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Hey guys! I found this cool game while surfing. Check it out!


This game is ABSOLUTELY amazing, I've been playing it for a couple of months now, I love it! Currently stuck on the Vermilion Gym though...

Do not get me started on that game I am so annoyed at Sam the creator at the moment, first I lose the legendary dogs contest by about 5 minutes, and then he decides to take away everyones mews, of which I had collected roughly 40 of through trades, so now I'm down to 0 of them, and it's just like ARGH >:@

Ah that sucks :/
I lost my Mew too, everyone did. Mew was one of my most powerful members (although not a part of my official team)

Mhmmm, atleast he says he might release the dogs as rarer than shinys but auto capture so that will make up for it, but those mews were great when it came to harder levels.


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