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my luck with nuzlockes


so i've been playing pokemon insurgence all day and well...
i tried doing an egglocke and failed miserably.

my first pokemon was a delta torchic but she died to poison before i even got another pokemon.

i tried it again and my first pokemon was a delta karrablast. however... she only knew tackle, play nice, and baby doll eyes... so once she encountered a geodude in a trainer battle i couldn't run from she was toast.
i did have another pokemon (a magnemite named bzzzt) but it was like level 4 and only knew tackle so i was reluctant to send him out.
the geodude kept using rock polish and defense curl, so... bzzzt actually managed to beat the thing.
i don't even know what happened but... i'm thinking of making a new religion out of bzzzt the magnemite.

have you guys had any horror stories or amazing luck in a nuzlocke before?

(by the way i put this in here because the game i was talking about was a fangame and it's not exactly official... if i need to delete this or put it somewhere else somehow please let me know)


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