Author Topic: The Fundamental Problems With Building a Mono-Dragon Team  (Read 4248 times)

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                                      The Fundamental Problems With Building a Mono-Dragon Team

  Let's say you want to build a Mono-Type team, pulled a type out of a hat, and got Dragon.  Well, here are the many problems, first the exponentially slow growth of Dragons.  This one is self-explanatory.  Dragons are very weak when they start out, found very late, and are a pain to grind due to their aforementioned exponentially slow growth rate.

  The Second Problem is the Dragons and Type itself.  First is the ones available to you, only non-mega, non-legendary 17 dragon types are available to you in the Sun and Moon National Dex, if you allow transfer, that is, and 4 of them don't even start off as dragons.  Most are Dragon Flying, with 1 Grass, 2 Ground, 1 Rock, 1 Poison, 1 Dark, 1 Water, 1 Fire and 1 Normal for type variety.

  The Type is only resisted by Steel and Immune by Fairy, so you pick up a Kommo-o to deal with the Steel resist, but you also shoot yourself in the foot by adding a 4x weakness to Fairy, and other weaknesses to Flying and Psychic, which most commonly outspeed it.  Say hello to the Ghost Fairy type Mimikyu, which not only speed-ties Kommo-o, but is immune to both its STAB and has a guaranteed survival on the first hit.  On a team full of Dragons, Kommo-o is easily destroyed by a good fairy hit, as well as all other dragons, except for 2, Turtonator, and Dragalge.  Turtonator and Dragalge both are weak to Ground, and Earthquake is incredibly deadly, with its 100 Base Power and 100 Accuracy, destroying them both as well with an easy outspeed from a Dugtrio.  The only one left that isn't destroyed by a 4x super effective Ice or Fairy hit would be Kingdra, a Water Dragon type.  Kingdra, with an incredible typing of Water-Dragon, is only 2x weak to Dragon and Fairy, making it one of the best ones with weaknesses.  However, 2 things get in the way of that.  1 is that it only evolves through trade while holding a Dragon Scale, and 2, Mimikyu can easily outspeed and destroy it as well, if you manage to get one anyway.

  Dragons, while sometimes a nice addition to your team with the resistances to the starting type trio and electric, simply aren't worth your time, as there are stronger Pokemon out there, with more coverage, resistances that compliment your team better, etc.  They do have some amazing stats, true, but non-legendary dragons simply aren't worth the time and effort to find, catch and grind their incredibly weak early stages at the very end of the game, they're only super effective against themselves, are destroyed by Ice and Fairy, etc, etc, etc.  I rest my case.
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Re: The Fundamental Problems With Building a Mono-Dragon Team
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Some things I have never known before. Until coming to know from all of you