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PKMN.NET / I have never had one trading card.
« on: December 23, 2011, 22:55 »
It's a Summer day, and the matutinal sun not only illuminates my humble veranda, but allows me the contemplative refuge of a nearby bower. Submitting willingly to a seasonal ecstacy, I fulfill my unchanged, monotonous routine in an excited way, the perfunctory pamperings of previous seasons seeming an altogether new, vivid experience.

I am not one to take pleasure in college, but gadded gleefully on the tiresome road to the wretched institution I am mandated to attend. Suddenly, Catullus' poetry has whole new meanings, his forlorn love and anachronistically unpoetic structure thrilling to my literary instincts and pleasing to my soul. Byron's, '"I would I were a careless child / Still dwelling in my highland cave" replicate the liberty and positive emotion associated with a period mainly constituting gloom.

The day ending as it began, unpredictable and vivacious, I return to the seraglio of secrets and surprises that is my abode. In possession of a personal computing device, I log on to my favourite Poker websites, finding a new predilection in the world of strategy. I check Wikisource to pay further testament to my literary heroes, something I would never do, not on any regular day. I empathise with Victor Hugo's soul-crushing loss more than ever. 

As an exceptional chain of events has been put into gear, the upmost volubility of my mood having been perceived in the commonly shattering milieu I inhabit, I check a lost sister, a former love interest I jilted but hoped to one day return to. Her plosive prenom was the fair PKMN.NET. Her and I would hold hands in conquered woods; she and I would sit for hours in soft, soothing discussion of the transatlantic distance we had travelled towards the mind and spirit of each other, and how we would only regretfully go back.

I remembered, however, I had not been bequeathed one trading card. I had spent hours in tactile correspondence with this fair maiden: I had visited her vast sea of resources. I had acquainted myself with her most precious jewels and shown her that I was ready to take her into my arms once and for all.

The day was ruined. I went home, shattered, my ululations being mistaken for the profound, cryptic murmurings of a widow.

Forum Games / Flirt with the person above
« on: April 10, 2010, 20:23 »
Yep, you heard me. I know you guys don't wanna flirt with me... so feel free to post like saying 'NO I AIN'T FLIRTING WITH THAT GUY' if you just don't wanna. This topic will give you the initial stages of flirting - where it continues via PM, none shall know...

Should be relatively self-explanatory.

(Perhaps this would be more fun if the poster after would confirm or deny the rumour? Obviously not a requirement.. it would be COOL if Daphne was the star of Frasier and if C++ was easier to use but I guess those things will never happen.)

Forum Games / Make a Wish. Have it horribly corrupted.
« on: May 31, 2009, 17:42 »
I don't think this forum game has ever been made. To check if it had been, I spent at least ten minutes searching. I never found it. Ten minutes was enough of my life to spend looking for it, but if it has been made, obviously lock it, but just take note I did search and stuff.

Someone makes a wish, then the next person ruin the wish. So basically Fairly Odd Parents, Be Careful What You Wish For, that kind of thing. Examples:

I wish for more bread
Granted, but the bread is poisoned and you turn into a frog.

I wish it was the year 1600.
Granted, but you're on board the San Diego, and you die.

I wish for a bigger nose

Etc. Once again a shameless rip off of a game on another forum, but the more pointless ways to waste time, the better.

I wish for an afro.

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