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New Types for PKMN


There should be new types in generation 8.


Type: Crimson

Weaknesses: Water, Psychic, Steel, Ghost

Resistances: Poison

Immunities: Dark, Fairy

Super Effective to: Dark, Fairy, Sweet (Made Up)

Not Very Effective to: Water, Fire, Grass, Poison, Steel

No Effect to: Normal

Pokemon Examples:

Darkrai (Dark/Crimson)

Spinda (Crimson)

Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle (Crimson/Psychic)

Lycanroc Midnight Form: (Rock/Crimson)


Evil Eye

Power: - [30 x (6 - PP)]

Category: Special/One Target

PP: 5

Accuracy: - (Never Miss)

Description: This attack deals damage depending on how much PP the pokemon has. The less PP, the more damage.


Power: 90

Category: Physical/One Target

PP: 10

Accuracy: 90%

Description: This attack deals cold-blooded damage to the defending pokemon. It also has a 10% chance of lowering the target's attack by 1.


Power: - (None)

Category: Status/Nearby Foes

PP: 5

Accuracy: 80%

The user threatens the targets and creates a scary face, which lowers their Defense and Sp. Def by 2. The user loses 50% of their max health. Priority: +1


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