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What is under Cubone's/Marowak's skull?

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The name master:
Time to get out your art stuff... And some imagination, too!

No one has ever seen Cubone's real face (I assume this is the same for Marowak) What do you think is under the skull? Can you draw it?

I'm sure I'm the only one who believes the whole "Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan" thing!

not chloe:
It’s Hollywood superstar Shia LeBeouf

The name master:

--- Quote from: not chloe on October 16, 2017, 19:47 ---It’s Hollywood superstar Shia LeBeouf

--- End quote ---
You made me think of Cubone taking it's skull off, with his face underneath yelling "JUST DO IT!!!"

It's big brother. And he's always watching.

The Hooded Trainer:
Its facial acne, hes a bit insecure about it so dont make fun of him.


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