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My question: Does thepower herb work with fly/ dig? Another question: What would be a good moveset for a Special Tankzone (Tank Magnezone(new metagame term ftw!))

can anyone give me the team that did ridiculously well in battle tower, i think the team got 500+ streak or something

Just having the pokemon won't help you, you need to know how to play the team. The most successful teams I know of are:

Mesprit, Drapion, Garchomp - 2366
Latias, Registeel, Garchomp - 2363
Latias, Registeel, Salamence - 1001
Uxie, Salamence, Drapion - 802
Cresselia, Salamence, Registeel - 646

Basically, they all have Trick leads, which lock the opposing pokemon into one move, which then allows one of your sweepers to fully set up.

Why is Latias in OU but Latios in Uber?

For the same reason that Gallade is BL yet Gardevoir is NU, or Slowbro and Poliwrath are UU but Slowking and Politoed are NU.

They have different stats and movepools. Latios is packing base 90 attack and base 130 SpA at the cost of its defensive stats (which are still by no means bad, at 80/80/110). OU can barely handle Latias as an offensive threat with base 110 SpA, so obviously throwing in a useable attack stat, Dragon Dance, the ability to viably use Outrage and a whopping 130 SpDef is going to be too much.

Timid Specs Latias Surf vs 252 HP Tyranitar: 45-53%, Tyranitar, one of Latias' best checks can barely withstand its attacks.

Timid Specs Latios Surf vs 252 HP Tyranitar: 51-60%: needs leftovers to have a chance to survive.

Timid Specs Latias surf vs 248 HP / 156 SpDef Scizor: 38-45%; managable...

Timid Specs Latios Surf vs 248 HP / 156 SpDef Scizor: 45-51%, a 2HKO 95% of the time with Stealth Rock.

Latios beats most of Latias' main checks. It can even beat Blissey with Outrage and Dragon Dance.


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