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A Trainer's Story
« on: July 02, 2016, 12:54 »
Imagine you beoming a pokemon trainer. You must use this to make a character for yourself:

Stratagy went battling:
Other info:

Then write part of a story.

Things that you should know:

All regions are joined together (Kanto joined to Johto, Johto joined to Hoenn ect) so two characters from two different regions can meet each other.

You can catch any pokemon from any region.

You dont have to be a trainer. You can be a gym leader, an elite 4 member ect

You can see/encounter a legendary, but you can't catch it.

Anyway, here's my character:

Name: Jeff
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality:Nice, friendly, good.
Region: Hoenn
Stratagy went battling: All-out offensive
Other info: Always wanted a Zigzagoon.

I woke up in bed and looked at the clock. It was 9:30. I looked at the calender. It was 2 July 2016. I then remembered. Today I get my first Pokemon! I get dressed, then go to Professor Birch's house. Professor Birch welcomes me "Hello! You must be the guy who wants a pokemon!" I tell him my name. Professor Birch says "OK. Your name's Jeff! Come and see the pokemon you can have." He gives me a choice of Torchic, Treecko or Mudkip. I immediatly choose Mudkip. I don't give it a nickname. He then gives me 5 pokeballs. I go to Route 101. As I walk through the tall grass, I encounter a wurmple. I acidently defeated it (I wanted to catch it) I then encounter a Zigzagoon. I weaken it. I then throw a pokeball at it. It broke free. It broke free again, then again, then again. I then throw one more pokeball at it. It rocked once, twice, three times, and.... I CAUGHT IT! I didn't nickname it.When I make it to Oldale Town, I realised I just used ALL MY POKEBALLS TRYING TO CATCH THAT ZIGZAGOON! I went to the shop, but they don't sell Pokeballs!
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