Author Topic: I never got the Red Scale in HeartGold from the Shiny Gyarados  (Read 4028 times)

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Hi guys.. I started a nuzlocke in Pokemon heartgold and everything has been fine, sort of, until I caught the red gyarados. I know you need the red scale to get the experience share so i caught shiny gyarados and didn't really pay much attention to what was being said after i caught it. I just presumed I had the red scale now and so i went to Mr. Pokemon near Cherrygrove city.

Buuuut apparently I don't have it. I just searched everywhere for it, my key items, the pouch items, I checked to see if Gyarados was holding it, I even went back to the lake of rage to see if it had dropped down around there but i can't find it...anywhere!! lol! it's as if it was deleted or something.

Sooo does anyone know what might have happened? I can post pictures if they're needed :) Thanks!

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It should be within the lake of rage somewhere, according to another site's itemdex. You get it after fighting shiny gyarados. Capture it or defeat it, either way, you will get the item. I'm not sure where it's supposed to show up - main inventory/items, maybe?

Have you tried pressing A on the spot where gyarados was?

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You get the Red Scale automatically, when the red Gyarados is caught or defeated. So it's quite a mystery how it can vanish :(

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The only way I see this would happen is if your bag was full. that would only happen if you had 999x every item in the bag. Unless you are an extreme collector, then you mightve used an AR code that filled the bag up with different items.

Thats a suggestion from my end. It didn't get obtained because of the message "Too bad! Your bag is full!"