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I have a few ideas that I think would be interesting to see in the next Smash game. For the rumored fighters that are said to be in the Switch version I was thinking that Ice Climbers and the Inklings are givens plus Wolf. Ones that I'd love to see are a Alolan Meowth, Alolan Raichu who could use its Z Move as the Final Smash and zoom around the stage while gliding, Shantae since she got her start with Nintendo, Decidueye, Soda Poppinski, Tails, Paper Mario with his own unique move set, Hyrulean Warriors Impa, Terra who has pirate based attacks, Dixie Kong, and Twin Rova. New features that I'd love to see is a Rivalry feature where each fighter has at least one main rival and a few minor ones and when they face off in a battle both fighters get a damage output increase to each other but not to non rivals but at the same time it is harder to KO each other. Examples include classic rivalries such as Mario and Sonic, Mario and Bowser, and Zelda and Ganondorf but also unlikely rivalries such as Twin Rova and Ice Climbers or Terra and Shantae. The unlikely rivalries have small details that make the fighters rivals and they make sense once you see what they are. Shantae and Terra would be rivals because Shantae's main antagonist is a pirate which is what Terra is and Twin Rova and Ice Climbers are rivals because they are both duos.

Trades / Two Gamestop Darkrai codes giveaway!
« on: June 05, 2016, 00:39 »
I have two Darkrai serial codes that are unused and I don't have anyone irl to give them to so I am letting two lucky people have them. All I want for these two are a Shiny Jigglypuff of any Nature and gender but with the HA and Perish Song. Level doesn't matter. The other is a Shiny Grimer or Muk of any gender or Nature with Shadow Punch, Poison Touch, and with the nickname New Smooze. The nickname is a bit of a joke among us Bronies. I appreciate all help. Thank you!

PKMN.NET / What happened to the Caption Contest?
« on: March 17, 2015, 00:16 »
Why are there no pics to caption now? This is the second week it's been like this.

These are just my opinions and suggestions:

Add the following characters- Twin Rova, Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, Yoshi and Baby/Younger Version Character you choose, Machamp, Clefairy, Zoroark, Goku (non-Super Sayian just to keep things fair), Sora, Riku, Cloud, Sephiroth, Onox, Veran, Frog Suit Luigi, Tanooki Suit Mario, Cat Suit Peach, Fierce Deity Link, Majora's Mask, Yuga, Lolo(lo)/Lala(la) [Adventures of Lolo version], Wart (Super Mario Bros 2 antagonist), King Bob-omb, King Boo, Paper Mario, Deoxys, Dixie Kong, Captain Syrup, Riddley, Jill (Drill Dozer), and Shadow the Hedgehog

Stages: Tetris, Pokemon Pinball RS, Mossdeep City Space Center, Hoenn Safari Zone, Lolo(lo)'s Castle Maze, Mt. Moon, Meteor Falls, Onox's Castle, Veran's Tower, Casino Nights, Clock Town, the Mountain where the Wind Fish Egg is located, Woods of Mystery, Donut Plains, Castle Oblivion

What would you like to see?

Gaming / Minecraft for the PS3 question
« on: February 08, 2015, 10:49 »
I just bought Minecraft for the PS3 and I started to kill a pig when the game suddenly kept making my arm attack and destroy stuff constantly without my hand touching the trigger button. I think this is a glitch. I don't know as this was my very first time playing the game. My question is this: Is the game always this glitchy and is what happened to me common? I had to stop my game because I couldn't do very much with my auto destroy issue.

As with all the remakes, not all of the TM list have the same TM gift given to you after you win. Two Gym Leaders are missing their original TMs: Wallace/Juan and Wattson. What do you think they will be given this time around? I personally think Wattson will get either Charge Beam or Volt Switch to boost Manectric's Sp. Attack or make sure it last longer than the original RSE games did. Wallace/Juan will definitely get Scald as it is currently one of TWO Water TMs in this Gen. Rain Dance is possible but you have to admit that Scald seems to fit the scheme better as it is a Water type attack that inflicts a Status problem much like Water Pulse did only Scald's doesn't wear off. ORAS are also the first remakes to have most of the Gym Leaders TMs intact although what they give may change. I can see Roxanne giving out Smack Down instead of ROck Tomb mainly because it isn't an overly powerful Rock type attack and most of the early damage dealing Gym TMs are weaker in base power than later ones. Look at Infestation and Struggle Bug for instance. Of course I could be wrong. What do you think? Does my speculation make sense?

I was looking at a website for a toy museum in NY called The Strong®. I noticed that there was a poll for this year's nominations to the National Toy Hall of Fame. Past inductees include the Nintendo Gameboy, Barbie, and LEGOs. I noticed at the bottom of the page a link that was labelled Nomintate. So I clicked on it and saw that I could nominate a toy for 2015's induction. I immediately chose Pokemon and explained how the series has become a huge phenomenon and that several games in the series have broken world records and millions of players are still playing the games after nearly 20 years. I also explained how many of us who started playing the games with the original Gameboy titles have such fond memories. I hope that it is enough for the game series to be nominated! Do you agree with my nomination?

I think that there should be a sequel and it would look cool to have the top screen display the playing table while the touch screens allows you to shuffle your deck, draw cards, pick and look at different cards, flip a coin by flicking the stylus upwards, and act as the Bench. The game should also have all the cards released so far in the XY series and all the most popular cards and promos from the past like Bill and the Ivy Pikachu. Anyone else agree?

Gaming / Mortal Kombat X Speculation
« on: June 07, 2014, 02:55 »
NetherRealm Studio and Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon is set to have a big reveal with the tenth MK game and Boon has hinted "2 new fighters" will be in the game. I have some speculations on who these new fighters are. The first three come from the side games MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero and MK: Special Forces and are bosses that have appeared in recent years as non playable (for the most part) characters in past games. The first two are Kia and Jataaka from Mythologies and my reasoning is these two along with Sareena are the assassins of Quan Chi and Sareena was playable in the hard to find GBA MK Tournament Edition and Armegedon where the other two are found in the Konquest mode near the end. Given Shinnok's appearance at the end of MK 2011's story mode, the invasion of Edenia is coming up and it would make sense that this is when Sareena escaped the NetherRealm as hinted by the first storyline. Sareena was to be in MK4 but was cut and again cut in MK: DA. She had a 3D model and the programmers added her to the MK Tournament Edition because of this. Tremor from Special Forces is the third possibility because even though the game was said to be horrible, Tremor has a huge fan base and people have been wanting the former Lin Kuai Black Dragon to be in a game as a playable character. Another possibility is the unfinished fighter Belokk who was supposed to be in MK Gold but was cut due to not enough time to finish his character. Pre-release photos show he had  detailed characteristics so it wouldn't be hard for the programmers to add him. Or the new fighters are guest characters or never seen before characters.

My theory about the plot is Quan Chi and Shinnok and the rest of the NetherRealm inhabitants invade Edenia just like like MK4 and Havik keeps spreading chaos. Asharah finds the Kriss she had in MK:D and MK:A and escapes as well.

So what do you guys think?

I have some theories as to what to expect for the third version (or versions should Game Freak go that route again) and who will most likely appear and why.

1.) Fantina makes some sort of appearance. The reasoning is quite simple. Fantina is implied to have come from France based on the way she talks and uses French words in both the games and anime. I was surprised she didn't make an appearance in XY because Kalos is based off of France. I would expect her to be found in Luminose City, perhaps in the Richesme Hotel or even the Art Museum for a battle or trade. And I think she'd have a connection with Drasna for some odd reason and even Diantha.

2. Drasna has a huge part in revealing the legend of Zyngarde. This is almost a given as Drasna seems to know a lot about the Legendary dragons based on her Elite Four pre-match comments. She'd probably know all about the Unova dragon trio, Rayquaza, and even the Latis being an expert on Dragon Pokemon. So she must know something about Zyngarde.

3. Maxie makes an appearance to confront Lynsdale (only if Game Freak makes ONE third version game). I can see Maxie scolding Lynsdale about his vision of creating a perfect world using a Legendary Pokemon as the former had ALSO tried to do the same thing but as seen in Emerald, he realizes that things are getting out of hand and that Archie needed to be stopped. Maxie would mostly team up with you to battle Lynsdale and perhaps one of the Scientists (probably Xerosic since you only do battle with him once). Plus both teams use primarily Fire types so that is another link between the two.

4. Emma is has a more active role and is met pre Hall of Fame. I think Emma would have had more potential in the game if met earlier. The next theory is also tied with Emma.

5. You go into the sewer in Luminose City. A NPC says in Luminose City that Pokemon live in the sewer and I would think Emma would know a secret entrance to get in. You are on a quest to find someone or something and whatever it is your looking for ran into the sewer and you must go in after it. This would be the location of Grimer, Muk, Koffing, Weezing, and maybe even Rattata and Raticate who would be new entries in the Kalos Pokedex.

What do you think? Do my theories seem probable?

TV Series / Anyone else notice how odd this is?
« on: November 28, 2013, 13:21 »
I find it odd that most of Ash's Fire Pokemon were abandoned. Torkoal and Cyndaquil/Quilava are exceptions but even the ones found abandoned were treated harshly at some point by their original trainers and two were cruelly left suffering after being abandoned. Charmander was left out in the middle of a forest during a bad storm and Tepig was found with its mouth tied up (even though the rope binding Tepig's mouth may have gotten that way while it tried to find its trainer.) Chimchar wasn't abandoned as cruelly as Ash saw Paul release it and caught it afterwards. But all three were left behind because they were deemed "weak." Damian and Seamus were selfish and cruel and while Paul seemed that way, he just wanted Chimchar to show its true potential. Paul is also the only original trainer to recognize his abandoned Pokemon's growth in power and trying to strengthen it for awhile where as the other two didn't even try. At least Paul made sure Chimchar was left in a safe place per say in that he didn't leave it out in the rain or tie it up. Any thoughts?

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Eevee question
« on: October 14, 2013, 20:25 »
I've been playing with an Eevee I caught in my X version and am one heart away in Pokemon Amie. My question is at what levels does Eevee learn Fairy type moves? It is currently around lv. 26.

TV and Movies / Total Drama Island: All Stars
« on: August 18, 2013, 18:29 »
I am a fan of the series and the next season is set to be aired next month. The concept is 14 players from the previous seasons battling it out heroes vs. villians. The players are as follows: Cameron, Gwen, Lindsey, Mike, Zoey, Sam, and Sierra as the heroes. Allejandro, Heather, Duncan, Scott, Courtney, Jo, and Lightning are the villians. I think this is an interesting cast and I have the following predictions as to what will happen.

1. Heather and Allejandro's love-hate relationship becomes more violent and one of them gets booted early on because they keep making their team lose due to their fighting.
2. Another love triangle with Duncan, Courtney, and Gwen.
3. Zoey and Mike becoming closer.
4. Zoey gets along well with her team but becomes good friends with Lindsey, Sierra, and Gwen.
5. Duncan greatly distrusts Scott immediately. I think it would make sense as even though both are delinquents and at first you'd THINK they'd form an alliance, Duncan has a sense of honor and has never thrown a challenge on purpose. He despised Allejandro because the former figured out the latter's true motives and he hates Harold for cheating. Duncan clearly would never resort to cheating.
6. Jo and Lightning team up and terrorize the heroes during challenges.
7. Sam and Cameron earn Sierra and Gwen's trust that they protect the two nerds from the villians particularly Jo, Lightning, Heather, and Scott.
8. Courtney's diva attitude gets her booted before the half way point.

What do you guys think will happen?

TV and Movies / Issues I Have with King of the Hill
« on: August 16, 2013, 02:23 »
Don't get me wrong, I'll watch the show and it IS well written plot wise (when it's NOT about football, beer, or Hank's strained relationship with his dad). I just find many things sickening about the show. Hank is a big arrogant self-centered jerk who has an unnatural obsession with propane, football, and beer. He called propane his "mistress" and he was "pimping propane." WHO does that?! He also never gave up the unwinable attempt to be respected by his dad, who is even WORSE, and keeps sucking up to him even when Cotton continues to abuse Hank. Hank also never supports Bobby and he is a hypocrite. The hypocrisy is the WORST thing about Hank Hill. He tells Bobby fat people "do not deserve respect and should be ridiculed" but yet Bill is "fat" and Hank demands Dale respect him. And Hank isn't exactly thin himself either. Hank is constantly talking about his high school football days WHICH happened THIRTY years ago when the show was on and calls breaking his ankle the worst day of his life. Really? The WORST day of your life was BREAKING your ankle? Not almost losing your wide during a skydiving accident?

Cotton is even worse. He abuses everyone except Bobby and his illegitimate son and he constantly demeaned women ALL THE TIME! His eldest avoided it due to him being in Japan. I was actually glad when Cotton was killed off.

And why is everyone so horrible to Bill? It's because of his so called "friends" he mostly wants to kill himself. Bobby and Luanne are about the ONLY people who have ever made Bill feel worthwhile.

And that's my issue with this show. Any thoughts?

TV Series / 6th Gen Anime Predictions
« on: February 21, 2013, 15:11 »
With the next gen coming out in October, it is obvious that a new region will appear. What are your predictions? Mine are that Ash will travel with some older Pokemon left at Oak's as well as using the one's left with Juniper. I think Muk, Heracross, Buizel, Gible, Corphish, Glalie, and Torkoal should be regulars. I'd also say Bulbasaur but knowing how it keeps the peace for the wild water and grass Pokemon, it's not very likely. Also, seeing a pattern as to how Ash always has a region's Grass start, he is definitely going to catch a Chespin. I also think Iris and Cilian will continuetravelling with Ash and maybe Ash'll give Iris his Gible since it wants to get stronger and would seem like a good member of her team. What do you think?

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