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That's green.
How is that green?

^It looks more like gold to me.
I kinda looks brown to me! A light brown?
i can't get into underground cos i cant stand singing bits
YouTube allows you to skip those bits!
Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« Last post by SirBlaziken on Today at 01:21 »
I had another episode of nihilistic rants in front of my mom and I think she's getting worried about me.
A few tv shows that I've seen have made a joke that the colour orange is a poet's worst enemy. Nobody seems to mention silver or purple though.

To clarify, none of them rhyme with anything!
^It looks more like gold to me.
General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Is It Yellow Or Is It Orange?
« Last post by MegaNerd14 on Yesterday at 20:21 »
Some shows I often forget about existing are the MC Hammer cartoon (I vaguely remember anything from the series other than there were these magical talking shoes and the rapper), the California Raisins, The Littl’ Bits, and Heathcliff. I think almost everyone forgot the existence of that show. I only recently remembered it after watching a YouTube on the voices June Foray did and Heathcliff characters were included. Which is odd because June never was cast on the show and also sad it is mostly forgotten because the show was one of the last projects for Mel Blanc.
Sometimes I forget sonic underground was an actual thing and not just a year-long fever dream I had

i can't get into underground cos i cant stand singing bits (its why steven universe and occasionally gumball despite bein my faves can be so annoying) but it can take second place to AoSTH cos it retained the campiness + had knuckles + made me feel Emotional with that manic/robot baby bit

its deffo an imrpovement over SatAM
And yet, people refer to America or the USA as the United States of America, which is also a long name.
Yeah, it's referred to as "the US" more often than not
My back gets very stiff. I get flashing lights in my eyes whenever I stretch out.
Definitely one of the weirdest things that is happening to me at the moment.
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