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If This is the Answer, What is the Question?

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President Hawkeye:
This has probably been done before a long time ago...
But I think it's quite fun. :)

The title of it is quite explanitory.
But in the interest of keeping everyone appeased...
Basically, post your 'answer' and let the next poster suggest the question.
Then they post an 'answer' and so on...

My answer is: Many many monkeys.
What is the question?

Roxxy the Zangoose:
What will someday get rid of all the stupid people in the world?

My answer is: Kittens outside.
What's the question?

What keeps making fish in their bowls go into fetal position.

My answer is: Ted Turner.
What is the question?

Awkward Squirtle:
Name a person Camzoman has never heard of.

My answer is: Inferniken

What is the reason snipers have recently been employed in the Sinnoh region?

Paper clip armies


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