Author Topic: CiTV (UK) to show Pokemon Movie 16 (and preview of Pokemon the Series: XY)  (Read 4199 times)

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... Or at least I'm assuming it's a Preview. Ahem. >.>;; Anyway...

According to my Sky TV Guide, on Saturday 19th October 2013 at 9:25am CiTV are to premiere Pokemon Movie 16: Genesect and the Legend Awakened (under the title Pokemon: Movie 16 - Genesect & the Legend Awakened if you are struggling to find it...). I don't know if they're going to repeat it at a later date yet... but they have repeated Pokemon Movie 15 a couple of times so I wouldn't be surprised if they did. >.>;; Also... at 11:40am on Saturday 19th October 2013, CiTV are going to show the first episode of (as they're calling it... I'm not sure if this is the official title...) Pokemon the Series: XY - Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin. At 11:40am on Sunday 20th October 2013, they're then showing a second episode - Lumiose City Pursuit.

Yeah... I'm assuming showing these two episodes of Pokemon the Series: XY is as a Preview as CiTV still have quite a few episodes of Pokemon BW: Adventures in Unova to show and because they did this last time (ie. they showed the first two episodes of Pokemon: Black and White whilst still showing new episodes of Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors...). So, erm... a new Movie and two random new episodes... yay? ^^;; (By the way... I posted this here as I thought the premiere of a new Movie trumped the previewing of two new episodes for a Series that will probably actually start being shown here next year... >.>;;)


Edit: CiTV are repeating Pokemon Movie 16: Genesect and the Legend Awakened on Friday 25th October 2013 at 4:30pm. ^^;;
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aw man i wish i was in uk
ill have to scour cartoon network or whatever because i want to see if the X/Y anime is as good as the games!

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Speaking of the movie, the US DVD release has already been dated for December 3rd. Not too shabby, considering how close it is to the Japanese DVD release (Though as usual, Japan gets the best treatment with the attached Pikachu short, a Blu Ray release, a special DVD set including Episode 67, 1st and 16th movies, Mewtwo Returns and that Prologue OVA, and a DVD/Blu Ray release of Orgins.).

No word on a UK DVD or an Australian DVD and Blu Ray release yet, but hopefully they're both not too far off. ^^

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