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Gingerbread Meowth:
The old mansion in the forest had been there for years. Nobody ever dared go near it out of fear from the many stories linked to it. Some said it was haunted and people never escaped once they entered. Others said that it was possible to escape, but those who did were changed forever. The most famous story, however, was the story of a young boy who sacrificed his own life to save his friends, at the cost of becoming a monster himself.


Despite the warnings and stories tied to the mansion, a group of children decide to go out into the forest and explore. You are one of them. Everything seems to be going perfectly fine until a strange demon starts to attack everyone. When one of the children finds a mysterious journal that grants them the ability to go back in time, everything starts going even more wrong.

Sign up:

Weapons and accessories:
Powers (If any. Keep them limited, for example sealed magic):

Other stuff:
One person will be selected to have the journal. It'll be determined by an RNG roll, and the one given the journal will be informed by PM. You must NOT mention owning the journal until the plot says so.
Death ain't gonna be permanent. That would be mean.
If we have over 5 people before we begin, I'll sort them into groups.


Trekkie WhoLocked Fangirl!:
Will finish soon

Name: Scarlett Jones
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Weapons and accessories: A silver dagger and a little mirror.
Powers (If any. Keep them limited, for example sealed magic): Erm, Is Psychokinesis ok?

I have not RPed in so long, so excuse me if I'm a little rusty :).

Name: Reegan Walton
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Reegan is, what could be considered as, somewhat odd. He likes to keep himself to himself, for the most part. When he does talk, he is fairly eccentric, often saying things which have more meaning to himself than to anyone else. He is incredibly prone to mood swings, which leaves some people confused and even causes them to take an intense disliking towards him. He is, however, an incredibly loyal friend when he allows himself to open up and take that leap of faith, which is not often anymore, as he has been hurt far too many times in the past. He relies heavily on sarcasm and wit, although it is not always shared with the group.
Appearance: Reegan's personality is not the only thing which could be considered odd, he also has a fairly unconventional appearance too. He is 6ft 3", which makes him tower over most people. His long black hair often falls in front of his eyes which are grey, with flecks of golden brown. He has a single strip of grey running through his hair. His body is fairly average, not incredibly muscly, but not thin and lanky as one might expect, just fairly toned. He likes to wear a lot of black clothes, his favourite outfit being a pair of very very tight black skinny jeans, a short black t-shirt with a the word "boy" printed on the front in white and a black leather jacket. He always wears a silver ring, on his wedding ring finger, with the word "infinity" inscribed on it , but no one knows why.
Weapons and accessories: The ring, as mentioned above. And this.
Powers (If any. Keep them limited, for example sealed magic): Can sustain a shield for small periods of time, around five to eight minutes, but only with intense concentration.

I will finish tomorrow, as I am on my Kindle atm. Also can you be a bit more specific about the terms of powers?

I've never RPed, so I'll need help.

Name: Alex Johnson
Age: 13
Gander: Male
Personality: Easily excitable, very bold, yet fairly quiet at times.
Appearance: Tall, dark brown hair, grey eyes, skin slightly tan
Weapons and accessories: Sword and shield.
Powers: Healing magic (Heals teammates but hurts self).

Gingerbread Meowth:
All accepted currently. By power limits I mean nothing too strong, for example the ability to kill whatever's chasing them in one go. That just ruins it. Same with puzzles, don't make them so smart they can solve all of them.


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