in another country, I don't have that kind of money, and i'm 14.

Yeah, sure. Because an almost 18-year old in america that only has X can afford that kind of thing. XP

The states have tournaments, too! (I'm assuming you're American) February Regionals are happening in Virginia, California, Oregon, Missouri and Florida, and there will be more in Spring. Your Nationals are in Indiana.

And if you're not from the states, there are loads of other countries with big tournaments. Holland's is happening this weekend!

Although yeah you do need ORAS to play rather than just XY ^^;
(also that's Ms Important Judge Figure Lady to you)

Woaaah, nice one on being the head judge. What sort of criteria are you given to judge on? I thought it was pretty much just down to winning battles.

Thankfully the VG is in this golden position where the game itself decides most of the important things for us, but we still have to handle any misconduct, cheating, rudeness.. we also perform hack checks as and when they're needed. It's certainly not as judging-heavy as the TCG, so we also kinda act as stewards for the event.

Games General / Nationals announced!
« on: February 02, 2015, 16:03 »
Pokémon trainers! It's that time of year =D

Video game and TCG Nationals for the UK have been finalised. The dates are Sat 30th - Sun 31st May, and it's at Event City in Manchester. It's also looking to be bigger than ever, given that last year we had almost a thousand video game players alone!

I'm also super excited to be the Head Judge for the VG this year ^_^ and it'd be wonderful to see as many of you there as possible!

Even if you've never attended an event before, I totally recommend that you come along - it's a fun day out, even if you're just taking part for the fun of it! All you need is a 3DS, a copy of ORAS and your team of six fighters.

Is anyone thinking of coming? =]

Aw man, I literally just tuned in when the video was off and people were saying goodbye in chat - goddamnit! Next week, for sure =P

Shout-outs to the lv99 Scatterbug I received once; that's dedication to trolling. The shiny lv100 male Snorunt was a hoot, too.

Other honourable mentions go to GROUDON? the Kakuna, Brad Pitt the Larvitar and Sorry the Bunnelby. I felt really bad for Sorry so I'm training him up for my Pickup team ^^

I've gotten a lot of cool stuff, like weird egg moves and RNG'd legendaries from last gen and stuff, but possibly the coolest was a lv 5, well-bred, Hidden Power Fire, EV'd Smoochum.. someone out there plays Little Cup <3

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Re: Kalos: Beautifully Empty
« on: September 21, 2014, 13:24 »
You know, I hadn't even realised this until you spelled it out like this, but you're totally right. Geosenge was a personal gripe of mine for this.. it could have been such a beautiful, fleshed-out town, and it certainly has an implied history as the site where the old battle happened, but it's really just.. empty. For somewhere with such an important history, you never really get a feel for that. It's quite pretty in a peaceful way, but it's unnecessarily fiddly to navigate and the sparse few people there say almost nothing of note. You just get there, find your path is blocked, talk to an number of arbitrary people before finding the trigger to unblock the path, and then leave.

It is cool that they left the giant hole and knocked-over houses there postgame, from a location perspective, but as a full setting it feels lacking because nobody really reacts to it and there's no real gravitas to the situation.. people just leave it. You never have any reason to go back and, if you do, nobody seems that bothered about what happened. I really wish they'd done some sort of development with it as time progressed postgame, whether that was you being able to join in a rebuilding effort, or builders slowly appearing and progress being made over time, or even something like a bi-annual memorial event that took place at Geosenge. That would've made it a lot more poignant.

Totally agreeing on the restriction on Surfing as well, and all the wasted pretty graphics. I had been trying to pin down why I didn't like Kalos as much as I wanted to, and why it felt so small - I think you may have hit on that. Kalos is one of those regions that, when imagining it as a region itself outside of the context of the game I absolutely love; I just don't feel you get to experience it properly.

Random Randomness / Re: Baking!
« on: September 14, 2014, 16:44 »
My buttercream recipe is literally soften butter slightly and add icing sugar until it tastes right, sometimes with a splash of flavouring or evaporated milk to make it less fluffy and more creamy - I think technically you're meant to use special things, but butter + icing sugar has always served me well!

Random Randomness / Re: Baking!
« on: September 14, 2014, 13:52 »
^ Baileys in buttercream is amazing, I made far too much of it once and put a tupperware tub of it in our flat fridge - everyone kept going and eating little spoonfuls of it when they were in the kitchen, it was the most unhealthy and tasty few days until it ran out!

Reveal video

So, Primal Kyogre and Groudon's abilities have been revealed: they cause extreme rain and sunlight. These cause other weather-inducing moves, such as Hail, to fail, and also Fire and Water moves respectively are nullified. You cannot use Water moves against Primal Groudon when its ability is in effect. Suddenly might we see a shift in the balance of power between these two?

Also contains game footage of the new Megas (Camerupt, Sharpedo and Gallade) and, er, Rayquaza sitting around doing totally normal things. Might we see Primal Rayquaza, or at least a boost in power to Air Lock?

Edit: Forgot Primordial Sea's English name, thanks~

Trades / Re: I want foreign dex entries!
« on: September 10, 2014, 15:20 »
^ there are two tabs to the spreadsheet, you can switch between them at the bottom. We care most about the Kalos dex but we're after everything~

Thanks guys! Robin, I'll look through your list in a tick ^_^ As for you guys with actual whole games in other languages, idk it feels a bit cheap just asking you for everything XD I guess instead, would you guys be up for touch-trading us your foreign legendaries, please? And maybe if we get stuck on one or two from your language we'll ask you? Just don't want it to be too easy! ^^;

Trades / I want foreign dex entries!
« on: September 08, 2014, 12:29 »
Hey guys!

So, my boyfriend and I are doing a slightly crazy project - completing the Pokédex in every language. It's an ongoing, fun little thing and, while we could just play through the games seven times, we wanted to make a bit of a trading adventure out of it. Most of our progress has been made through Wonder Trading.

You can see our current progress in this spreadsheet; the white boxes are the things we need (so, for example, at the time of writing the whole Zigzagoon row is light blue except for the KOR column - that means Korean is the only language we're missing for Zigzagoon). Rainbow rows are ones for which we have AAAALL the languages. The purple and dark blue boxes are just for our own reference for which ones we need to trade to each other.

So if you have any spare foreign mons lying around that you wouldn't mind parting with, I'd love to trade with you for them! A few notes:

- There's kinda no point trading us stuff that is already evolved, since we'll need to get the Basic level anyway. The exceptions to this are stuff like Vespiquen, Shedinja and things with split evo lines like Poliwhirl and Eevee, which are still helpful to us.

- I'm happy to do touch-trades for Legendaries! You can trust me, many people here can vouch for my unsuspiciousness :3 It would be lovely if you'd be willing to let me trade them to my boyfriend before giving them back, too.

- I can offer lots of bits and bobs in return - in particular, I can trade you pretty much any Vivillon you like, though you may have to wait a little while if it isn't one I have a lot of spares of! I have boxes and boxes of Jungle, Garden and Monsoon, currently, and a handful of some of the others. I'm happy to touch-trade you absolutely any of them if the dex data is all you care about.

- Otherwise, I have loads of random breeding stuff lying around, plus fully-evolved foreign stuff I'm happy to part with and various other things for the dex etc.. basically just let me know what you want for your stuff and we can negotiate~

Please let me know if you can help us out! ^_^ Especially if you have Korean things - they are the tastiest <3

Definitely gonna try to tune into this next week! (Also, moved you over to the right board~)

Glad I saw this, just went to grab mine! I don't know if the distribution ends tonight or tomorrow night but don't forget to grab yours if you haven't already, guys!

rewriting this due to a hideous ctrl+v instead of ctrl+c just as I clicked "Preview".. tables will be flipped promptly.

This is a really cool idea for a topic! Hahaha I've heard the first few bars of Nimbasa's theme, isolated from the rest, so many times due to flying there to consult the IV Judge - I'd forgotten how the rest even sounded!

A favourite of mine from the BW soundtrack is the Abyssal Ruins theme. It's really atmospheric, it somehow manages to be slightly creepy, magical, otherworldly and watery / bubbly all at the same time. Perfect for exploring ancient underwater ruins to.

Also worthy of mention, and I'm not sure if this really counts since it's a remix but it was included on the OST, is LAST BATTLE - N^n Remix. It's an official remix that Masuda put far too much thought into.

Black and White's soundtrack really shone with its little changes based on season, version and the odd extra little musicians you could find scattered around to add to the music. The most notable example of the latter is almost certainly the wonderfully quaint and quirky Village Bridge theme. The bizarre little warbling guy never failed to amuse me. The video is a buildup, adding a new instrument with every iteration of the song and providing a screenshot of the musician; the full version starts around 1:28.

It's weird because the modern Pokémon music tends not to stand out to me as much as the retro stuff, probably because 8-bit stuff has an inherent catchiness to it, but there really are some gems in it and honestly most of the music fits the scenario even if the tracks themselves don't especially stand out.

Random Randomness / Re: The puk Awards 2k14
« on: September 07, 2014, 19:59 »
*curls up teeny tiny*

you guys are the sweetest <3 now be good friends and give me all your lunch money, pretty please with a cherry on top~ ^_^

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