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Characters: Molly

The basics
Gender: Female
Category: Miscellaneous Characters
First Episode: Spell of the Unown


She is the daughter of a Professor called Prof. Spencer, she is extremely rich and lives in a huge mansion in Greenfield which is famous for its beauty. Her father is one of Prof. Oak's top students, and that's why she got to know Ash and Delia (Ash's Mum). Her mother is dead.

She appeared in one film, Spell of the Unown, and none of the episodes, she was one of the main characters to the film.

She was minding her own business when she saw her dad's car. She ran down exitedly but found out that her father is missing or captured by the Unown. She finds a box of tiles with pictures of Unown on them, they look like and are based on the alphabet so she started making the names or her and her father which are "Molly" and "Papa" The tiles come to life and make her dream world. Earlier in the film she says that Entei (the legendary beast of fire) is like her 'Papa', big, strong but kind. She says she wants her "Papa" so the Unown brought her an Entei, not the real one but an Unown made one. She brings Ash's mum to her as her own mum and later has a fight with Brock and Misty.

Description by f3raligatr.

Molly's Pokémon

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

Appears from Spell of the Unown

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