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[move name] inferno wave
[type] fire
[power] 200
[acc] 70
[status/special/physical] special
[pp] 5
[description] the user lets out a massive wave of fire that hits all pokemon in battle while fainting the user. also has 20% chance of burning pokemon.

[move name] Shark Rend
[type] Dark
[power] 150
[acc] 70
[status/special/physical] Physical
[pp] 5
[description] The user charges at the foe blindly with an open maw full of teeth. 50% chance of Flinch.

TvS|Tyranitar vs Something:
Name: Sand Twister
Power: 50
Accuracy: 75
PP: 15
The user sends a tornado of sand towards the opponent which lowers the opponents speed and accuracy.


--- Quote from: DragonairSoul on December 03, 2007, 21:46 ---Keh! Keep up the good work! I especially like Exodus's! Goin' out all the way huh?  :yeswink: Nice moves!

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Thanks for the compliment. Your "Diamond Spore" is pretty cool itself.

[Move name] Colony Swarm
[Type] Bug
[Power] 0 Base; each Bug-type in the party raises it by 20, for a maximum of 120.
[Accuracy] 85
[Status/Special/Physical] Special
[PP] 15
[Description] A swarm of bugs bombards the enemy, truly demonstrating "strength in numbers".

[Move name] Roundhouse Kick
[Type] Fighting
[Power] 90
[Accuracy] 95
[Status/Special/Physical] Physical
[PP] 10
[Description] A spinning kick, that hits both friend and foe in double battles.

[Move name] Shadowbox
[Type] Fighting
[Power] ---
[Accuracy] ---
[Status/Special/Physical] Status
[PP] 15
[Description] A rigorous training program that cuts HP, but raises ATK, DEF, and SPD.

Boo! Everyone is having a great time in my own topic, and I only get to read it? Not fair! I'm going to post some things too! I have a right!  ;)

[Move name] Savior's Hand
[Type] Psychic
[Power] 200
[Accuracy*] ---
[Status/Special/Physical] Special
[PP] 1
The user glows a radiant white, then fades away. The foe is stricken the next turn with immense spiritual energy. All Pokemon used in the battle beforehand from both Trainers faint. This move is inescapable.

* How could I have forgotten about that?!?! GWWARHGG!! Well, I'll fix this in my first post.

Oh! And this:

--- Quote from: Exodus: No More Heroes on December 04, 2007, 20:36 ---Your "Diamond Spore" is pretty cool itself.
--- End quote ---

Thanks! I just came up with a random thing!  ;D


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