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Older Main Games / Pokemon Yellow Playthrough
« on: September 08, 2013, 15:34 »
Well, since mum gave me this journal I guess I'd better start using it.

First, my name is Cato. I live in Pallet Town, which is this tiny town with absolutey nothing. Zilch. Zero. There's three buildings. That's right. Three. So, as you can probably guess, it's pretty quiet round here. I live with my mum, and our next door neighbours are the Oak family. My best friend, Blue, lives there with his mum and his grandpa, Prof. Oak. The last building is Prof. Oak's lab, where he works. So yeah. Pretty quiet round here.

Anyway, my mum asked me to go see Prof. Oak for whatever reason, so I figured that I might as well go along to see what was happening. I thought it was probably a new discovery he'd made, as he likes to show me all these new Pokemon and stuff like that, but when I got there only Blue was around. Oh, and the Prof.'s little helpers as well. Not that they do much. Huh. Blue told me to go look for his grandpa elsewhere, and I thought he might be doing fieldwork so I went out of Pallet Town to go find him. Now, I'm not stupid, I know not to go into tall grass without Pokemon, so I was only gonna look around the corner. But the Prof. stopped me anyway, and showed me why I'm not allowed out without a Pokemon. That's right. A Pikachu appeared. It's this cute little yellow thing with chipmunk cheeks that are filled with electricity. Well, the Professor caught it then took me back to his lab, where Blue was waiting. He seemed a little annoyed, but relieved I'd found Prof. Oak.

The Professor told me he had a Pokemon for me in a Pokeball on the table, and Blue seemed really annoyed that I was getting one before him. I was elated however, and went to take it. Before I could, Blue snatched it from the table. I was shocked - I'd never seen Blue act like that before! He'd been my friend for as long as I could remember... It wasn't like him to flip like that. Prof. Oak was surprised as well, but gave in and let Blue have it anyway. I guess he is his grandson. Prof. Oak gave me the Pikachu he caught in the wild, even though it wasn't tame. I felt a little awkward as I took it, knowing it was destined for Blue, not me. I let the little yellow Pokemon out of it's Pokeball and the Professor asked me if I'd like to name him. I said yes, and decided to call him Pixel.

Before I could leave, Blue challenged me to a Pokemon battle. It was my very first one, and I thought Blue would go easy on me since we were friends and all, but he seemed determined to prove he was better than me. I'd never seen this side of him before, and as he sent out his Pokemon, he scowled. The Pokemon Blue sent out was an Eevee, and as he did, my heart sank. I couldn't help feel that the Eevee was meant to be mine, and this Pikachu should be his. I'd always wanted an Eevee - the way they could evolve into different forms always intrigued me. But, nevertheless, I told Pixel to use Thundershock, and Blue told - or should I say ordered - his Eevee to use Tackle. It was a critical hit. I watched in horror as Pixel fainted before my eyes. Blue laughed, and I stared at him, my eyes still full of hurt. Oak healed my Pokemon, but Pixel didn't seem to like his Pokeball and decided to walk behind me.

I left the lab, glad Pixel was alright but still yearning for Blue's Eevee. I felt guilty about not wanting Pixel, but also angry that Blue had stolen my Eevee. Yes, my Eevee. I headed out of Pallet Town my next destination, Viridian City. I knew that it was bigger than my hometown as I had visited it a few times before with the Professor and Blue. This time, however, I was on my own. Well, I had Pixel, but he seemed to be more interested in the trees than he did in me. I had a feeling we weren't going to be the greatest of friends, to tell the truth. We headed through the tall grass all the way north to Viridian, where we healed at the Pokemon Centre. I then went across to the Pokemart to get some Pokeballs and Potions, but I hadn't even made it to the counter when the guy there called me up. "Hey! You! You come from Pallet Town, right?" I nodded. "Great, here's a parcel for Prof. Oak! Think you could take it for me?" he thrusted a brown box in my face, and I took it. "Thanks, see you soon!" he said, waving me out the door. Confused, I put the parcel in my bag and looked around for Pixel. He was playing with a bit of string on the ground by the Pokemon Centre, and refused to leave without it. I finally managed to get him to come with me by letting him take the string.

It was easier getting back to Pallet Town because I could jump down the ledges, and I was back in no time at all. I went to Prof. Oak's lab and handed him the parcel. It turned out they were specially made Pokeballs. Before he could explain further, Blue came running up and shouted something about making his Pokemon stronger. Prof. Oak patted him on the back and then explained about this device, the Pokedex. It's awesome - it records data on Pokemon you see or catch. Blue grabbed his first.

"Cato, I hate to tell you this but you won't need to help gramps out at all. You can leave this to me! Oh, I know... I'll borrow a Town Map off my sister. And Cato... I'll tell her not to give you one! Hahaha! Smell ya later!" Blue said it all far too quickly for me to fully understand, and then he ran off again before I realised what he had said.

"I don't know what's gotten into him lately, Cato. Go and ask his sister for a Town Map though, she'll still give you one. And please, make sure Blue doesn't do anything... stupid, ok?" Prof. Oak told me. I nodded, then beckoned for Pixel to follow me. He still had the string in his teeth. I went out of the lab, and straight to Blue's house, hoping to catch him before he left. Whatever happened, he was still my friend, and I had to look out for him. He'd changed, but that didn't mean I was going to neglect him. Even though he had neglected me...

Blue's sister did give me the Town Map, although she told me that Blue had told her not to. She said he was being silly, and he'd snap out of it soon. I certainly hoped so. I wasn't sure I could deal with Blue when he was behaving like such a jerk. It was as if getting a Pokemon had turned him into some power-hungry Trainer who wanted everything. Everything. Anyway, I went back to Viridian to get some Pokeballs and potions, like I had originally intended to. Pixel easily took out the Pidgey and Ratatta that lived there with a couple of Thundershocks at most. I guess it was good that the Pidgey were so weak to Electric type attacks. Pixel still wasn't paying attention to me though, and he ignored me when I asked him to hurry up. He seemed to deliberately slow down every time I asked him to hurry along. Ugh.

I healed up, then went to the Pokemart. The cashier didn't even thank me for delivering the parcel, or ask if I even delivered it. Anything could have happened to that parcel... Nevertheless, I bought 10 Pokeballs and two Potions. I visited the Trainers School, but there wasn't much to do except read about status conditions. As if I didn't already know...

I decided to go back and catch a Pidgey. It was pretty easy to catch, and I decided to name her Skye. She seems to like me more than Pixel, so I think I'm going to use her a little more. Well, at least when she becomes stronger.

Well, that's it for today... Bye.

Team Building / Sapphire Team
« on: September 02, 2013, 19:17 »
I'm going to do a playthrough on Sapphire and have been planning my team out. I'm starting with Mudkip, and from there I've chosen Pokemon I like the look of and then narrowed it down to make a (hopefully) okay team for beating the game. I've listed the Pokemon as their final evolutions. I would also like suggestions for a sixth team member, as at first I chose Zangoose, made a moveset for it, and then realised you cannot catch it in the wild on Sapphire :(

Male - Mudstorm
Ice Beam
Iron Tail

Male - Psyclone
Early Bird
Giga Drain

Male - Blizzard
Thick Fat
Aurora Beam

Male – Bolt

Male - Muscle
Brick Break TM
Rock Tomb TM
Rock Smash HM
Dig TM

Thanks! :)

Older Main Games / Nuzlocke!
« on: August 30, 2013, 19:18 »
-Only the first Pokémon encountered on each Route can be caught (this rule begins when the player is able to catch Pokémon)
-If a Pokémon faints, it is dead and must be released or placed in a ‘DEATH BOX’ in the PC, never to be battled with.
-The player may only catch another Pokémon or use one that is dead if they need to teach it a HM that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the story to progress.
-All Pokémon will be nicknamed
-If the Starter Pokémon dies, the first Pokémon caught will replace it.
-Shiny Pokémon may be caught due to their rarity, but not used.
-Legendaries may be caught but not used.

-   Today started like any normal day. I woke up, got dressed and went to see Ethan. I was surprised he wasn’t at home, but his dad said he’d be at Prof. Elm’s lab. I went to look for him. Prof. Elm said Ethan was in Cherrygrove getting some supplies for his Marill, but told me that something had just come up that he’d like me to attend to in his place. I had to go to Mr. Pokémon’s house to collect a ‘new discovery’. Elm gave me a Totodile to take with me for safety. I’ve named him Neo.
-   Neo seems to like travelling with me. We made it to Cherrygrove safely, Neo taking down the wild Pokémon easily. He’s energetic and playful, but knows when to be serious. He’s a great Pokémon.
-   We made it to Mr. Pokémon’s house and Neo got quite a bit stronger. Mr. Pokémon gave me an egg to take back to Prof. Elm, and this guy called Oak said I had great potential (!) and gave be a Pokedex!
-   We made it back to Cherrygrove and healed up at the PC. Neo seems to be full of energy still, which is great, especially if we’re going to be travelling around a lot for Prof. Oak!
-   Just as we were about to leave Cherrygrove, some kid with red hair demanded to battle us, saying we were weaklings! Well, I didn’t exactly take that too well, and Neo ended up finishing off his Chikorita. He said something about hating weak Pokémon which made me even more angry. He also dropped his Trainer Card, which I read. It said ‘Nuzlocke’. What kinda name is that?
-   Back in New Bark, all hell had broken loose. Someone had stolen one of the Professor’s other Pokémon. Turns out it was the Nuzlocke guy. At first, the police officer thought I was the thief, but Ethan saved my skin and explained he’d seen the red-haired kid staring through the windows earlier that morning. Prof. Elm was amazed that me and Neo had bonded so quickly, which made me pretty proud. After all, Neo was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, and I’d be so upset if Prof. Elm decided I couldn’t keep him after all. Prof. Elm asked me about the Pokedex, and when I explained about Prof. Oak, he told me that I should challenge each gym and then try and beat the Pokémon League. Wow.
-   Neo and I set off again but Ethan helped us out by showing us how to catch a Pokémon and gave us some Pokeballs. Yay! We started off my catching a female Ratatta. She was sniffing around in my bag for food, and when I gave her some of my cheese sandwich she seemed pretty happy. So that’s what I called her. Cheese. Neo seems to like her, which is great.
-   We’ve decided to rest in Cherrygrove for the night. I’m planning on catching some more Pokémon tomorrow. Neo and Cheese are playing with some string I found in my bag. They make a great team, as well as great friends.

 - We woke up and headed straight to Route 46 to catch another Pokémon. On Route29, I was trying to train Cheese up, so I sent her out first, against a Pidgey. She was doing great, and the Pidgey was severly weakened, when it Tackled her and landed a critical hit. She fainted before she even knew what had happened. Like I’d seen Ethan do so many times before, I took her to the Pokemart to heal. Neo seemed worried, but I comforted him and told him Cheese would be fine. He didn’t seem so sure.
 - The Nurse in the Pokecentre told me that, for some reason, Cheese wasn’t healing like she should. She apologized and gave me Cheese’s body in a box. I wondered why, it wasn’t like she was dead, the machine probably wasn’t working. Right? I decided to head back to Prof. Elm’s lab to heal there instead. When we got there, the same thing happened. After a few minutes, Elm looked at me, shocked. He then explained what the problem was. It turns out I have this… condition. It’s called the Nuzlocke Curse. It only affects certain people, but it can be disastrous. Most Trainers just quit when they find out the have it. I was so upset about Cheese’s death, but I wasn’t going to give up when I’d only just started. I vowed that every battle I fought would be for Cheese.
 - Cheese’s box is floating away on the tide now. I placed it on the waves in Cherrygrove, the only place she ever stayed with me. I was crying. I think Neo might have been too.
 - I caught a Pokémon on Route 46. It’s a female Geodude named Roxie. She doesn’t like Neo as much as Cheese did. Neo’s kinda sad at the moment though, so that’s probably why. Oh, Cheese. I’m so sorry.
 - I caught four more Pokémon or Routes 31 and 32, in Dark Cave and in Sprout Tower. On Route 31 I caught a Weedle and named her Tina. She’s quiet, but seems to have settled in well. On Route 32, I caught Bella, the Bellsprout. She’s feisty, and likes Roxie more than Neo. Neo seems annoyed with Bella, for whatever reason. I caught a Zubat in Dark Cave, and her name is Sonya. She doesn’t really know what’s going on though… Finally, I caught Cheddar, the Ratatta, in Sprout Tower. She’s got almost the same personality as Cheese. Neo seems to love playing with her. I think he’s getting over the loss of his best friend quicker than I am. Even with all these extra Pokémon around, I can’t help but think that Cheese should be here instead of Cheddar… But maybe this is Cheese’s way of staying with us? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I have to keep pressing on. Goodnight.

Games General / Help?
« on: August 28, 2013, 00:08 »
So, I've been reading a few Nuzlockes and most people use Pokemon that they've traded over as Eggs.

How do you do this right at the start of the game? I'm wanting to do a playthrough on White with a Petilil. Is there any way I can trade one over before I get the C-Gear, or any way to get an Egg for Petilil?

Older Main Games / In-Game Team Help?
« on: August 27, 2013, 00:07 »
I've decided on 5 members of my team, complete with movesets, but I need help deciding the last member. Also, help with movesets would be appreciated :) Thanks.

Ability: Blaze
Lonely (+Atk, -Def)
Hammer Arm | Heat Crash | Grass Knot | Flare Blitz

Ability: Own Tempo
Modest (+Sp.Atk, -Atk)
Aromatherapy | Leaf Storm | Sleep Powder | Dream Eater

Ability: Sturdy
Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.Atk)
Earthquake | Stone Edge | Stealth Rock | Explosion

Ability: Big Pecks
Quiet (+Sp.Atk, -Spd)
Fly | Surf | Ice Beam | Roost

Ability: Levitate
Mild (+Sp.Atk, -Def)
Rain Dance | Thunder | Volt Switch | Crunch

Games General / Nicknames
« on: August 26, 2013, 22:14 »
So, to those people out there who do nickname their Pokemon, what are your favourite nicknames you've used? Why did you pick them? Do they have a meaning?
Here are a few of mine:

Samurott - Tirradya (Teer-Ad-Ya) - Female
Tirranna means Water, and Adya means First. Samurott was my first Pokemon on White 2, and is a Water Type Pokemon. I think it sounds really nice ;)

Reuniclus - Echoplasm (Echo-Plasm) - Male
I thought that Reuniclus looks like a single being inside a bigger copy of itself. This reminded me of an echo because an echo is a copy of a sound repeated over and over. Plasm comes from cytoplasm.

Sawsbuck - Horae (Oh-Ray) - Female
Horae means Goddess of the Seasons. Sawsbuck changes with the seasons and I thought it was fitting.

Ferrothorn - Acacia (Ak-Ah-See-Ah) - Female
Acacia means thorny. I thought it was a simple, feminine name that describe Ferrothorn perfectly.

Scrafty - Kerina (Care-Ee-Na) - Female
Keri means dark, and Dina means warrior. I fused them together to make Kerina, meaning dark warrior, which describes Scrafty's Dark/Fighting type.

Mamoswine - Adarilei (Ad-Ah-Ril-Ay) - Female (Shiny Pokemon)
Ada is taken from Adana meaning Earth. Ril is taken from Amarilla, meaning Shiny, and is like Amarillo, which is yellow in Spanish (Shiny Mamoswine is yellow). Ei is taken from Eira which means snow.

My nicknames usually take a long time to decide on because I like to play around with different names and see how they sound together... Do you like simple nicknames or complex ones?

Older Main Games / Gemma's Platinum Nuzlocke
« on: August 23, 2013, 16:55 »
-The first Pokemon seen on each Route can be caught. If it flees or faints, there are no second chances. This rule doesn't apply until after the Trainer can catch Pokemon.
-All Pokemon must be nicknamed to form stronger bonds between Trainer and Pokemon.
-If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead. It must be boxed and not used in battle. It can, however, be used for HM purposes.
-A black out = game over.
-In-game trades are acceptable.
-Pokemon will evolve naturally. Evolution must not be stopped, through use of Everstone or by pressing B.
-If the Trainer requires a HM move to pass a certain point in the game, and the Trainer doesn't have any Pokemon that can learn the move, another Pokemon may be caught, but must be boxed and not used in battle.
-The Trainer's starter will depend on the last digit of the Trainer ID. 1-3 = Grass, 4-6 = Fire, 7-9 = Water and 0 = free choice.

On with the Nuzlocke!

Well, as my mum gave it to me I guess I'd better make a start on this journal. I guess I'd better introduce myself. I'm Gemma. I live with my mum in Twinleaf, which is this little town in Sinnoh. I've lived here all my life, and to be honest, I think I'll be living here forever. Twinleaf has a few houses and is surrounded by tall grass. The nearest town is Sandgem, and then on from that there's Jubilife. I've never been further than Sandgem though... It's annoying. I'd like to travel the world, see the sights but I'm not allowed. My mum's a bit scared of me running off and leaving her, I guess. My dad left Twinleaf a couple of years ago to see the world, and he hasn't come back since. I don't blame him really. If I could get away from this place, I'd never return. Never.

I guess that sounded a bit horrible, but it's true. I just wish I could visit somewhere exotic. Far away. But it's never gonna happen. Not unless I get my own Pokemon. And what's the chances of that?

Older Main Games / My Pokemon White Team
« on: March 29, 2013, 16:37 »
So, I'm planning on starting a new Pokemon White game, and I've never used Snivy so I'm using him as my starter. I've got my five other Pokemon, but I'm not sure what movesets or items to use and which Abilities I should try and get. I'm not breeding any Pokemon by the way.


Older Main Games / Gemma's Sapphire Nuzlocke
« on: March 03, 2013, 17:49 »
Firstly here are the rules:
~Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
~I may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else, unless I already have the Pokemon that I encounter first, in which case I can catch the second Pokemon encountered. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. If the first encounter in the area is a Double Battle in dark grass, the player may choose which of the two Pokémon they would like to catch. It is not classed as an encounter unless I have passed the point at which I get Poke Balls.
~All Pokemon must be nicknamed to form closer bonds.
~If my Starter dies, it is a game over.
~I can only make in-game trades.

Today has been an eventful day! I was sat amongst the boxes in the back of a removal van, all on my own. It wasn't a long journey, but it was so boring. The only thing I could do was think. Or talk to myself. But I just thought, because my dad once said that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. So I just thought. It was a relief when I arrived and was able to get out if the stuffy old van. Is it even legal to be able to sit in the back of a van? There weren't exactly any seatbelts... or even seat for that matter. But nevertheless, I arrived in my new town, and my mum came out of the house to welcome me. I can't say I'm too impressed with Littleroot - it just seems small. Nothing else, just small and uninteresting.

The house is ok, I guess. Small, like everything else in this place, but at least I get my own room. There were some massive Pokemon moving all the furniture into place when I arrived, but I was kinda scared of them, so I went upstairs to get out of their way. They looked like they could throw me across the room with ease! My room is pretty neat, actually. All my stuffs up there, my bed, desk and computer, TV and a GameCube. There's also a map of Hoenn and the new clock dad bought me. I looked at the map and it turns out that the closest place to here is Oldale, and then there's Petalburg, where my dad's Gym is. I remembered that I had stored a Potion on my computer so I took that out as well.

The Pokemon had gone by the time I went back downstairs. Mum and I managed to catch the last few seconds of some kind of report about Petalburg Gym. Dad might have been in it, but if he was, we didn't see him. Mum told me I should go introduce myself to the townspeople. Apparently one of dad's friends lived next door, so I should go talk to him. I did as I was told and looked around. There was a sign that said 'Littleroot Town - a town that can't be shaded any hue'. Huh. Wonder what that means? I went next door and this woman asked me who I was, and then told me to go upstairs and see her son. Apparently he was excited about making a new friend, but when I went upstairs he just seemed to be annoyed that I was a girl. According to him, being a Gym Leader's child should mean that you are a boy. Pfftt. He told me his name was Brendan and then he offered to catch me a Pokemon, but then changed his mind and said that he had to help his dad. I don't need help anyway.

Well, since he kinda left me standing there in his room I figured that I should leave. His mum didn't even say goodbye. How rude. When I left there was this little kid stood near the edge of the town and he said he could hear shouting coming from down the road. I'm not stupid and I knew that because I don't have a Pokemon I shouldn't leave town. So I went to look for someone else who had a Pokemon and could help, but I couldn't find anyone and Brendan had disappeared. But when I got back the kid was still stood there and he didn't look like he was gonna go help so I did the only thing I could. I went to see what was happening!

Turns out this dude was getting chased by a Pokemon. When he saw me he was screaming and yelling something about Poke Balls and bags, so I went over to his bag and there were three Poke Balls inside. I chose the first one I saw and the Pokemon that was chasing the old guy, glared at me and started chasing me, so I just threw the Poke Ball at it, like I've seen dad too countless times. Well the little thing that popped out was a really cute orange chick called Torchic, and I fell in love with it almost straight away! But the little thing was pretty fierce because it started scratching the Poochyena's eyes out and the evil dog fainted! Woohoo! I'd won my first Pokemon battle - with a Pokemon that wasn't even mine!

Afterwards the guy told me that he was studying when the Poochyena jumped out. I thought it was kinda stupid since everyone knows you shouldn't go in tall grass without a Pokemon, yet he'd just left his bag on the ground. Serves him right really. Anyway, he took me back to his lab, which is a really cool place with a load of books and computers and stuff. He said his name was Prof. Birch and then he told me that my father had told him loads about me, which made me blush a bit! He also said I have my father's battling blood in my veins (more blushing) and that I battled well earlier (my cheeks were burning red by this point). And then he gave me the cute little Torchic I picked! I was so happy and almost hugged the old man right there. Then he asked me to nickname it and I decided to call him Brandy. Then Prof. Birch said that he thought I could be an awesome trainer if I worked hard enough! He said that Brendan was out studying on Route 103 and I should go see him. I said yes just because I didn't want to come across as rude. To be honest though, I didn't really fancy going to see him again. I was still kinda annoyed that he thought I should be a boy. And then, the Prof. said that Brendan could teach me what it means to be a trainer! I already know what it means to be a trainer, my dad's a Gym Leader.

I agreed anyway, even though inside I was a little angry. I got into my first proper battle with Brandy on Route 101, which was exciting. A Wurmple appeared, and it looked really ugly, but ugly things can sometimes become beautiful, and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, right? Anyway, I got it's HP down really low and I was going to catch it... but then I remembered that I didn't have Poke Balls. So then I just had to take it out. I felt kinda bad, but that's Pokemon for you. I got to Oldale and I went to heal at the Pokemon Centre (PC from now on). The nurse behind the counter fixed up Brandy for me all for free, which was pretty nice. Then a woman who said she worked at the Poke Mart (PM) and took me to the PM and gave me a free potion. I went inside to buy some Poke Balls but they were all out! I tried to head West out of the town but this weird guy told me that there were rare Pokemon footprints there and he wanted to sketch them. I was annoyed - who was he to tell me where I could and couldn't go? But then I remembered the Prof's request for me to talk to Brendan. I went North, and after battling a Wingull, found Brendan. He was studying Pokemon, but wanted to have a battle with me to 'teach me what being a trainer is about'. I agreed, just to show him I could beat him.

Brendan had this little blue thing called Mudkip who kept tackling Brandy so I had to use a potion. But I won, and then Brendan said that he thought he'd figured out why his dad had his eye on me. Then Brendan said he thought I could befriend any Pokemon with ease, but I figured this was just to make up for the whole 'you-should-be-a-boy' thing earlier. Anyway, I hopped down some ledges to Oldale to heal up and Brendan was waiting for me on the entrance to Route 101. Doesn't he think I can do anything myself? I went back to Prof. Birch's lab and he congratulated me on beating Brendan. Ha! But then he went and ruined it by saying how good Brendan was. But then he made it better again by giving me this thing called a Pokedex! But then he ruined it again by telling me about how many rare Pokemon Brendan has found. Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, blah, blah, blah. Then Brendan gave me some Poke Balls, which was nice of him, I guess. I still don't trust him though.

Mum was waiting for me outside the house and she said the Brandy was adorable (aww!) and gave me some running shoes to use. They're pretty neat actually. I headed on to Route 101 again to try and catch a Pokemon to back Brandy up. I caught myself a little Zigzagoon who I've now named Bristle. I went back to the lab to show Prof. Birch that I could catch a Pokemon and he was pleased with what I'd done. Then I went home to show mum and she healed both of them up for me. Bristle and Brandy seem to be getting on really well but I'm hoping that they will work together in battle as well! I left my house and headed out to Route 101 to do some much-needed training. I'm hoping to prove myself to Brendan and get my first gym badge in Petalburg! The battle would be against my dad, but I know I can do it if I believe in myself and my Pokemon!

I trained Bristle for a while on Route 101 and then remembered the Wingull I battled earlier on Route 103. I decided to catch one and quickly healed at the PC in Oldale before going North to Route 103. The first Pokemon I came across was, thankfully, a Wingull, which I caught and have named Splish, because of his Water Gun attack. I went back to show Prof. Birch my latest member of my team after stopping at the PC. Brendan was still stood next to his dad. I wondered why he didn't go out and train, or catch some more Pokemon to fill up the Pokedex.

Current team:
Torchic/Brandy Lv. 7
Zigzagoon/Bristle Lv. 5
Wingull/Splish Lv. 4

Older Main Games / In-Game Team Help?
« on: February 25, 2013, 18:46 »
I'm planning my in-game team for W2, I have my first three Pokemon and movesets, but I'm not sure which items to get. I have covered all the types so there isn't really any weaknesses. I need advice for my last three Pokemon... I would like one to be focused on helping the rest of the team and healing, and I don't care about a HM Slave so there's no need to save a slot for that. Also, I'm not sure what items to use, so yeah :P I need help....

Surf, Dig, Ice Beam, Scald - I want to keep Samurott with Surf, but I don't mind changing the others :)

Dragon Claw, Fly, Earthquake, Stone Edge - I want to keep Salamence with Fly unless I can use it more effectively on a different Pokemon ? But the others I don't mind changing.

Crunch, Brick Break, Smack Down, Grass Knot.

I usually prefer almost perfect accuracy and decent power over crazy-high power but rubbish accuracy simply because it's more reliable, but I'm open to using less accurate moves if I can teach a Pokemon a move that will increase the chances of it hitting :D

Thank you :)

General Pokémon Discussion / Thoughtful Pokemon Nicknames
« on: June 16, 2012, 20:21 »
Here you can post your most thoughtful Pokemon nicknames! Write which Pokemon you gave it to, the Pokemon's gender, why you chose it and it's meaning!

My first 2:

Pidgey - Alette - female - meaning 'winged' because obviously Pidgey's can fly.
Ratatta - Zanita - female - meaning 'long teeth' because I think Zanita is a nice name but also has the perfect meaning for Ratatta because of its huge teeth!

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