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Trades / LF: Shiny Goodra. FT: Shiny Giratina
« on: April 11, 2016, 02:56 »
Traits for Shiny Goodra:

Gender: Female

Level: 50-60

If you want details to the Shiny Giratina, ask me!

Trades / LF: Level 40 Slowbro (more info in post)(EDIT)
« on: April 07, 2016, 23:27 »
Sorry for being so picky, but I want a Slowbro because soon I'm getting Slowking (who could really use some pants btw) and want a Slowbro just so I can have one (mainly for Amie)

EDIT: Let me make it clear that I don't want a shiny. just a normal one please! Also, I have Pokemon X, so you dont have to send a Slowbroitw with it!

Name: Joey
Gender: Male
Level: 40 (if you don't want to train one to level 40, or have one a bit over 40, the lowest level is 37. Highest is 45)
Nature: Dont Care, but recommend lax, gentle, calm, or carefull.
Abillity: Dont Care, no recommendations.
Moveset: recommend moves: Zen Headbutt and Slack Off

What I'll give for the Slowbro (implying it has all the traits)

.Zoroark (from France)
.Kadabra (aka Alakazam)

I perfer Slowbro imo because he is a great tank.

Having a hard time choosing for some reason. pls help.

Games General / Today was a good day on wonder trade.
« on: March 31, 2016, 02:15 »
So I was doing wonder trade for lolz, then I traded a random scatterbug I had and thought "karma is gonna hit me hard"

next thing I know, I get the Japanese-exclusive Shiny Magikarp that knows more than just splash. It was amazing, I yelled so loud, it's just great! It's level is 99, and from what I've heard from looking the event up, it came with a rare candy to evole it into a shiny gyrados.

Moral of the story: dont give up on wonder trade, even if you only get scatterbugs.

Is it because the link dosn't work? Is the image to big?

Im not sure how to fix this issue. CALL MY NAME AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK!!!

Hello, I'm Vinnythebro, or you can call me Vinny for short :D! I found this site while trying to find a good Alakazam nickname, (I just came up with my own, being spoodini) and then I found out all the cool stuff on here, like the name rater, (and if someone can show me how to submit a name, let me know) sprite resources, and the best best two options in my opinion, Fanfics and Forums (mainly though, the forums)

The forums remind me when I was 8 on the family computer looking through forums on who the best starter is, and it was amazing. I hope to get that same feeling from here!

Also about the Fanfictions, don't worry, I'm not that kind of guy who would post lewd fanfics. If anything, my fanfics are going to be do I put it... "sitcom esc". I look forward to writing here!  :angel:

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