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Random Randomness / Re: what's depressing you right now?
« on: February 13, 2011, 17:38 »
sundays are possibly not my most favourite days

especially when they are rainy and there is work to be done and also work to go to and then the weekday starts up again and ffff i want it to be saturday again

also the homestuck updates lol ngl i care more about the situation w/ gamzee and eridan losing it than i do john doing the windy thing

also on that note, if gamzee and eridan happen to cross paths and become murderous toward one another idk who i'd want to win were there a throwdown


yes omg i think the Mom and Dad intermission bit is good cos we haven't seen them for ages but no doubt John is going to inadvertantly kill them doing the windy thing or something like that but it's like who cares about john i don't

i want to see kanpire damnit and want to know if one of my favourite trolls and my birthtroll is actually an alive rainbow drinker or just a mindless zombie and if its the latter then boooo :C

and also the "SOM3TH1NG BR1GHT3R" and jack noir and kjdahfhaskfsjhfafk you don't just create a Situation like that and abdicate it like that why does he string it out like this

ontopic postness: having to do all this prelab/postlab rubbish which i'm not looking forward to cos i also gotta tidy my room a bit and do some more knitting and so much things and so little time

who decided the weekend was only going to be two days anyway what kind of stupid idea is that it's like having to breathe out for eight minutes and only being allowed to breathe in for two seconds oh no you died of oxygen starvation i wonder why

Random Randomness / Re: What's making you happy right now?
« on: February 13, 2011, 03:50 »
I am spending time at a cool person's house it is very swell

also I am having a staring contest with his tea cosy

(i am winning the staring contest)

umbreon#100 why are you talking about all these girls you've been married to me, your husband, for fourteen years ;_; what is the meaning of this

on-topic: the fact that its going to be monday very soon boo hiss cabbages

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