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Sun and Moon / Re: Your Sun/Moon Team
« on: December 21, 2017, 14:21 »
This is my current Ultra Moon team as follows (with nicknames):

Gardevoir (Nova)
Gallade (Marth)
Primarina (Toriel)
Eevee (Echo)
Tapu Lele (Miyu)
Togekiss (Icarus)

What do you guys think? Pretty fun team, actually.

Say Hello! / Hello!
« on: December 20, 2017, 02:40 »
Hi! I'm Matt, and my partner through every Pokemon game series (including the new Ultra Moon) is my beloved Gardevoir named Nova. Found this site while looking up possible name ideas for a Togepi... because it is a egg... what more is there to say? :/

Not sure if relevant but my nickname originally came from a nickname a friend called me due to being pretty skilled in Metroid games, thus the name Matt "Aran"....... and no we are not related in any form (I get that a lot for some odd reason, she is a FICTIONAL character!). >_>

As for Nova, we met when Pokemon Ruby first came out. She was pretty OP when I first found her, and since then we stuck together in every game possible, no team was complete without her and her unique abilities, especially her Mega Form. Hell, we practically do extremely well in Pokken Tournament! First and only fighter I ever used, and nothing, not even the rarest of the rares of Pokemon can change that! :)

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