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Random Randomness / Key not working on keyboard?
« on: October 22, 2017, 17:03 »
Okay, so I'm going to start by saying the key between o and [ doesn't work on my keyboard on my laptop (only managed there through autocorrect lmao) but it's also not working on the USB keyboard I've connected so it looks like the laptop actually can't register that key for some reason? Any ideas what could be causing that issue, because atm I'm having to rely on autocorrect to notice the word or find synonyms.

Your Sprite Art / Miltank Mix Re-type thing
« on: August 04, 2017, 19:42 »
Made a Ghost type Miltank as a delta species for a gym leader, haven't sprited in a while so didn't scratch anything just used Gastly's gas, removed her ears and tail and then made it more Ghost looking w/ purple body and red eyes,
 sprite forum seemed a bit dead so figured I'd try put something here.

Edit: Whoops tried to remove the rapidash from the title as I put it in my profile but forgot it didn't change it on the main page oh well it's to the left lmao

PKMN.NET / Random .mid Files?
« on: May 17, 2017, 16:50 »
I thought I posted this a while ago but must've typed it and forgotten to post, but whenever I go on a non-Forum page of this site I get a random .mid file downloaded to my computer. The last three I got from visiting Content, then the home page, then Content again to get examples were "133.mid", "101.mid" & "28.mid" if that means anything to admins? I'm using chrome w/ the only extensions being Adblock (disabled for this domain tho), Bing2Google (for Cortana, so doubt this does anything) and Grammarly, so if there's a known bug w/ those I can fix that, just curious as to what's causing it tbh, and I hate that I have to delete a bunch of files whenever I visit the site.

Edit: Decided to try listening to the files and they're bits of the pokemon sound track I think? 101 sounds like one of the forests. Or maybe phone ringtones idk.

Older Main Games / SoulSilver Nuzlocke
« on: January 08, 2017, 22:25 »
Okay, I'm a bit bored at the moment so decided to start a Soul Silver nuzlocke, starting with a Mareep.

The rules I'll be using are;
-> First Pokemon on each route, starting from Lyra's tutorial.
-> If a Pokemon dies, it must be released.
-> All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
-> A white-out is an auto-lose, regardless of if more Pokemon are in my box.
-> Battle style is Set
Edit: -> If Mareep dies, I die too :(

Sooo, here we go with it up to entering Violet City (EDIT: Now up to halfway down Route 32):

Mareep is the most adorable, I think Lyra might be a bit broken, she thinks Marill’s cuter – have you even seen Mareep??? Anyways, today I get my Mareep in all of its fluffiness – I’ve even got up at 9am to collect it from the Professor. 9am – I barely even knew that hour existed!
The Professor gave me a choice of three Pokémon – Mareep and two others, I didn’t even look at the other two because if the choice is Mareep or something else, you always choose Mareep, right? I’ve called it Barry because Baa-rry. Because it’s a sheep. No? Okay. He’s asked me to go and see what Mr Pokémon is blabbering on about – I mean sounds kinda boring but I guess I owe him the favour after he gave me Barry. I’ll start making my way down route 29 now.
My first battle was intense!!! I mean, the Hoothoot I battled just sort of Growl-ed and tried to foresee something, idk what though, but watching Barry tackle just made me feel like a real trainer, and even though Hoothoot was no threat I still felt worried something might happen to Barry – I mean I know Pokemon only faint, but it’s just not a nice thought!
Some creepy old guy tried to give me a tour of Cherrygrove City – he thought he was all hilarious with his whole “This is the sea, as you can see”, but he was kind of lame. He gave me a free pair of running shoes though, so I guess that’s cool. About halfway to Mr Pokémon now too!
I HAD TO WALK ALL THIS WAY FOR A FREAKIN’ EGG! Like… not even a cool egg. Just a regular old egg. Mr Pokémon is now on my loser list. I didn’t even have one, but he just made me need one. Now he’s quoting Oak. HE’S SAT IN THE SAME ROOM!! Oh my gosh I cannot deal with this guy any longer. Oak says this guy’s his friend. I mean, I guess if you’re some nerdy professor you probably don’t get out much, but surely you can beat this guy! Oooo, he just gave me a Pokedex, I think I like Oak now, he can stay off the loser list I guess.

I just stepped outside and Elm rang me and he’s like “OH MY GOSH IT’S A DISASTER”. Like, chill. It’s probably nothing, but I’d better go back just in case. I’ll start running back now.
This guy is rude – he just ran into me all like “Elm’s Pokémon is too good for a wimp like you” – now he wants a battle. Barry will soon wipe this smugness away. I guess you could say he’ll soon be… sheepish.

He has a Cyndaquil, but it just keeps Leer-ing at Barry, occasionally Tackle-ing, as Barry unleashes an onslaught of Tackles, I don’t think this rude guy has this whole battling thing down. Aaaaand I win. That was easy.

Now he’s talking to me about his dreams to become the best trainer around, I mean this guy could probably start an encounter a little friendlier, but he’s actually all right. Didn’t tell me his name, but on his trainer card I saw he was called Silver. I’ll have to remember that one.
I got back to the lab, and apparently a Pokémon was stolen! Apparently Elm wasn’t being melodramatic after all. It was stolen by a red-haired boy… I wonder if that could be Silver? I’d better not say anything, I don’t want to tear his dreams right at the seams from the start. Anyways, I showed Elm the egg, he’s decided to keep hold of it for now. Elm suggests I take on the Gym challenge – he seemed to think I won’t become champion, I’ll show him!
Lyra decided to teach me how to catch Pokémon. I’m not an idiot goddammit, I already know how -_-. Oh well, I may as well let her carry on, let her think she’s being helpful sort of thing? She would go on the loser list, but she did give me some free Poké balls so I guess I’ll leave her off. For now. I start walking towards Violet City, and encounter another Hoothoot! I decide to catch it, and nickname it Raven, because it’s a girl. It’s not as strong as Barry, but I guess I may as well train it up, it looks pretty cool! When I get on to Route 30, I see another Hoothoot, I battle it but decide not to bother catching it, not really worth spending a Poké ball.
After a few battles, I’ve made it to Violet City – Lyra appears, annoying as ever, but she gives me another freebie in the VS Recorder, so she can remain of the loser list just a tiny bit longer I guess.
Walking into Violet City, I immediately notice a gigantic tower! Walking up to it, I realise its Sprout Tower. From what I hear, it’s full of weirdos that worship Bellsprout as a deity, but I guess I can go check it out, can go pray to Bellsprout that I never have to speak to Mr Pokémon again -_-
Every trainer has just had 3 Bellsprout! It’s been so easy so far, but Hoothoot has finally learned Peck, just as I’m about to go up to the top floor! As I go up, I encounter a Gastly! It’s really scary, I catch it to scare Lyra off when I next see her, and go with the name Gemma. Not sure why, just a stroke of genius I guess! I see Silver ahead, so I go see what’s up with him.

He’s getting lectured about treating his Pokémon with more care, he seems to think of them only as tools. What a tool. Still, I know I’m stronger than Silver, so this guy should be easy!

I beat him – he’s such a fraud, he had a Hoothoot!!! Anyways, he gives me a Flash TM. I mean… that’s kind lame, plus he’s a Bellsprout worshipper… I guess we have a new addition to the Loser List?

Onto the Gym now! I beat the first two trainers easily, it’s a Flying-type Gym and Thundershock from Barry clips their wings easily!!! I hope the leader is as easy. He introduces himself as Falkner, and blabbers on about his father’s Pidgeotto. He could at least have a cool Flying-type like Raven!

I lead with Gemma, but immediately switch to Barry, who gets hit by some sand. Apparently that lowers accuracy, but he still struck down Pidgey in one hit! Then Pidgeotto comes out. This could be a little trickier. I try a Thundershock, but his Pidgeotto hits first with Tackle. I know one more hit will faint Pidgeotto, but if he hits the right spot it could KO Barry. I better play it safe and switch to Raven. As I do so, Pidgeotto Roosts, healing its health back to full. I send it to sleep with Hypnosis, then use a potion on Barry, then switch to Barry and use Thundershock, then Thundershock again to KO it before it wakes up! Easy ^_^

After some blabbing on about how he failed his dad’s precious bird pokémon, he gives me a Zephyr badge and some TM. Sorry Falkner, still on the Loser List for your persistence going on about your dad’s bird Pokémon! Raise your own goddammit!

As I go outside, Elm rings me and tells me to take care of his egg. Bluh, do I have to do everything!?!? I’ll just put it in the PC, he’ll never know. Some crazy girl in a kimono told me it was important, but whatever, PC it goes.
I decide to go to Route 36 now – I mean it’s probably not the right way, this region seems to be all helpful and in numerical order, but whatever! I talk to this fat guy and he gives me a HM for Rock Smash, that’s pretty cool I guess? There’s a stupid tree blocking my way though, so I go south to the Ruins of Alph. After some exploring, I encounter an Unown in the shape of an F. I guess I’ll catch it and just box it, it’s kind of ugly. I guess I’ll just head to Route 32.

I encounter a Hoppip! They’re pretty cute, I hear they evolve into this cool dandelion thing. I catch it and call it Dan, because Dan-delion. Then I continued my way down the route. It’s a very pretty route, lots of fishermen, they’re all a little odd? Nice enough though, I suppose, just not the sort of people you’d want to have a prolonged conversation with, y’know?

My Team:

Barry (Mareep) - Level 13
-> Tackle
-> Growl
-> Thundershock
-> -

Raven (Hoothoot) - Level 11
-> Tackle
-> Growl
-> Hypnosis
-> Peck

Gemma (Gastly) - Level 6
-> Hypnosis
-> Lick
-> Spite
-> -

Dan (Hoppip) - Level 10
-> Synthesis
-> Splash
-> Tackle
-> Tail Whip


None yet - yay!

Loser List
-> Mr Pokémon
-> Elder Li
-> Falkner


Minor spoiler:
Spoiler: show
The first paragraph of the next post will have a death in. No comments who.

Fake Whatever / Some Fakemon
« on: December 27, 2016, 23:31 »
EDIT: Added grass starters name, stats and signature move.

Decided to make some pokemon for a new region largely based off of Polynesia, much like Alola. Will update this with more information as I make it, for now I have the water starters pretty much done, and the stats for the fire starters!

Batostream | Water
Torrent (HA: Swift Swim)
75 | 50 | 55 | 40 | 60 | 40

Batostream is a contraction of Batoids (similar to Rays, might even be a synonym idk) and stream, so this is like a small ray type thing. Evolves at Level 17.

Spoiler: show
Level 0: Pound
Level 4: Growl
Level 7: Fin Smack (Water; 100% Acc 40 BP; 20 (32) PP; Physical)
Level 11: Water Sport
Level 15: Wing Attack
Level 19: Feint Attack
Level 23: Agility
Level 27: Aqua Jet
Level 32: Liquidation
Level 37: Recover
Level 42: Hydro Pump

Myliosea | Water
Torrent (HA: Swift Swim)
100 | 70 | 65 | 50 | 75 | 50

Myliosea is a contraction of Myliobatidae (an Eagle Ray) and Sea, and is a bigger ray this time. Not much to say for this one, it evolves at Level 36.

Spoiler: show
Level 0: Pound
Level 0: Fin Smack
Level 0: Growl
Level 4: Growl
Level 8: Fin Smack (Water; 100% Acc 40 BP; 20 (32) PP; Physical)
Level 12: Water Sport
Level 16: Wing Attack
Level 22: Feint Attack
Level 27: Agility
Level 32: Aqua Jet
Level 37: Liquidation
Level 43: Recover
Level 49: Hydro Pump

Plesiocean | Water
Torrent (HA: Multiscale)
115 | 110 | 90 | 60 | 90 | 65

Okay, this is Plesiosaur + Ocean; the rayfish transforms into a plesiosaur, as I can see that as a natural progression. This thing has a signature move (Prehistoric Plunge), which is a 100 BP physical water move with 90 Acc and a 20% chance to cause a flinch. Multiscale along with recover and pretty good defensive stats (115/90/90 - that's a little more bulky than Dragonite who is 91/95/100) should let it be competitively viable too which is nice in starters, as they tend to be the ones people get attached to easiest. Might get Dragon Dance as an egg move - undecided. Debated giving it Dragon typing, but I decided to go for pure type starters.

Spoiler: show
Level 0: Pound
Level 0: Fin Smack
Level 0: Growl
Level 0 / Evolve: Prehistoric Plunge (Water; 90 Acc; 100 BP; 20% flinch; 10 (16) PP; Physical)
Level 4: Growl
Level 8: Fin Smack (Water; 100% Acc 40 BP; 20 (32) PP; Physical)
Level 12: Water Sport
Level 16: Wing Attack
Level 22: Feint Attack
Level 27: Agility
Level 31: Dragon Tail
Level 35: Aqua Jet
Level 43: Liquidation
Level 49: Recover
Level 55: Hydro Pump

Samburn | Fire
Blaze (HA: Quick Feet)
50 | 35 | 40 | 65 | 60 | 70

Samba + Burn - this is like a humanoid dancing flame spirit type thing? If you've seen Moana, think a mini one of those fire demon things, maybe lightened up a bit, and less floppy. Evolves at Level 17

Chachar | Fire
Blaze (HA: Quick Feet)
60 | 45 | 50 | 85 | 80 | 90
Cha Cha + Char - don't like how similar it is to Chimchar, but the name works so well I think I'll keep it. Not sure what this stage looks like - I was too busy thinking of dancing puns to come up with a logical progression lmao. Evolves at Level 36

Salsear | Fire
Blaze (HA: Dancer)
80 | 60 | 65 | 115 | 90 | 120
Salsa + Sear - Has the signature move Ruinous Rumba which serves as a special Dragon Dance in the fire type. Will likely learn Fiery Dance, Swords Dance & maybe even Petal Dance to tie in with the dancing theme. It steals Oricorios signature ability as its HA, which could make this a threat in doubles (think Volcarona + This, volcarona Quiver Dances, this uses Ruinous Rumba, then next turn both use Fiery Dance)

Spoiler: show
Ruinous Rumba (Fire; Status move; Raises SpA & Speed by one stage; 10 (16) PP)

Fawna | Grass
Overgrow (HA: Chlorophyll)
50 | 65 | 35 | 65 | 50 | 65
Fawn + Fauna - would be a small fawn, primarily green with pink petals covering it's back. Going for a more offensive approach, as grass starters bar Sceptile have been bulky offence or plain bad (hi Meganium). Chlorophyll may be replaced. Evolves at level 17.

Treer | Grass
Overgrow (HA: Chlorophyll)
65 | 85 | 45 | 85 | 60 | 80
Deer + Tree - awful name that needs replacing but w/e. Bit of a misnomer, as it's actually more of a doe, with horns similar-ish to Sawsbuck-Autumn, but with pink leaves, and the body is green and somehow differentiated? Keeping with the mixed-offence theme here. Evolves at level 36.

Jacarandoe | Grass
Overgrow (HA: Flora Boost)
70 | 125 | 50 | 110 | 70 | 105
Doe + Jacaranda (pink blossom tree type thing from hawaii) - The main basis for the line - a fully blossoming doe. It got probably the best signature move - a 90 BP physical grass move that activates grassy terrain, which ties in with its new ability - Flora Boost - which boosts Attack & SpA by 1.2x when in Grassy Terrain

Spoiler: show
Blossom Burst (Grass; Physical move; 100 Acc; 90 BP; Activates grassy terrain; 10 (16) PP)

A note on this thing - it will likely get Swords Dance, and so this calc is interesting:
+2 252 Atk Life Orb Jacarandoe Blossom Burst vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Tapu Bulu: 296-348 (86 - 101.1%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock (in Grassy Terrain, as Bulu creates it) - in fact none of the Tapu can take a +2 Blossom Burst. Unsure what coverage to give it - don't want to give it too much, but still want it to be useful. Will probably get Flame Charge / Bulldoze / Rock Slide but not Flare Blitz / Earthquake / Stone Edge. Brick Break is probable.

Johto starters also get mega evolutions;
Mega Meganium
Spoiler: show
Grass / Fairy
Regenerator (Pokedex entry states it can revive dead plants, so makes sense)
80/82/100/83/100/80 -> 80/62/140/123/160/60
Meganium now learns Dazzling Gleam via TM and may learn Floral Healing via level up.

Mega Typhlosion
Spoiler: show
Fire / Ground
Molten Aura (Ice moves are ineffective. Cannot be frozen. Fire moves x1.33, all burn chances doubled)
78/84/78/109/85/100 -> 78/74/88/174/95/115
Now learns Earth Power by level up.

Mega Feraligatr
Spoiler: show
Water / Dark
Strong Jaw
85/105/100/79/83/78 -> 85/155/120/69/98/103
Now learns Psychic Fang & Thunder Fang at level 0

Any opinions on any of them? Will get movesets for the fire types and the grass ones done, and also do TM moves and egg moves. If I'm not bored by I've done all that I might make some new pokemon after that, or maybe some 'Alolan' formes

Games General / Pokémon Prism?
« on: December 22, 2016, 06:36 »
Game Freak just issued a cease and desist letter on the fanmade Pokémon Prism - apparently this is highly unusual for them, and (sun moon endgame spoiler, only a Pokémon tho so if you know them all it's fine)
Spoiler: show
Necrozma is the Prism Pokémon and the only legend with 600 BST (ala Kyurem & Zygarde) in SM
. Could Pokémon Prism be the next game?

Fake Whatever / Improving 'bad' moves?
« on: December 16, 2016, 12:12 »
Just a topic to post ideas for improving moves that currently kind of suck. The effect / bp / pp can be changed as much as you want, but the flavour needs to remain the same. Also obviously some moves like Tackle are weak by necessity of needing weak early game moves, so they wouldn't need fixing.

Mostly came from an idea to improve Hyper Beam;

Hyper Beam | Normal
Base Power: 150
PP: 5 (8)
Effect: The target is attacked with a powerful beam. The user cannot use offensive moves on their next turn.
The change: Instead of losing a turn, you can still use status moves or switch. This stops it being used as a sweeping move, but can still be used as intended as a last-ditch effort

Doom Desire is another move which is kind of terrible - I think given it is a signature move it can be pushed a fair bit more than a normal move, so I'd make it this;

Doom Desire | Steel
Base Power: -
PP: 5 (8)
Effect: [same description]
The change: The damage is now equal to 50% of Jirachi's Max HP, sort of acting as a reverse Wish, which I like as Wish is very tied to Jirachi flavourwise, and I like the idea of Doom Desire being a destructive wish. Still takes 2 turns tho - Doom Desire / Protect would be too powerful otherwise, given anything 100 base HP or under would be 2HKOd.

Games General / The flavour behind Normal/X types?
« on: December 05, 2016, 12:48 »
Things like Sawsbuck (Normal/Grass), Heliolisk (Electric/Normal) and Pyroar (Fire/Normal) are all dual-types with normal, but I always found this really strange because in being the second type they aren't 'normal'. I just wondered if anyone else has a way of mentally justifying this or even if anyone else sees it this way? I totally understand why it would mechanically be done - second STAB and different weaknesses etc, but just flavour-wise I feel like you can't be simultaneously elemental and normal.

Role Play / Curse of the Twisted Pharoah [J] [Pw] [Fu]
« on: August 15, 2015, 23:54 »
Okay, the RP board was looking a bit deprived and I’ve had this one stored in my notes for around 9 months now, may as well put it to use. Not yet sure if I’ll join, probably will but I’ll see how I do time wise, but I’m certainly okay managing entries etc. ^^ Was a tough choice between this or the more recent one on a similar curse possessing people, but this seemed like fun xD
_________________________________________________ _______________________________
As many of you know, America was always a nation that liked to think of itself as indestructible, particularly as the 2040s drew to a close. Perhaps it was this arrogance that lead to the unforgettable events of the 7th October 2053 or perhaps it was simply a statement made by the third world that they would be oppressed by the west no more. The political build up to those events was gargantuan, and for those of you who had not been following I shall briefly outline.


In 2001, an event happened that shocked the world. Many of you will remember even now, 69 years later, the events of September 11th 2001. This event initially sparked a war between the US & Afghanistan, but frankly this war in itself was nothing on the long standing implications of the tension caused. The war on terrorism had created somewhat of a tension between the east and the west. Syria & North Korea became problematic in the years to follow, both of them being quashed by the west. The east became scared, and with the increased tension war was just waiting to break out.

China was torn between its loyalty to the east and its growing place on the world market, it's 2043 now and they're doing so much trade with America that they're the most powerful eastern force, but with every border threatening invasion they do something drastic. China shuts down trade with the west. Completely. America was enraged at this, but they now had to face the United Eastern Alliance.

The USA announced war on all that stood in the name of the UEA, but this alliance had a weapon far beyond what anyone could have imagined. Russia had all but been forgotten about, it had slowly sunk off America’s priorities as it ran short of oil and didn't seem to pose any real threat, but America fell afoul of a mistake it made long in the past. Back in 1969, the lunar landing had been staged. The US believed the world had fallen for it, but Russia had had spies that knew the real reason they hadn't landed.

The moons core contains an unstable isotope of Xenon, something thought to be impossible with it being a noble gas. Technology in the 60s made this completely inconceivable for landing to be acheived, but Russia had been putting billions of dollars into researching it and had eventually succeeded in not only reaching the moon but farming this Xenon. They debated announcing this, but realised it'd be far more appropriate to research Xenon technology secretly.

From this research, the eclipse cannon was born, a chemical weapon so powerful it could completely wipe out the population of an entire country. The UEA realised this was their only chance at stopping oppression from the west, and so without warning, on 7th of October 2053, America was annihilated. The death toll was occurred was so great that, for just a split second, time itself seemed to stutter, and like a heart skipping a beat time froze for just a nanosecond.


17 years on, you are reading this letter stating how these implications affect us. As many of you know, archaeologist Agar Smythe found an Egyptian tomb so obscure no one could decipher the hieroglyphs that lay inside. By chance, Agar stumbled on a word and his mispronunciation was the correct pronunciation of the hieroglyphs, and in an instant the cackles of a twisted soul chilled the spines of leaders around the world. Egyptian words so spiteful they felt like scarab beetles in your ear were spoken, to Agar's horror announcing temporal glaciation. This is why our world is now frozen in time, but I fear the worst is still to come. One hieroglyph in the tomb could be read very easily. That hieroglyph is the one of Apep. Apophis. Chaos incarnate. What the implications of this are we do not yet know, but Egyptologists believed if we retrieved an orb stored in the spire of every major obelisk in the world we may be able to prevent the consequences.

Every country realised the magnitude of what was happening and so immediately handed over what was necessary but it was not enough. World leaders almost simultaneously realised exactly why this was. The Washington monument is an obelisk. It is for this reason I write to you, and I plea to you for the sake of the world that you use your powers to help this world. If you would be so brilliant as to do so, please, please meet inside Big Ben at 17:00 on 31st October.

Simone Fletcher
Head of the United Nations


In this RP, you will play a character who has received powers in some way or another and have had those powers concealed by MI5 ((British internal intelligence system - think CIA I guess if you don't know what MI5 is, it's close enough for this story)). You owe Simone a favour in some way or another, what this favour may be I shall leave you to decide. America is mostly intact, as Xenon in this story is more of a radioactive thing so think nuclear fallout but more extreme however less structural damage, as we need the Washington monument to be intact xD ideas for problems we may encounter include mutated life forms, odd 'weather', distorted space/time (although remember that generally, any non-living thing is trapped in time similar to PMD2) etc, however most things are fine so long as they aren't completely ridiculous like a horde of fire breathing unicorns xD It’s also possible for Egyptian deities to be guarding the area closer to the monument – but keep it to more evil ones (e.g. Not Ra, but something like Anubis which isn’t evil but he’s in a slightly shady line of work would be fine ^_^)

Soooo, the form:

Code: [Select]
Name: <Your characters real name, this can be anything, so yes, you really imaginative people can have your own name>

Alias: <Your character’s name that either they or MI5 gave them to cover up their identity. You know? The Flash, Robin, Nightwing, Green Lantern or whatever?> [Optional - could have just not used powers in public]

Age: <That number people sometimes refer to you as? You know 'you're 30' or whatever? Nothing too young though, unless your ability is similar to Shazam>

Gender: <Male o... You know what? This can be an intelligence test. If you can't fill this field in, you can't join xD>

Description: <physical description and personality, please. At least 10 lines, preferably a little more, if possible>

Power: <Brief description of power(s)>

History: <include how they got their power. 10 lines minimum, but again, preferably more>

Other: <any other information you feel is relevant>

Music / Misheard Lyrics
« on: June 30, 2015, 20:48 »
Everyone has those songs where you've got the complete wrong lyrics for a part of it and only find out when someone over-hears you singing it or whatever, so just wondering what lyrics you losers have misheard? xD

For me, the two biggest ones are Shake It Off and Broken Arrow, in the former I always mishear "Fakers gonna fake, fake..." as "Bakers gonna bake, bake..." and idek why because it makes no contextual sense, and the latter I always mishear "Hard to get to heaven when you're born hell-bound" as "Hard to get to heaven when you're molehill bound" which I took as being some sort of arrow analogy in that it can't reach clouds when it's broken as it ends up in a molehill but apparently not, it goes to hell xD

Mystery Dungeon and Ranger / Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
« on: June 03, 2015, 10:43 »
Okay so Gates to Infinity was... Bad? But this new one looks really cool from what's been released so far, so I'm just going to go ahead and show what we know so far:

There are now 20 starters - all the Region starters with Riolu and Pikachu. Furthermore, many websites report still no personality test but I can't find this on the official site (but maybe I'm not looking hard enough haha :') )

The cutscenes are more fluid now, although I guess this is expected with the jump to 3D, but for anyone who hasn't seen the trailer I would suggest watching it here, the Entei and Kyogre bits particularly seemed cool!

Lava is back, I'm pretty sure it wasn't in Gates to Infinity but I may be misremembering, but if so then just admire how beautiful the lava is haha xD

The story is about Pokémon being turned to stone (and Lombres back?), with Arceus confirmed to be in the game and given stone Arceus in Destiny Tower (EotS) it wouldn't surprise me if he were pivotal to the story.

This doesn't confirm anything other than Rayquaza and Deoxys, but it looks very Delta Episode-y to me? Seems odd but idk.

Then there's a few things I've found reported confirmed but can't find:
-> Aforementioned lack of personality test
-> Hunger mechanic returning
-> Monster houses

To date there has been no confirmation of Mega Evolution.

So yeah, that's everything we know so far I think, looks like it could be pretty good with the return of hunger and less limited amount of Pokémon by the looks of it ^^

Edit: whoops just saw a similar topic in Games General >_> Can't delete this so I'll just leave it but yeah sorry xD

Other Games / Pokémon Rumble World
« on: April 10, 2015, 09:04 »
Soooo, apparently the Pokémon Company is going crazy with freemium games now, and we've got a second one within the space of like 2 months. This one kinda plays out like the first rumble, for those of you who don't have it yet, and the micro transactions aren't very necessary at all, like there's no real need to buy them.

Anyways, how are people who have it progressing? I'm rank 17 and have the first 5 balloons (starter types & Ruby/Sapphire), trying to save up for the Silver Balloon now ^^

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Post-Delta Episode/E4 Gift
« on: November 20, 2014, 19:52 »
So apparently after beating the delta episode you get the Johto starters, and after beating the elite 4.again the Unova, and once more for Sinnoh.

Why do we care?

They (edit: possibly?) have their hidden abilities! Contrary serperior and Reckless Emboar are especially exciting, but can't forget Sheer Force Feraligatr and Flash fire Typhlosion!

sorry Meganium, you still suck :(

Debate / Are magistrates a positive part of our legal system?
« on: October 21, 2014, 19:16 »
Whilst revising the advantages and disadvantages of Magistrates, I thought this might make an interesting debate as it's not really clear cut either way as to whether it's a good thing. The question this debate poses is basically as it says: Are magistrates really a positive element of the criminal justice system?

In brief terms, Magistrates are uneducated people who are trained to sit in magistrates court in place of judges. 3 magistrates sit in place of 1 district judge. I'll outline the main positives and the counter arguments for them here:

Positive: Benches are roughly gender reflective; in 2010/11 roughly 45% were male and 55% were female. Clearly this shows benches are representative of the people.

Counter-Argument: Ethnic minorities are not fairly represented, with approximately 8.6% of magistrates being from ethnic minorities when the latest census report shows they account for around 14% of the population. The working class are not fairly represented either - the magistracy is disproportionately middle class.


Positive: They're cheaper than district judges - 3 volunteers are obviously cheaper than a legal professional.

Counter-Argument: They're not much cheaper - £52.10 per case for magistrates compared to £61.78 for judges. Is this minor saving really worth the drop in quality?


Positive: Local knowledge means they know what problems plague their community & therefore can be tougher on such crimes.

Counter-Argument: By having differing sentences you create somewhat of a "postcode lottery". 20% of burglars receive custodial sentences in Leeds compared to 41% in Birmingham.


Positive: Implements popular principle of trial by peer - seen to give the defendant a fair trial in accordance with Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Counter-Argument: They're case hardened ergo not as representative of societies view as juries. Furthermore, they've taken a judicial oath and have no parallel to Jury Equity (reaching a decision based on conscience even if it conflicts with the law: see R .v. Wang where a jury found D not guilty of committing an offence when he clearly had offensive weapons because he claimed he practised the Buddhist art of Shaolin) which is what makes juror's be considered fairer to some.


Positive: They're trained to be able to deal with cases effectively and efficiently - almost as well as judges.

Counter-Argument: The whole point of using magistrates is that they are lay people - surely training defeats the object of this? Why not just use judges who are trained better?


Positive: Strength in numbers - 3 magistrates are surely better than 1 judge?

Counter-Argument: A judge knows the law - he can follow it to the letter and presumably reach just as effective of a verdict as magistrates can.


Positive: Few appeals suggest they're doing a good job - people are happy to accept they're sentences.

Counter-Argument: The cost of appeal is quite high and when the maximum sentence they can impose is 6 months is it even worth D appealing?


Okay, so that's basically a summary of the main points surrounding the debate, but what do you people think? Should lay people be expected to deal with such a massive workload for free? Can they really be considered lay with the excessive training they are out through? Does losing jury equity mean they're no longer peers?

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Where's this?
« on: September 22, 2014, 22:51 »
Okay, so after watching the Japanese trailer a few days ago, I asked Richard if he'd seen this place in it. Where could it be? It has ecruteak like architecture but is in Hoenn remakes and it just doesn't fit anywhere? This leads me to believe it is part of the postgame, but what do y'all think?

I mean, it looks like it's near the volcano, but nothing near the volcano looks like that?

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