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I'm gonna admit that I do follow CafeMochashipping [CilanxAsh] a little. <3
In the games, I've only picked up on Bianca and Iris because they're just insanely adorable together. Nothing much to ship for me. D:

Ok I see this topic has been put in wastelands, but does anyone know what the ship name for Pikachu and Emolga is??? Can't find anywhere +_+

Oh and CafeMocha FTW. I used to think Pokeshipping was teh bomb, then Advance, then Pallet, now this one. Especially because of fanart : D

This has been untouched for quite some time but I have a lot that I saw on a website:

2000Shipping - Ash + Lugia
20QuestiongsShipping - Flint + Eusine
49erShipping - Roark + Byron
83Shipping - Wake (Crasher) + Gyarados
AbacusShipping - Eusine + Bebe
RivalryShipping - Cheren + Bianca
AbuseShipping - Mewtwo + Giovanni
ActaeonShipping - Grovyle + Dusknoir
AcuityShipping - Barry + Uxie
ILoveMyBadgesShipping - Ash + His badges
ILoveThisHoleShipping - Byron + A hole
I'mAHeartBreakerShipping - HeartBreaker Charles + Everyone
lolWUTTHEShipping - Ditto + All Ledgendaries (Except Phione-Manaphy)
NarcissistDivaShipping - Jessie... and Herself.
NaiveShipping - James + Ash
NorseShipping - Lt. Surge + Zebstrika 
OlympicShipping - Proton + Petrel
OopsDroppedMyBallsShipping - Juggler + Lyra .
OrbShipper - Ash + His (Poke)Balls.
PassionHeartShipping - Jessie + Her Woobat
PassionFruitShipping - Cilan + Volkner
PeacockShipping - James + Volkner I
PeppercornShipping - Cress + Hilbert
PervertedShipping - Gardevoir + Nuzleaf
RecolorShipping - Ash's Hoenn hat + Ash's Sinnoh hat

*SpriterSRXL uses a Max Revive*

Ok, I'm quite curious as to what this shipping is called:


Omg, Misty and Ash in episode 95! They really are in love


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