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Now that I have your attention... :p

Soo, just got OR on amazon last week. We've really come a long way since '95.
I'm looking to complete a few evolution-trades, if anyone's interested, i.e. switch Graveler for Graveler, Haunter for Haunter, etc, but for the most part seeking a Charmander (the shinier the better!). Oh, and Noibat. Any takers, let me know what you want for the lizard and I'll try to obtain it.
Now I just need to figure out how global trading works with this game...

So nobody interested, I take it?
...Oh, and I should have make the title 'subforum' revived...

Captain Jigglypuff:
I can breed you a Charmander with Solar Power and Egg moves if you'd like. Can't breed for IVs though as it I atop confusing for me.

^I have a 6 IV ditto I could loan you, but I dunno when, and if, I would get it back.

Just a regular little 'Mander is fine; I don't mind breeding for IVs, etc. Not really a fan of its hidden either, for whatever reason.


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