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LF: Level 40 Slowbro (more info in post)(EDIT)


Sorry for being so picky, but I want a Slowbro because soon I'm getting Slowking (who could really use some pants btw) and want a Slowbro just so I can have one (mainly for Amie)

EDIT: Let me make it clear that I don't want a shiny. just a normal one please! Also, I have Pokemon X, so you dont have to send a Slowbroitw with it!

Name: Joey
Gender: Male
Level: 40 (if you don't want to train one to level 40, or have one a bit over 40, the lowest level is 37. Highest is 45)
Nature: Dont Care, but recommend lax, gentle, calm, or carefull.
Abillity: Dont Care, no recommendations.
Moveset: recommend moves: Zen Headbutt and Slack Off

What I'll give for the Slowbro (implying it has all the traits)

.Zoroark (from France)
.Kadabra (aka Alakazam)


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