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So for some reason I was thinking about status effects and stuff, when I realised... Steel can't be poisoned, Fire can't be burned... Why not take full advantage of this with a defensive Pokemon? Input is more than welcome, since this is all I've figured so far:

HP: 80
Attack: 60
Defense: 150
Sp. ATK: 70
Sp. DEF: 150
Speed: 70
BST 580

Abilities I was thinking of are Limber, Insomnia, and Magic Bounce. Moves I was thinking of include Recover, Rapid Spin, uh.. Will-o-Wisp, I guess? Basically I'm trying to think of something that's difficult to bog down with status while being formidable defensively. But then... all this said and done, I can't even picture what this Pokemon would look like. Can anyone think of a design or concept that'd make sense for it? Again, any input is welcome, and thank you for your time.

Good stats, but Toxic instead of WoW and the ability should be magic bounce.

Although Toxic does more damage, WoW does have a very nice side effect of halving their attack, and considering a 4x weakness to EQ, halving their attack is very useful.

Well, it shouldn't be taking ground type attacks period. However, to troll, its ability should be levitate.

If it can't take an Earthquake or Closexombat, it ain't going to wall much


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