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Hello people of this forum!
« on: January 05, 2017, 08:59 »
Well, i dont know what to say here other than im Scrungo and i hope this place is really rad.
if anyone wants to know more about me ask somethin and ill answer it because i really dont know what to put here haha.
one thing i will put is if you play on wiimmfi tell me and we could play games together, maybe.
if anyone wants to add me on 3ds im always open and i have S&M, X&Y and some other non-pokemon games (animal crossing included).
welp, i dont know how to end this so cya guys later!
heyo my doods, if you wanna talk, im usually free. if im not here just email me, or if you wanna find me somewhere, im usually called "Scrungo" on most places.
please tell me if you use Wiimmfi to play wii/ds games online and wanna play with me, if you dont know what it is, i implore you to look it up.