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The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
I'm a sentimental fool for the original series and this was easily one of the best episodes for me.

Edit: also the episode where they find that ghost ninetales and it makes lots of illusions.

I have two though, my first favorite is The Tower of Terror, mainly since it saved me from weeks of nightmares since I saw the show first before entering Lavender Town in Red...
The second favorite is Riddle Me This, since Blaine was my favorite gym leader, his riddles gave me decent chuckles, and I finally understood why in Pokemon Puzzle league why he has a Magmar and two character portraits (I have both on VHS, and I played Pokemon Puzzle before I saw the episode)

Electric Soldier Porygon is actually an awesome episode even ignoring all the seizure drama. It's a shame it never got dubbed and an even bigger shame that we never saw Porygon again. I personally have a gut feeling that there were some big plans for Porygon in the whole lore of Pokemon both game and anime but ever since Electric Soldier aired and caused all the trouble it was just too controversial to really bring up again.

I've always liked Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden and Sparks Fly for Magnemite, that's all I can think of right now. There are too many from Johto to mention, pretty much all of the original series before Advanced Generation was good, everything had a really nice natural vibe to it.

1) Battle of the Badge
2) The tower of Terror
I liked Battle of the Badge since it showed Gary's most famous moments from the whole Ten Badges thing, to Gary's first loss xD

And I liked the Tower of Terror, since it relieved me from weeks of nightmare fuel from Lavender Town and the Suicide thing :3..Oh and it had my faveorite Ghost-Type Haunter :DD

Pretty much all seson 1 episodes but here are the one's I loove:
Pokémon, I choose you! - Pikachu does so much funny stuff
Pikachu's Goodbye - It even made me cry
Island of the Giant Pokémon - It had Pokémon speech translation and made Bulbasaur even cooler
Bye Bye Butterfree - Made me cry too
Electric Solier Porygon - I know why it's banned but it was really an  awesome episode and had Porygon in it
Friends to the end - It was just a good episode

There are a lot of others too


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