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Team Building / my black two team
« on: April 13, 2013, 21:05 »
This is my team. Im not thinking of changing it just wanted to see how other people see it. but feel free to leave suggestions, such as moves.  ;D

Samurott lvl 60 moves: Aqua tail, razor, shell, waterfall, surf
Azumarill lvl 63 moves: surf, hydro pump, bounce, superpower
Galvantula lvl 61 moves: signal beam, discharge, bug buzz, cut
Lucario lvl 63 moves: close combat, streangth, heal pulse, aura sphere
Crobat lvl 63 moves: wing attack, poison fang, fly, air slash
Genesect lvl 62 moves: techno blast, bug buzz, simple beam, tri attack

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