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 Has anyone even played these games?! Besides me of course... :'(

the bread dragon:
Kekeke! kek!

seeing this thread exist brings me back C': i love these games, mystery dungeon is the best

Ah, man, I was just talking with my friends about this game. I love almost all pokemon spinoff games, but the mystery dungeon series will always be my favorite pokemon game, period. I actually started a new red file a little while ago, and I made a few little comics based on my file (Charizard warning you about Zapdos' lightning attacks it actually pretty amusing when you're playing as a Cubone, who is immune to electric attacks and has lightning rod).

Silverwing Bloodsplash:
Hey. At least you could beat 'em up at the end of Sinister Woods. Team Skull, however... Ugghhhh... All I wanna do is punch their faces in!

What Team Meanies you mean the team with Gangar as the leader and after you beat them they just vanish


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