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Plot:*The ministry of pokemon called him x. He was all over the news. He had some how mastered mega evolution. An incredible break through. Only two others were able to weild mega stones. I too, will one day be able to unleash this power and bring out the best in my pokemon.*
     Hi. My names Diko. Im a new pokemon trainer. Im working hard to become a gym leader of the kalos region. My specialty? Steel type. My brother, sister, and father all are great pokemon trainers and its my job to carry on the tradition of showing just how powerful steel type pokemon are. Oh yeah, this is my partner Boomer. An Aron. Pretty cool huh? Ive known Boomer my whole life and we finially get the chance to be partners. Wait. Whats going on outside?

     I close my journal and hurry down stairs. The window was open and the white curtians were flowing galliantly in the wind. I look outside and two gentleman were taliing to my father.
I open the front door.
Kyle:Diko. -my brother calls from the kitchen- dads got business. Stay inside
Me: im 15 im not a baby anymore - i sit down on the couch and try to listen. I let the curtians caress my face with the wind. I dont hear any noise so i check outside again. Dads gone. Ignoring kyles orders i hurry outside. Boomer is playing in the flower bed. A van is speeding off from our little house in the woods.- Kyle!!
Kyle:what is it squirt?
Me:dads gone!
Kyle:-looks at the dust cloud slowly dissappearing.- hm..- he gets in the car with his ferrothorn.- stay here. Im going to go into town.- kyle drives quickly away into the forest.-
Me:-i immedately run upstairs and start throwing things into a backpack. Food, water, my toothbrush and tooth paste, a potion kyle gave me, and Boomers pokeball. I ruturn downstairs and set my journal on the kitchen table. I walk out the door and start into the woods. With Boomer at my side, my legacy has finially begun-

Personality:happy-go-lucky, likes to meet new people, not too ambitious in battles due to my love for pokemon and not wanting to harm them. I look to boomer for the go ahead on a battle.
History:raised in a small house in the forest, my entire family raises steel type pokemon. My brother lives with my dad and i while my sister is a gym leader in another region. My father is a scientest that researches pokemon fossils and other ores. My mother died when i was little and left me a gift. An egg that contained boomer. Im 15 years old and ready to make something of Boomer and myself in the real world
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