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I want to make a new Pokemon TCG catalog - ideas?

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Hi all,

A few friends that collect Pokemon TCG (and some other TCG) want to make a catalog of ALL CARDS that will have all the details but will also let you mark what you have and what you want so you can trade and see who has what. What do you think?  ;D

It'll be like a wiki, we're working on it and already have more than 8,000 Pokemon cards on it.

A wiki?

I'm pretty sure on a wiki, anyone can edit it.

Well, no - in our catalog only editors are allowed, but everyone can send information. I'll show you what I mean, take a look at what we've done so far, and let me know what you think - http://pkmn.net/forums/index.php?topic=105247.0

Isn't there a category that this should be moved to, like TCG?

Edit: That link led me back here. :dry:

Whoops  :ohmy:
Sorry with the link, it's http://colnect.com/en/trading_card_games

And yep, it should be in the TCG....


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