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Meh... I had a go at some of it...

Equinox has also been working on some of these. (Probably would have been better if he left a note here). I like the bottom bit of these (the font looks nice), but the 'watermarks' aren't right. You're more likely to see the bottom area here, rather than the top, so any image should start there. Furthermore, I'm afraid these would be too visible - there's text over this, and too many contrasts make it difficult to read them.

Trainer Dave:
Ach... I did totally forget to add a note here. Anyway, it might be possible to combine the watermarks i've made with the above, the bottom certainly is much better.

I would post what I had up, but I don't have the time right at this moment...


Yeah, I see what you mean Joeno... ah well, I tried...


--- Quote from: Joeno on October 08, 2008, 21:03 ---2. A 'Major News' image. This has to be 120x140 pixels, with the text 'Major News' on it. Neutral, possibly light grey background, but that depends on what works. Should work with most builds.

--- End quote ---

Does this one I made work well?


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